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  1. How can you be "f2p for life" if you've gotten that rank? Lol, he has a point, and sellign white knight sets, nice 100% F2P... Dual accounts = not a possibility? :boohoo: :wink:
  2. Most admirable - Slayer.Prayer Least - Cooking/Fletching
  3. I'm worried jagex is not going to remove the snowballs. It would cause a up-roar though... :-s
  4. If you want to have conversations without rs being brought up, maybe you should add me? Magax Life. :
  5. Why do I doubt that? Edit: Ffs, the newbie f2p joined. >.< It's cham by the way f2p. \
  6. I can see the tree working just fine. just use it as you would a yoyo, with options like: "use tree, decorate tree,destroy tree,cancel".
  7. 18 with r2h, str pot, ulti. str.
  8. The event is going to be lop sided just because one team will use steel.
  9. So you newbs finished your goal huh? Good job, I'll be there! : :thumbsup:
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