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  1. 110% and 15 cd when used on a normal target (non-slayer etc)
  2. I really dig the exp from Balancing
  3. At the time I just found it easier to grab it and spam Prayers instead of going for a better armour. I still can't judge the World Eater Armour properly since the wikia (obviously) still lacks the stats of it. If it has any prayer bonus it might turn out better than Dragonraider (which is my favorite armour for some reason ... versatile and THAT PRAYER BONUS! :D)
  4. Well I used Dragonraider armor in Muspah tasks (it qualifies as hybrid right ?) but it has a huge Prayer bonus (which helps a lot if you want to prolong the task). So it's not totally useless per se. It might've been better to use underwhelming I guess :D
  5. Out of pure curiosity. I haven't played in couple of months (waiting for the new skill before I start up), anyway. Weren't Hybrid armors kind of ... useless ?
  6. I guess I am buying them glasses next thing tomorrow, there is a difference (not buying new glasses, but thanks for the link)
  7. Oh God yeah Darklight (no idea why I forgot to put the .. object)
  8. I love how they haven't mentioned how much is it boosted.
  9. I had the 50/50 trio at 91% and failed it ... I know it's statistically reasonable but still .. FU RNG >.>
  10. As much as I like questing (I always have all of them done apart from the last one, so I can have ... stuff to do) I'd prefer if we get something with ... actual functionality
  11. Do I need anything apart from 6,000,000 distance and luck to get the thingy you need for the weapons ?
  12. Dragon Dragon has been a joke for as far as a I can remember
  13. And how do you know which island to tell him to search ... ?
  14. I think the purpose of dungeoneering was to set the waters for the EoC weapon/armor revamp.
  15. I was talking purely about the cosmetic shi*... erm pets.
  16. BTW there is some clock thingy (showing the time .. you know) stuck in my inventory and I cant move it (my inventory just happened to be placed in that space ... it doesn't move with the inventory itself) Any ideas how to move/remove it ?
  17. I'm baffled ... how does this actually count as an update ...
  18. If there was no G.E. I'd literally wouldn't be playing right now. I hate fake difficulty and wasting time to get stuff you should have fast access to is just that.
  19. Nothing weird. While farming Ascension I've seen a lot of people with some lower d'hides + rune cbows, I take my time to go and get them some gear for 1m and give it for free. If you make 3-4m per hour 1m is not so much.
  20. TBH it's not so hard ... You kill a monster - you get part 1. Can't get it from anywhere else (except trading). You use gathering - you get 100(0) of x. Can't get it from anywhere else (except trading). You use an artisan skill - you make part 2 using the 100 (or 1000) of x and combine part 1 + part 2 to make a weapon/armor w/e makes you happy. Can't make it another way (can buy the end result). Monster hunting - profitable Gathering - profitable (can't make/repair them weapons/armors with using the gathering skills) Artisan skills - profitable (can't make/repair ... meh same as the above) Right now everything drops the end results from the gathering/artisan skills making them useless. Why bother levelling up smithing to 99 if some mid-range monster can drop the end results en masse.
  21. They have to bring everything up to date not only for graphics. The best way to "save" RuneScape IMHO is to rework a lot of things from the start. Like ... delete them and do them from square 1. Most of the mechanics are outdated, some of the skills are outdates even in-game speaking (smithing, d'oh). If they want to milk the cow - sure add a new skill. If they want the game to survive AND attract AND keep new players - reconstruct it (no Construction pun intended).
  22. Sadly most of the game still looks shitty.
  23. I got 1 rubber chicken from 6 big presents and 23 lamps from 23 normal ... Sold the chicken, profit is profit :D
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