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  1. Wow I never thought that ForsakenMage, u are an F2per. Big wow on your stats an "patience" there mate. I myself was stuck in f2p for about the first 3 yrs i played. I constantly would see areas, dorways and gates, without haveing the opportunity to go through and know what is on the other side. This was before i found tip.it or had seen a world map. Once i found those 2 though, i slowly worked out that, no matter how much fun f2p is, it's not the full game/experience. Probably only 30% of the RS game/experience. Anyway i was trying to raise my fishing about the time i found this site and found numerous great methods of doing so. But oh no, None were F2p. Further investigations proved that being P2p not only allowed me to do greater things in higher skill levels but it would have been highly beneficial to be P2p through the lower levels of EVERY skill. I'm never going to look back, not only because it is incredibly cheap (less than 30c Aus a day) to have the full game. But it allows me to try an complete this game that is going to take "forever", a bit quicker. Trav
  2. Yep i agree with this whole thread. The question now... Should we fish for swordies or lobs. Not only will we make more money on either of these. It will allow the price to rise again. Im just not sure weather it should be lobs or swords/tuna. I miss the fishing guild, getting into it was a major goal of mine back in the day. Trav
  3. i was thinking along the same lines but with tuna an swordfish vs monks. I mean the monk prices have come down so much. I think harpooning would be quicker than monks. Maybe the money factor would come out the same though. Dunno Trav
  4. Hey, for the Teleport(Kharyrll)/Portal Room (via POH) stated in 2nd post: Do you need just priest in peril or desert treasure as well. Just wondering seeing as though you only get the Kharyrll tele after the quest????
  5. I just read this entire topic. i can't believe people would not suggest to get dharoks, even without the axe. As the poster mentioned above me. It has excellent stats and the only thing that i would mention is if u are going to be useing a whiip with it (which is an excellent choice), Just change your helmet to something like a neits helm or a slayer mask. If you do this its is just as good if not better than torags. You will love this barrows set if you choose this as your only barrows set. Gunthans can be annoying and the rest have there weak spots. Torags is good but not that good as a set. But dharoks is the best for defense without the helmet (i never use the helmet anyways.) and it is also great as a set. Get dharoks.
  6. That aint horrid. That be cool. ;)
  7. Hahahahaha Lets take over fally, and then varrock! The war is on. Tipit to win.
  8. I can see why they are tweaking the prices like this. It seems like they have done a lot of research on this one. RC will never die lol, its now a quicker skill. Even though the profit is affected, mage experience is now easier to obtain. It's always been obvious that runes were over priced. ROFL to any of the whiners :) Trav
  9. Even though i can run it in HD mode, I dont. All the extra bling kinda annoys me and distracts me to some degree. I still play it on normal mode and am quite intruiged about how different the normal mode looks. The graphical update on the normal mode is enough for me to play this game very contently. I mean this game has enough substance to get away with looking like it did in RSC. Cheers, Happy playing. Trav
  10. In terms of price the guthans set is now entering into a different market that more people can afford. Therefore the set will create more demand from that market and the price wont go too low at all. i think the price will float up and down untill that market increases summoning and uses familiars. That will be a long way away so I think it wont be going down again anytime soon. especially as this new market of buyers gradually find out the new price. As said before though. Doing tasks with food i find way better, even though the price does now temp me. I still will not be purchaseing this gear unless the price goes down to something like a dharoks set, like it should be. Cheers and if u want to get guthans, nows the time. Have fun. Trav
  11. yeah i reckon guh! an goothix is wierd since it is spelt guthix not guithix....
  12. Good to see TIF back, was a sad time. The explanation was even more sad. oh well. Grats tipit fo an innovative new look!
  13. with all the hype, i appreciate i was here for the update. We are all apart of something hopefully something positive. woot finished loading
  14. i would say that prayer has been most useful. especially against abberant spectres for slayer. plus the crazy experienced gained by useing a guilded alter is quite useful. so yeah i guess prayer, but im finding it difficult to raise these days, considering the prices in 2008 Trav
  15. well if it takes less gp to buy something, then the gp is worth more.
  16. I think cows would be good at your lvl. 100 each for the hides, an bury the bones for pray exp. Then move on to moss giants or ogres hope i helped at all... cant think of any other profitable beasts right now Trav Edit: chaos druids r freakin awsome... thats the way i did it till bout lvl 35
  17. Unfortuately not. i died with 97 tickets. Wasnt paying attention and slightly lagged on the blades in the dungeon. What a waste of time!
  18. train through slayer !!! you wont regret it.
  19. thnx alot so do ya have to redo it everytime or just the once? coz i went down there in quest. cheers
  20. Hey i need some help i want to get into the waterfall, i did the quest a while back i have a "gnome" amulet that looks EXACTLY like glarial's. Is that the right ammy? i lost the pebble too, i dont think i need it though. I dont know why mine says "gnome amulet". Can i get in with it. Thnx Trav
  21. ^^^^^^^ lol negro anyway, when im feeling generous, i like to play with the "noobs" ( i dont normally call anyone that, but cant avoid atm). i go to a f2p world, always lummy bank.... i explain that im gonna host a gameshow to everyone who wishes to participate. 1k for the winner. i explain what the game show is called; Trade. The first person to trade me wins 1k. i start a countdown from 5 then exclam "Trade", it takes a bit for people to work out whats goin on lol. first trade i see on my screen an i say 'winner x' an trade 1k. when everyone who wants in get the jist of what im doin, after 5 or so rounds i then countdaown an on 1 i run behind the bank, then first to track me down gets the 1k blah blah , five more of those rounds, then. down the stair case...... people have a really good time an i do too. nobody can wreck it and its unbiased. i encourage u to try it! 15 rounds 15k lol
  22. i like: give a [racist term]r a rope an he wats to be a cowboy
  23. ok :roll: is this something that will gain value cheers trav
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