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  1. I'm expecting free T70 armor set out of the new one :D
  2. Can someone explain to me how can a single floor be pitted against a grandmaster quest and expect it to win ?
  3. +1 for reworking what's already there instead of introducing half-baked new content.
  4. If it actually involved some sort of ... snowboarding instead of spamming some random gifts it would've been the best thing in RS.
  5. Technically you can still use Throwing weapons with the quiver, sadly they max out at T85
  6. As I said (I think in the Updates thread) I am not surprised but I hope they use the engine for something else (hopefully not a MOBA)
  7. It's a wonder it took them that long considering the game s*** b***s. I do hope they use the engine for something new, because the visuals weren't that bad.
  8. Even with the medium tirannwn task ?
  9. Would you be so kind to recommend me a similar guide for grenwalls THAT IS NOT about Big Chinchompa.
  10. Is it just me or everything after the "trapping grenwalls without bait" is just ... "meeeeeh" in comparison ?
  11. The harralander tar, turns out (if the RSOF is to be believed) that you need to be on one of the islands.
  12. I tried by using the lodestone and going as south as possible (being on the northern "shore" of the Poison Waste) and near the dungeon (against next to the water) but it didn't count ... Do I have to be on the Islands, south of the waste, somewhere else ? I hate when they are so specific. Make me do it in the elven lands and be done with it ...
  13. Any idea what the f. counts as Poison Waste according to Jagex ?
  14. I find it quite Ironic that the Quiver is BiS for melee and magic (since they dont use any ammunition but still get the prayer bonus) instead of ranged
  15. Anyone having trouble getting the the task where Eluned has to recharge your teleport seed ? Tried it at both her spawns + elf city and it didn't work FOR ANYONE HAVING THIS PROBLEM - recharge with the talk option NOT with using the teleport seed on her
  16. I guess it wasnt a smart idea to throw out my Iban's staff and the mourner's stuff ...
  17. I dont understand why do people always want RS to become like other games ... The only good thing about RS (or rather was depends on the PoV) is that it's different ...
  18. For God's sake ... less RNG equals a good game, not the other way around.
  19. The rewards are SO EPIC. I got 2 lamps each for 1800 exp (it's over 900(0)!)
  20. Average snow from killing monsters - 240 per hour. (Max is 300). Average snow for 24 hours - 5760. (Max is 7200). Free - 750 (for members) So you can make almost 8 balls a day ... with 50 balls limitation. No matter how I look at it it's just ... blaaaargh. Of course I assume most of us have to sleep ...
  21. By the looks of it 1hour at the seren stones = approx 100 snow. I dont know if I'll make 50 balls for the whole period, let alone for 1 day ... ================================ From the RS forum 5-15 every 5 minutes (so the average is 120 snow/h or 240 if you're killing monsters)
  22. The thing is .. there are only few skilling activities that might classify as somewhat fun (Pyramid Plunder, Brimhaven for agility, the Charm Sprites maybe) but everytime they have to release a new area for skilling they get back to the same old stuff (I am still expecting advanced Brimhaven)
  23. Gotta wonder how the economy survives with all the noted log, ores, bars and god knows what else drops.
  24. I can make them on my own (I have 100 abyssal charms sitting in the bank) I was just thinking of trying the elves when I hit 87 + Lurker :P. (Even PP gets boring afters hours and hours of it and regular pickpocketing - not getting near it even if my life depends on it) So the elves are pretty much unplayable before 95 ? (rotating every 5 minutes)
  25. Fast question - assuming lv91 and no level boosts, how long does it take to get caught 3 times ?
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