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  1. > Ozan steals gold - Linza doesn't use any (at most you need 2 gold really); > Ariane has a lot of direct hit/health cards which royally screw the Raptor cuz a lot of his armor boosting cards require for him to lose HP; > I have no idea if you've played with a Linza against the Raptor, but if that Raptor has problems against you he doesn't deserve even a 50 bronze Rank. I had a Raptor getting to 30 HP and 44 [bleep]ing armor while I was constantly battling/striking him (had 8 such cards at the time) before I started crafting Green Dragons; > I guess the only one hard to justify is Ozan > Ariane because she can combo-cast for 0 gold too And how the heck can you starve the Raptor from his armor ? Stay at 2 attack ? Heck go down to 1 so he can gain only 5 armor from that ridiculous monster he uses for armor boosting. Raptor > Linza is one of the most obvious things out there. The better your attack -> the better his armor. The better the armor -> the more healing he can get (he has that one ridiculous card gain HP = your armor). Not to mention he has stuff like - for 4 gold - rival loses 5 HP and 4 durability. Yeah good luck armor starving the Raptor and actually keeping any weapon as Linza. The only thing you can try to do is build up your weapon on the last chapter and kill a Green Dragon as your last action and even then if the Raptor is not mentally challenged - he'll just destroy your weapon as his last action. The last battle will be decided by the raw attack power and he has a lot more cards boosting that. I guess the stuff one can encounter after Bronze 1 may be a lot different from what I've seen. But 1-10 Bronze is pretty much that for 95% of the time: a R-P-S.
  2. The game kind of follows the RS scheme using a rock paper scissors balance .. Linza > Ozan > Ariane > Raptor > Linza As for crafting - right now I find the generic cards somewhat better than the character specific. You can get tokens from destroying cards too. So just scrap all the stuff you get but don't need/want from the boosters.
  3. ^ It was obvious they are going to do it after they swapped them in Darkscape like more than a month ago. They were just testing the grounds in there.
  4. It really irks me that melee will have 2 DW options for T85 and no 2H after they release the claws (unless they decide, for some reason, to make them 2H).
  5. Given the effect it's probably better for something like GWD.
  6. Firemaking - what music (bardic skill) should've been but we never got any ? :D
  7. TBH I simply dont get the respect part of the whole argument. Just because at some point people were measuring e-peens by having a hard to get 99 doesn't mean the game should be locked with hours of grinding to get the best out of a skill ... Runescape is just moving towards the rest of the MMOs where the game actually starts after you max out (well at least in some skills).
  8. The 250k mark is with the regular runecrafting, using altars essence and etc. which is NOT AFK.
  9. Fact is - they need a new huge "hit" because they can't ride on RuneScape's success forever ...
  10. Truth to be told I'm quite jealous of the updates rs07 is getting next year. Some epic stuff.
  11. As far as I saw they will make new end-results, not training methods for osrs new continent. Think of the opposite of Prifddinas (why the double F ?). - Prifddinas has high exp-rates but virtually useless content. - Zeah I guess ? - will have new cooking recipes, plants and etc but shitty exp-rates.
  12. Not to mention it has been the most supported Idea from RuneLabs for months with a huge lead too ... (~2400 votes, the 2nd best has 1500).
  13. Not really, but I'm interested :P. If it works it's probably the best option for Hybriding of stuff with reasonable defense. If I knew how he figured out the 10% boost I could figure out if it stacks ... EDIT: Massacre - he used Massacre. EDIT2: it doesn't stack.
  14. Is there a way to always hit the same damage with an attack ? Doesn't have to be constant hits, just a type of an attack. I want to test if one can use 2 pieces of the normal crystal armor and 2 pieces of the attuned, to stack the (2) effect twice (for +20% boost against shapeshifters for example)
  15. Crystal Armor - [bleep]ing finally, took them ages.
  16. They have their heads all the way up their asses and I can only assume how hard it is to see what people want from up there.
  17. You train by using what you create for the bulk of the exp.
  18. Tnx, so I didnt really miss a lot. I saw some video on YT about NXT (pretty much the avatar with rune items running around, some city shots from bird-eye view) and I gotta ask ... why are the trees and the grass still so horrible :D. I gotta say I am a bit jealous of rs07-folks .. their updates looks so fkin epic.
  19. Can anyone who watched the first 3 themes summarize what was said (I saw the msg ingame only when they started chronicle =/)
  20. I'm getting some mixed answers on the matter of what happens to a Crystal Bow when you get PKed ...
  21. Any ideas if Crystal Bow, Slayer Helm and etc (untradeables) are kept on death ?
  22. ... People getting 99s already and here I am sitting with my 7.3m total exp (pretty much 50% of a 99 ...)
  23. The worst offenders are the RuneSpan PKers ... It simply makes no sense.
  24. Some quests are pain in the ass but it does add some interesting ways to make money (smuggling items between zones >.>)
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