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  1. Given that the Abyss is not affected by their rebirth cycle there are probably a couple of other nuxuses (nexi :D?)/dimensions not created by them or not affected by it. Chances are if there are more (than the Abyss) one of them may have some sort of power source not originating from the Elder Gods or at least not from the current ones.
  2. Thus, why I was wondering if there is a third source of godhood that doesn't turn you into stone when you die (other than Jagex sucking at consistency).
  3. If nothing else they can try to tie them all up with construction (crafting = some interesting tapestry and rugs, mining + crafting = sculptures etc.)
  4. I missed the point when they tiered her but I dont really watch podcasts and I dont really read the 100s of pages in the RSOF. Stunning was a theory I saw (RSOF ... in a 100- topic :D) I guess they can kill her properly in a coming quest. I mean what are the chances of her being dead ... some mortals poked her a bit, then some rock thingy punched her twice and Kamehameha'ed her. I wonder if there are some other sources of power other than the Elder Artifacts. Being turned into stone and etc. may be a sideeffect of becoming a God via the Artifacts. After all Z can survive without a physical body (Seren too I guess) and if that was easy to achieve most Gods would just abandon their bodies before they get killed.
  5. I don't think I saw any visual representation of her power flowing out of her ... she didn't turn to stone either. She could probably be something like us - she has some sort of godly powers/protection but wasn't really a God.
  6. They can't kill her, otherwise the portal will stop working (unless they "reconnect" it with the Anima Mundi of Gielinor).
  7. I've always felt the right formula is 1. Material1 is a monster-drop only item. 2. Material2 is a skiller-get item only. 3. Both of them are tradable. 4. Use them together with an anvil or something to combine them - get the item. This way gathering is still useful, monster hunters get the unique drop and whatnot and the artisan part of the skills is useful as well. They kind of missed part 1 ... and 4. (Yeah yeah I know you repair for less with 99 smithing but that's hardly the same)
  8. The potion is fine, but the rocks - Mining is useless. The end goal of it is a rock for T50 gathering tools.* You can literally remove it from the game, and almost no one will notice ... while you're at it you can remove more than half of the skills and no soul will even care ... *Ofcourse this WILL change after Invention comes, but still that's a combat related skill as well.
  9. Lodestone network ? It doesnt requite any levels, right ? Sorry missed the osrs part.
  10. New ways to grind exp, don't really think that counts as content. Apart from the herblore boost (new potions) I can't think of anything useful in the Elf City. And even those new potions are ONLY combat related (couldn't take make some sort of overload for skilling =/) They've been doing it wrong most of the time - we don't need new ways to train, we need a reason ... most skills are just useless ... The difference between doing them and not doing them - a cape and some quests I guess.
  11. Wait, there was (ever) good content that wasn't tied to combat ?
  12. Shouldn't the event be ending already ?
  13. The thrown weapons are dragon javelins it seems. Dropped in stacks of 10-20 or so. They are a guaranteed drop (4 kills 4 drops, I assume it's a garanted) It dropped a Black dragonhide Dragon Longsword 3 Rune bars (noted) 30 Magic Logs (noted) Looks like it's dropping the javelins + 1 other drop. It drops Hard Clues too. IT HAS SO MUCH DEFENSE :D If you stay too much in one place the roof is starting to fall down quite quick I wouldnt recommend it. Doesn't look like it's worth it unless someone can figure out a way to abuse Abomination. It was a lot easier during the quest because you could circle around the bane ore that falls.
  14. Is there ANY way to know what I haven't finished from Barbarian training ?
  15. A fast question, since I couldn't find an answer while diggin' in Google. Any ideas what are the exp rates of mining in dg/c3 if you dont go for the boss and just go around mining rocks ? (96 mining I have prometium pickaxe) (I want to combine fishing, woodcutting and mining training in one and I want to see if it's worth to add the mining part to it)
  16. well you'd probably want to reduce the runite (mine) rock respawn rate a bit.
  17. This is probably the only game where if you go to the official forums you'll find people whining about the possibilities of NEW content instead the lack of such ...
  18. Gotta wonder if Dungeoneering will be in a category of its own :D. Elite-wanna-be :D ? It's not quite elite, but it has 120 levels and interacts with quite a lot of other skills.
  19. It's more of a patchwork ... Anyway touche ... I guess
  20. As long as smithing is nearly useless, such updates are kind'a useless too =/
  21. I guess I will get some gloves and hope for the best :D
  22. How does the WP thingy work. If I get Saradomin gloves for example does that increase the chance of getting the other parts from GWD too ?
  23. How much time it took you to finish it ?
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