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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. In RSC, and even early rs2, nobody thought anybody would max all skills to 99, and they were making threads like this trying to make accurate guesses about the future. The fact of the matter is that Jagex keeps updating, and things get easier and/or faster. A perfect example of which would be the fact that several level 3s are running around with 99 slayer now because of a loophole in a minigame. That was never "supposed" to happen as far as "WE" the Runescape community were concerned. It only takes one update like that to screw everything up, and then its suddenly the norm after a while. The amount of people with 200m xp has increased almost exponentially since the first person maxed less than five years ago.Especially considering skills like cooking have barely changed (as far as best training methods go) since 2005. Even when I maxed thieving in early 2007, I never thought I'd see the top 10 get filled, let alone the first page.. let alone the second..... So lately I'm starting to see 200m as the new 99. In some cases, if you take it back to 2004 the amount of maxed players now is almost proportional to the amount of level 99s in the same skill back then. I mean, I've even heard people say that 200m cooking is nothing.. Are you kidding me? Nobody seems to acknowledge the issue that the high-ranks are basically closed off.. but that's another issue for another thread. lol... I can go on and on and on.
  4. Gloves of silence doubled the xp per hour rate of pickpocketing knights of ardougne when they came out (at level 99). 100k xp per hour vs 220k xp per hour (if you're really paying attention) It was to the point where, before gloves, when I had to bank I was having ~100k gp in my inventory, after gloves sometimes I hit 800k gp. Although I brought more than one pair with me, but still. I think it's less noticeable at lower levels and almost pointless to use at lower levels. I already had 99 when they came out, but it's from what I've gathered from what other people have said. I mean I am talking three years ago but I somehow doubt that they've been nerfed again since then. /200m thieving
  5. we can probably look at it from a different perspective. Both you and I come from a time long before capes, so 99s tend to have a different meaning to us, where as the new generation (within 3 years.. that's a long time now on rs, quite honestly) see the capes as the achievement and not the 99. It can make us cringe.. but that's where my comment about "training past 99" comes into play. I feel as though training past 99 is the same concept as 99s were in the past. Back whenever, prior to skill capes, 99s were like... pointless pretty much (ignoring smithing). You would see threads where people would be "going for 95 mining" for example. now it's "expected" that somebody is going for a 99. A 99 was that "extra mile above and beyond" that people thought was cool but wasn't in the forefront of somebody's mind (FOR THE MOST PART). Like what was the point of 99 herblore or crafting other than liking the skill? I'm talking in general here, back then there were not nearly as many maxed players compared to now so you didn't meet somebody with almost all 99s every day, so planning on "maxing out" didn't occur very often. I remember a friend of mine being like ranked 120 overall and still having skills in the 70s and 80s.... anyway... back to my point. What's the point of going past 99 other than liking the stat? It's that extra above and beyond that nobody cares about except you (for the most part, again) No it isn't always only for the capes obviously. Talking in general here, and how the capes have affected "runescape society" and the opinion of 99s as a whole. Have you ever been told that "it sucks you're f2p bc you don't get your capes?" ... I'll be kinda surprised if you haven't. Oh and off topic but.. i will never understand when people say this. yea, the game is fun and anything fun is a stress reliever, but to me calming and relaxing is like getting a massage or sitting in the hot tub after a long day with no distractions.. Lol
  6. It's 100% because of skill capes. People cared for 99s "back then" but 99s weren't "mandatory" like they are now in the eyes of the general runescape community, if you get what i'm saying. Has it really been 3 years? W/e.. honestly, if having 99s don't seem like a big deal to somebody anymore, then go over the XP required. imo if you actually like a skill you won't stop training it right at 13,034,431....
  7. +1 hehe Umm the holiday events take like 15 minutes if you know what you are doing. I was exaggerating, and I actually beg to differ. I can clearly remember running around painting baubles for an hour one year to get those god damn hats and the puppet that nobody cares about. Or the first easter event with the tunnels (egg ring, i think), was extremely long too.
  8. Idk. It would take a lot of money to get me to give somebody my account, hypothetically speaking obviously. but if it were held hostage, I wouldn't pay much for it... lol
  9. It's probably a combination of that and the fact that they want to use members features in holiday events for the members, and they don't need to make a second version for f2p in order to leave those aspects out of it. Personally, I dislike the holiday events. They take too long. Where's my santa handing out yoyos when you had to do nothing but talk to him? Really. I don't want to spend an hour painting baubles.
  10. I didn't read through all 8 pages - and i think i'm going to get a lot of flack for this post, but so be it. Going by Zarfot's calculations.. WOW.. I've definitely played more then that.. I just calculated - 4000+ hours... :-# I really don't know how to respond to this thread without shooting myself, as well as people I'm friendly with, in the foot... No, not everybody in the high ranks is a nerd, but from personal experience, i would say that you probably will not find the polar opposite either (your stereotypical jock/pretty boy). Although, people with high ranks are generally stereotyped, when in reality, if you take 20 random players who have a top 10, and 20 random players in general, you will probably get the same group of people, if you get what I'm saying. Bar the age difference, because I highly doubt you'll find many 13 year olds in the top ranks. We've all had our 12 hour days though.. so it's not fair to pin the people with high ranks as the people with no lives, because also from personal experience, I've known people who play a TON and get virtually NO WHERE because all they do is stand around as opposed to concentrating on their gameplay.
  11. I only skimmed the thread, so if it's been said, sorry, and maybe Fey Warrior can agree or disagree with me on this.. but.. Basically, I can remember a time when I was dead set against allowing any F2P player post on the RSOF in its entirety, and I don't really use the forums anymore even though I'd still go down in a fire for them, but I know that the forums are somewhat less active then what they were a couple years ago. I can remember seeing high numbers on the active user count, and last time I looked those numbers dropped. It's not like any f2p players can post, there are requirements. It really is not a big deal, and it does add more active users who can at least participate in discussions in a mature way. Although I don't think that if, for example, a player with 12.5 million experience that is a member, and then cancels membership, should be allowed to post...
  12. Excuse me for bumping an old thread, but considering that somebody mentioned my name, I feel the need to post. I don't know if you posting my name was sarcasm or not, because obviously I'm not very well known. I don't try to be though, actually, in the past I've tried NOT to be. It doesn't really take much to become "famous" on this game. All it takes is something unique about yourself that stands out, and then you have to self-promote usually, even if it's only subtle. Some players do achieve some level of recognition without doing a thing, but the people that remain a "household name" (Not to be taken literally) are for the most part the ones who are very social in game, wear their capes, make sure everybody knows what they are doing... whether it be on youtube or in an achievement thread.. that's all it takes nowadays. With the exception of some, obviously. There's always exceptions.
  13. Well, after all, she does believe in creationism. This is SO funny and made my night. LMAO.
  14. Excuse my ignorance because I could be very wrong, but does Jagex not pay miniclip and wildtangent for advertisements? Wanna know what else someone showed me. Brace yourselves. MTV Runescape
  15. So you want me to go get 76 fishing or 91 rc just to get to lvl 40 in a different skill? Its totally unrealistic that lower leveled players will be able to make any gain whatsoever from this skill. I was referring more to people whining about money then what it has to do with the summoning skill.. but if that's what it takes for someone to make money then whatever. There are other ways of making money then what I listed and everyone knows that. If you don't like the skill or the amount of cash it takes don't train it. You act like you have to or are forced to train it. And if you want to train it, go make money.
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