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  1. The first person to max farming was definately "0xpx0", I believe he was also very close to being the first one to max hunter.
  2. Lmao irl, definately gonna try those with quickchat asap.
  3. Don't forget that there's gonna be new skills no matter what, so that should slow them down a lot as well.
  4. Sara legs and some random rune items from a merchanter that didn't pay attention in world 1, he was too busy autotyping to notice a drunken dwarf who needed over 10 minutes to take him down. I've had 2-3 whips, and several dragon and barrows armour pieves from stupid people who didn't bring antifire's to dragons, or got DC'ed at barrows, whenever I could I gave back what I had saved from the greedy looters who obviously weren't planning on giving anything back.
  5. 1) Castle wars, without any doubt - played multiple games a day before I got muted, and quit 2 years ago. I still have the 1432 tickets I earned such a long time ago, they just sit in my f2p bank with my fighter torso and a fire cape now. 2) Clan wars, since I have now returned and don't plan on getting my membership back until i'm sure I don't get bored again. People tend to get a little bit too serious in there though, and it's one big backstabbing-fest in the busy worlds. KO'ing people in red portal is also great fun, it barely ever works, but when it does, I always laugh my [wagon] off irl. 3) Fist of Guthix - I know it's noobish and requires little or no skill, but on my second account I get to win most games and it also gives me some profit, which is not the case in any of the above.
  6. 0 exp in summoning, I quit when they announced it because I thought it ruined the achievement of maxed melee. I also got perm muted, that might've had something to do with it as well.
  7. i did that at 119 : gf, but i still outnoob you gratz anyways, now get 99 str :)
  8. bump i would like a second opinion, just to be sure
  9. yes you can, and if you get into trouble, run into the ruins to get your health up, the drag can't touch you there
  10. heya, i recently revived my barrow gloves goal, and started questing, now that i am really close to achieve this, i need to gather 4 more quest points. i've been using tip.it guides all along, but now i have a question. mostly i prepare all of the items before i start the quest, the list of items needed for the rat catcher quest contains "grounded unicorn horn", any idea where/how to get one of those? i tried using a pestle and mortar on a unicorn horn, but that makes unicorn horn dust... help?
  11. wow, thats really interesting, a lot of familiar names in there i'm gonna read through the whole list tomorrow. and btw, i would give A LOT for the username "God"
  12. way more ppl than 99 att, i've been wanting that trim even before i got my first 99 right now gonna take a break off training i think, then continue my journey to perfection with 94, maybe 99 mage
  13. nice, 7 nats and get more cw tix =O i like the barrows 8/10, all it's missing is more cash and a rare
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ my god, i'm in love, if only i had money so i didn't have to wait for prices to drop >.> damn i would pwn cw even more now
  15. [email protected]'s kill pic ps, if i was there i wudda picked ur side ping <3
  16. wow and i'm not even mentioning the cats u make me feel so tiny =/ i didn't know u could bank genie lamps, or am i mistaking
  17. 2 years ago, when i got scammed for 50k, that was like everything i had at the time pathetic... i got scammed for guth legs a year later and almost cried, then a year later (now) i somehow tele out of dk lair without picking up my first d axe drop ever and don't care lol, i laughed at that last one 8-)
  18. Baa. EDIT: awesome, i celebrated my 100th post with my favourite word EDIT EDIT: Baa. :
  19. i got 99 att yesterday (my first) and i've become used to it already, although i still like ppl asking me for my emote 8-)
  20. their motive? "money money money" the end
  21. since i got 99 attack (my first skill cape) i wear it with like... anything
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