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  1. If you watch shows and such I would still reccomend fly fish or barb + lowalc. From 85-to 90 I did c2's when i needed to reset for prest and when i had shows to watch i just semi afk low alc shilo fished. Worked very well for me without getting too repetitive.
  2. I don't have SS or Turm, so i go regular prayers. 12 swordies, 2 doses of extremes 3 doses of exterem antifire 14 doses of PP 12 swordies cannon 1k balls mint cake (for energy restore when running in) war tort Constantly piety and prot from mage, i dont range prot at all. Prossy top, veracs bottom, torag helm, crapier, dragon defender and warrior ring. Depending on the trip, I sometimes I have a lot of food over, sometimes only a few, but I never die. the only thing you have to watch out for is when they have that reflect dmg or w/e around them. That can hurt, usually in trips first 1-2 drags have it, then for the whole trip only 1 or two more. In one tort, I can do 3 trips. I have found that to be best setup for me, should get bandos but meh.
  3. With my stats, rapier, cannon and extremes I get around 1,7M-1,9M p/hour. So I guess yours would be near that end as well with a tort. So anywhere from 11 hours+
  4. Oh that actually would make things much easier for me if I got csb. I definetely reccomend pba+csb. It speeds up killing quite a bit imo, and pba is better dps than prom2h. Especially because with your mage lvl, you can make fire runes and use fire surge. But even at my lvl with water surge - its quick work for high lvl brutes, demons and fire giants and warriors obviously. i dont skill at all, but I did grind out rc 70 for csb and it is well worth it. As far as making runes goes... like it was said be4 temp gate base and make runes when you can
  5. That's what I do, need fishing 90 so I can properly AFK while studying, so after I've done all my dungeons I just do c2. I am also going to c2 fish after I get rc 70 on BXW, then I might just leave dung once all fish spots are exhausted, cause it seems faster - never actually tried it like that tbh
  6. Unfortunately I only can help with slayer: - For speed slaying you always want the best gear that you can comfortably afford. That being said, claws are always good, but their speed and efficiency imo is only worth it if you have spec restores to back them up. I always used to slay with claws and spec restores, nothing quite like it!
  7. Hey, depending on your farm lvl, definately herb runs. i got totally cleaned as well, nothing of value was left in my bank - managed to hoard the money to get a rune pick, mined some iron for startup and then got p2p and started doing herb runs. i did ranarr in the very beginning, then I switched to snap at trollheim and then 4 patches of ranar, i am currently doing that until my rannar seeds run out. At the moment with juju pots, i average ~10-12 snaps per trip and 40 ranarrs per trip. So usually when i throw my herbs in the price checker after a run it shows between 250k-280k, the seeds altogether are like 90k-ish. So that is about 160-190k per run, I also get seeds back thx to dungeoneeering. So I have been back to p2p for like 3 weeks and I have gotten around 13M just doing farm, now it's not that much for most of ppl here. And inbe4 hack it wasnt much for me either. But it will get you (and me) on the way to getting all that good stuff back. All my calculations are estimations and in terms of profit per farm run I think snap+ranarr comes pretty close to farming only snaps, because snaps die and each seed is like 60k. If any1 has a substancially better her run setup, please correct me.
  8. 50 gp on my pure account yew shortbow and 3820 xpn in carfting on main
  9. Sorry for bumping the oled thread but I am just starting hunting now. Question I had is - should I use spirit familiars to boost my hunting lvl? If it is a considerable help then I will use them all throughout until red chins at least.
  10. Hey, thx a lot for the info, just got my p2p back so i'm going to drop some money in the MTk coffins, get some snaps and then start working on my hunting ASAP. Dailies I don't really enjoy all that much. I have all the farming related dng rewards so that will help some, but i just noticed that whoever hacked me even got rid of my dg ring and obv all my chaotics, ffs. I really enjoyed doing dng with DGS and now i have now SSH or any other binds. Which means that I have to start from 0 at lvl 95 dng. Damn haters, why woudl you get rid of stuff that you cant use for RWT...
  11. And they are coming back to f2p aswell, last week I didnt see anyone in lvl 15 dng mine, mining coal. Or if there was, they were actual people. now the bots are returning. Have reported like 10 today. The good news is that they are not the best of quality. If more than 2 actual people are present and mine the coal off quickly the bot gets stuck and logs out....or my reports were dealt with very quickly
  12. Yes, if they have access to your email then all they have to do is send a request and a link is sent to your email to reset your password on RS. Microsoft Security Essentials is just an antivirus program, silverlight is similar to Adobe flash except it runs certain microsoft visual applications, and powershell is used for command line scripts. No need to worry about any of them. To be honest, I don't think you were keylogged. Run the appropriate virus scans and if nothing turns up your most likely fine. From what you described it seems very likely it was just an email hack and your main concern should be keeping your email secured. thanks a lot for the help! I have read through the topic and taken the appropriate measures, I even changed the rec e-mail on my account to be safe. But I still was not sure where the problem might have been, so it is good to get a reassuring reply.
  13. Seems like f2p is not in highscores, anyway my stats that might be worth for money: Maxed melees, hp and ranged 73 prayer 85 farming 91 herblaw 76 mining 70 smithing 95 dng 96 slayer 87 fishing 91 summoning Hunter and construction lvl 1 (Yes no joke, I am a RSC guy, not big on changes and new skills :D, but hunting might be worth a shot...) Not big on quests either only 183 QP, out of everything I loathe questing the most, but if need be I can do some quests..
  14. Hey everyone, been a while since I was last active here. Need some help. About my hacking experience: I played a lot in the first half of 2011 and in april my laptop broke, but since I was just starting a new job and got a work laptop I didn't really worry about it, since I did not have any time to play anymore. But in the end of summer I took my computer to be repaired. When I received it, after some time I logged onto my rs main and found out that I was hacked. I lost all of my bank - around 200M at the time and whoever the retard was, he even took the time to take out my 30ish ancient effies and dispose of them (I did not receive any xp)... Now I have no idea who hacked me, but here I am hoping maybe you can help me. After i found out I was hacked I used rec questions to get my account back and logged in again and changed password. But after some time i could not get in again, and then I changed my hotmail (linked to me) password and changed my rs password and afterwards no one has logged in but me. My first thought was and still is, that the IT guy hacked me, because I had my RS related stuff on the computer as well and that might have given him a hint. Also I think that my hotmail account was on auto log in at the time. The reason i think that someone used my hotmail association to get into my RS account is that my other account that had no req questions or set e-mail was not touched. Considering that the bastard took time to sell anything in my bank that was worth over 3k it doesn't add up that he didn't touch my pure account which had about 5M worth of iron ore on it. - So I think that I was not keylogged and since noone has not touched my accounts again I am still fairly certain that I am not keylogged, because my pure has around 10M of stuff on it now, and I have my main up to about 4-5M gp and the xp logs would show that I have been active. So my questions: 1. Is it theoretically possible to use one's e-mail (if you have the password) to crack one's RS account. 2. Can someone reccomend a good antivirus that would clean my computer from any keyloggers? 3. The IT guy installed some kind of antivirus and I have 3 new programs that I have not installed - Microsoft Security essentials, Microsoft powershell, Microsoft Silverlight - could any of these programs be used by him to keep tabs on my RS passwords or anything else? (It might be a dumb question, but I am not well versed in computer technology - my expertiese lie elsewhere) 4. Any other suggestions to keep my account safe. (I can do format C by myself, but I must transfer files back and forth so I am thinking that it might not help me - I'd be just taking the keylogger and putting it onto my memory stick and then putting it on a newly formatted computer. and money related questions I have around 5M on my main at this moment and I am thinking of going p2p to speed up the process. but I only have about 10 hrs max of play time per work week. On weekends it depends. So I cant really be very active, so I am thinking farming runs with torstols and flipping. (I am pretty sure my MTK is empty and the [bleep] probably dropped my SSH and prom 2h as well so I cant even properly DG. I don't want to start forst drag hunting or slaying w/o proper gear and I am thinking for start up I need around 50M cash minimum, to buy gear and leave some cash for daily merching. So what I am thinking is: 1. Log in be4 work, plant torstols on hand's patch and plant ...(suggestions?)... on other patches 2. Come back from work, rinse and repeat point 1 and so forth until I reach my goal (I can get around 10% per ROI on my merching) 3. If i have more time on weekends, start hunting, red chins are in pretty high demand and price it seems? Looking for all help and suggestions
  15. Dying really isn't too big of a deal. I probably average about 1.4 deaths p/fl. What is a big deal when ppl dont go into rooms when they have no pray or food. Not a lot of them in DGS, but i still note the odd 1 or 2 when i do lower occults. Then i make a mental mark not to dg with them again obv. :)
  16. Don't specifically hunt for a hood, you might be in for a long hunt. Just DG as usual, paying a lot more attention and getting into rooms first when on these floors.
  17. Repot at 110 There is some really bad advice in this thread; you contribute to said advice. Why on earth would you tell someone to wait until 110 before repotting. Mise well not use pots at all. +1 to this If you're gonna wait until your stats drop to 110 then might as well not make extreme pots at all
  18. Lol wut?! OP: At your lvls with extremes you should pot when your str gets to 118. You can switch it up a bit depending on the task. I usually re-pot around 118-120 depending which task I'm on. You usually look to use atleast 4, usually around 6 doses per task. That's when you get some use out of the extremes. Ofc, if extremes are expensive to use (which they shouldn't be - why get them at all then) for you, then maybe u wanna lower the pot range. However, it does not make any sence to let your stats drop below 15 abpve ypur regular tho.(at 99's that would be 114) Just repot at 117-118 str
  19. [rant] Damn you DGS, damn you and your fast keyers. Damn you and all your maxing DPS guys that dng with ya. Damn you all your wingmen, snapes, hexhunters, blood necklaces and all that go with them. You have [bleep]ed up my long time goal of slayer 99!! Seriously, I only came here to get c-rapier FIRST, then 99 SLAYER and THEN maybe DG a bit here or there.... Now since i started dnging I have gained ~6M DG xp and ~1M slayer xp. Now it just keeps getting worse, cause obv i really NEED 100 DG for the 3rd bind of either blood neck or hex. I hate you guys!! [/rant] Seriously tho - just got lvl 91 DG, thx all y'all!! :D
  20. Any of u guys been to frosts lately? I did like 3k of them last week. A LOT of bots. Mostly just a BOB + melee, so not the most efficient way, might have been cannoneers as well, I just didin't recognize them as on because I don't set my cannon up next to anyone else. Sure, the melee bots are not the most efficent, compared to me meleeing + cannon. But in 24hrs they can rack up a seizable amount, and ofc they don't care about selling below market price, cause they haven't put up any work for them.
  21. On the topic of rswiki, I just HAD to bring this out that was a while ago when we were discussing c maul i think on H&A. That's what Quyn had to say on rswiki: Priceless!
  22. I wouldn't bother banking ashes unless you are in dire need of cash. (thats just my opinion, cause I'm a bit lazy) If u care for pray xp, grab urns, if not, just let them stay on the ground. At your levels there's prob 2 options as far as gear goes: 1. Highest melee def + extremes and pray pots - you can turm then if you choose to, will speed up the kills (dont know exact figures only spend time down there for slay tasks) but at the same you will be losing some time when going to get new pray pots (yak filled with pray pots is an option, but you would need 2-3 pouches as well because you wont be burning through prayer as much) With that set up you'd be soulsplitting when you get hit at thats pretty much it 2. Get your near highest pray boosting (around 17-20 will suffice if u wanna throw in some equipment for str bonuses), grab extremes and a lot of pray pots. just deflect melee and turmoil or turmoil flick as you see fit. EDIT: forgot - grab your EEE just in case as well :) Personally I've always gone with pray boosting, because for one I dont have pray, and second, it's a bit lazier, just fill the cannon every once in a while, pick up charms, drink pots and watch tv. But with melee boosting gear you'd have to keep an eye on your hp etc etc. In terms of kp/h over long haul melee gear will probably be better tho. There is a 3rd option which would be cannoning + safespotting them using rune darts/knives for max ranged xp p/h, but I don't reccomend it, cause getting charms will be a pain. Running out of the safespot, getting hit by demons, resafespot, etc etc.
  23. Don't know about summoning or agility. But if I were you I'd effie my way to 99 agility and combine a way for charms that would take your ranged to 99 as well. With ranged tho I'd say the most efficient would be to get it with other skills that you'd do anyhow, cause you are pretty close and it really is an easy enough skill to lvl that IMO you should specially level on its own. Examples: kill black demons with cannon + melee, or cannon + ranged for some of your charms cannon everything you possibly can while slaying if u need money for prayer or such - kill frosties cannon + melee or cannon + ranged Even when you do just one of those 3 things, the xp will stack up rather quickly, I did a combination of those for my ranged 99. Ofc, you can chin nechs or zombies at CT for even quicker ranged xp + some charms.
  24. Two questions questions: firstly, could any of the rankeds invite me to dgs, atm I can only follow chat on RS and I haven't quite figured the whole thing out yet. Buth when I'm slaying it's nice to be bale to take time off and DG + always good conversation goin. Secondly to the more experienced ppl out there, as I am slaying for charms and slay 99 atm, is herbicide worth getting or no? I have all the other rewards that I need atm + 2 chaotics.
  25. I've done quite a few slayer tasks, starting with around your stats up to where I am now. Just got a bandos chest and legs last week. They are good, but fury should be your first pick. Ofc, if you are a serious slayer you should get a chaotic rapier as well. My 2 cents would be on the topic of claws since i got myself a pair when I was around 92 slayer. The thing with claws is that they are GREAT for special, but IMO they really become useful once you have access to spec restores. That's when the DPS increase really kicks in. I can, with confidence, say that extremes + spamming spec restores at slayer tasks (around 10 spec restores per 6-8 pray restores) nets me a lot more kills than extremes + turmoil do for others. That is especially true at kuradals dungeon. So, even tho it might seem like a drag right now, with the herb prices being dirt cheap, get herb to atleast 84. Make spec restores - about 1-2k will suffice for some time. With some effort you can stew from there, and make a couple hundred of extreme attack and str, extreme defence isn't very much needed at most slayer tasks. For gear, when you go for extremes, I'd venture to say that your best melee wep, zerker, fury, veracs skirt, prossy top, FSHwill be very good for starters. Sure there will be people who dissagree, but that's from my personal expereince + spamming spec restores everywhere is just so much fun! (BTW, so is 2hitting abby demons with your specs. :P)
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