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  1. I wonder if they expected Tuska to start winning ... Let's place the bets, when will they bend down and reduce the HP :D ?
  2. I think we need more updates PyramidPlunder-style. It can be played by nearly every range of levels, most of the time is almost as good as the best xp-rate method and it ain't too boring (true, repetitive, but it could be worse /looking at you stalls/)
  3. Well at least we can use the nice agility exp for more than an hour and a half (sparkly sparkly exp)
  4. Degradable items cannot be added into a belt.
  5. There may be a hard-cap, a lot of us stopped receiving frags even while still getting exp.
  6. I stand corrected - I got 250 points for redoing it.
  7. Between having people participate in something or having them do NOTHING for 40 minutes, which one do you think Jagex would go for :D ?
  8. So the 1000 cap for the event is still there but we can now "train" agility without a cap ? (let's not kid ourselves, that's what everyone does)
  9. I would assume Dishonor among Thieves.
  10. I am pretty sure Zaros can't be judged by the good/bad moral standard thingy we mortals use.
  11. I'd say Saradomin is the only evil one out of the options, but ... that's my PoV :D
  12. Probably what the wikia calls "Avatars and aspects" Tier (lowest one, 7) He kind'a is the aspect/avatar of Anima Mundi, isn't he ? And the player's have fought other avatars/aspects before and won*. I dont think we've won (directly) against anything better than that yet. Or at least I dont really remember. *The avatars of Creation and Destruction, Bandos avatar and the Dark Lord
  13. [joke]Warpriest of Dragon Rider [/joke]
  14. I just did Dimension of disaster and I barely managed to finish it. If anyone can do it on Legacy, Kudos to them :D.
  15. It'd be fun if she ends up (dead) orbiting the planet as a 2nd moon.
  16. Credits are crashing harder than I expected (around 5300-5400 right now)
  17. Just thinking about it .. the whole astromancer outfit "costs" 40m ... (if you decide to sell the credits on G.E.). That's like 2 months of membership :D
  18. Just for info - doing the event a 2nd time doesn't give any extra credits.
  19. The treasure hunter promotion is until 8th, does that mean that after that we'll stop receiving credits from the event too ?
  20. Just asking, but what is the point of using sup overloads AND overloads :D Anyway, thanks for the number-crunching, it was really helpful.
  21. Doesn't subjugation give a flat increasement to damage ?
  22. In a place where HP/Def doesn't matter which one will provide more DPS (if I'm using Armadyl Battlestaff) ?
  23. Personally I chose godless because view myself Guthixian ingame and they are the closest to that ...
  24. It'd be fun if Bandos was still around ... and made Tuska his war-steed (IF ofcourse he could defeat her)
  25. Now who would ever do that? ;P On a more relevant topic though, the shop is selling 'Tier 1' Tuska armour. Has anyone tested if this freely transforms into the higher tiers? I expect it does, but I'm wanting to make sure - it would be a pain to buy three different times/wait for upgraded versions. After you buy it and equip it it automatically goes up to whatever tier you can wear.
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