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  1. There is a chest in the house next to the chick that sells the armor. T70 is degradeable. No idea about T80, not going to bother farming for that.
  2. Quest Related 750 crystals (375 kills) for a full set of tradeable armor 5000 crystals (2500 kills) for a full set of untradeable armor Crystal shapeshifters drop list Rune 2h Rune Longsword Noted 2x Battlestaff Noted 6x Addy bars Noted 8x Addy ores Noted 2x Various Grimmy Herbs Noted 12x Magic Logs Noted 4x Potato Cactus Uncut Diamond
  3. Dont they rework Falador almost every year now ? Does this count as something new :D ?
  4. Oh ... oooooooooooooooooooooooh ... I made a couple of tries ... didn't get an "invitation" and I realized I am actually wasting time on cosmetics ... off I go.
  5. Done both ... still cant find any friggin chest ... I actually did it a couple of times, after you're done with a challenge it teleports you in a room with the werewolf and the goblin and there is no chest in there ...
  6. What chest are they talking about in the Pit ? I just did it and there is no chest to be seen ...
  7. By the looks of it, more or less if you're going for 120lv/200m it's worth it, if not ... it's not. (Kind'a like the crystal hatchet/pickaxe I guess ?)
  8. For long term I'd suggest trying to get at least one of the 90s required* for Player Owned Ports minigame (rewards include t85 weapons and armor, both being respectively 2nd best weapons and tank armors in game). *The easiest of them being - cooking, thieving, hunter and probably dungeoneering. (you need only 1 to actually start doing the minigame). Another option is to do some Dungeoneering and get Chaotic weaponry (T80). Third option is to gain access to Prifddinas (something you'd want to do later anyway) and get yourself an attuned crystal weapon (while T80 it does a bit more the higher your agility gets). While there are other options for T85 or close to that those are the ones (I can think of) that involve more time than direct cash investment.
  9. https://[LikelyScam]/m=player-proposal/c=eLvC*4PznZI/view-idea?idea=42046 Shameless advertizing >.>
  10. It's easier to make and balance. Every time they throw in something a bit different, the community throws a tantrum. I still remember the fuss after they released Dungeoneering ...
  11. Does the bonus from the power armor go before or after the damage-recalculation for abilities ? For example: you have a weapon with 2.4 attack speed 1000 damage from the weapon itself and 100 strength bonus. a) The 100 gets added to the 1000 for a total of 1100. After that the damage is equalized for 3 APS making it 1375 for abilities. Or b) The 1000 damage gets equalized for 3 APS making it 1250, after which he 100 from the strength gets added for 1350.
  12. That's really another question ... (the uselessness of most of the skills). Being a bit more useful than something useless ... is not really an argument.
  13. The activity itself is not bad, it's just that you need to do it for at least 45 hours in order to get to all the stuff ... and I am sure you can actually get more than one skill on 99 for that time. Sure there are a lot of useful stuff in there but the question is - is it worth 45 hours ?
  14. Hajutze


    Friends ? What are those :D. I guess I will wait. there are like 10 people in the addict (at most) and for some reason all of them are in different worlds ...
  15. Hajutze


    I've jumped between a couple of worlds (100, 65, 61, 3 etc) and a couple of friends chats (Death Erebus, Gop Addict etc etc) but there seems to be no way to do that hard morytania task. Is there some underground GOP FC I can't find or the legs are unobtainable ?
  16. On average aren't the clue scrolls a waste of time ?
  17. Until last week I've never actually touched bosses (killed one time QBD to charge my Royal and that was it). Since I wanted to upgrade my gear I decided to go with slayer/bossing instead of mindlessly bashing QBD for weeks. Since I reeeeeaaallly suck at timing and stuff I wanted till I got my hands on T85/90 magic/ranged weapons and T80 armors before I started (heck, it took me 70 kills to actually manage to NOT get obliterated during the T4 tormented soul spawn). My current prefer list Black Dragons - for QBD Aviansies - Kree Greater Demons - Kril Rune Dragons - I have quite the luck with them (I think - I get like 1 rare drop per 2-3 tasks and they are around 20m each) Dagannoth - DKs 2 open TDs I tried but I simply cant handle so much macromanaging (so much style and prayer changing is just too much, I have to swap weapons like every 2 hits or so). I am going to try them again soon but I am just sooooooo bad with that much swapping. At least at DKs I get to swap every 35k damage. Nihils, Muspahs and Glacors are unlocked. The first two are good cash but I didn't find them to be anywhere near 4m as advertised lol :D (more like 2.8m). I've done quite a lot of them actually, they were my primary method for making cash up to this point. I am still learning Glacors (never actually killed them before) that's why they still aren't preferred. When I learn to kill them properly they are probably going to the list. Aquanites I locked, fast task but low on cash. Blocked: - Waterfiends - sure killer charms, but I am already 99 summoning, I wont be wasting any more money on this. The cash is pitiful (600k/h or so ?) - Mutated Jadinkos - no cash ... like at all - Nechrayel - around 600k/h too I think ? - Shadow Creatures - Around 1m or so - Desert Strykewyrms - I have those blocked since times immemorial - Lava Strykewyrms - CBA with pkers - Black Demons If I could I'd prefer the Rune Dragons 7 times. The cash even without the drops is nice and with the drops it's ... suuuper nice :D (I average like 3.5-4m without it I think. With the rare drops it goes to like 10m) My primary problem is more with the block list. I have no idea which tasks are both bothersome, long and low on cash. By the looks of it slayer was designed with 35-40 minute tasks in mind so I guess most of them are the same in length ... but still :D
  18. What would be the list if gp/h was the primary concert over xp/h ?
  19. Yeaaaah ... can't find any elder. OK this is retarded ... I have to actually talk to the fella, using it on him has no effect ... 5 rep per relic doesn't seem to be worth it.
  20. Another option is to either make a new unique slot that only crafting/smithing can produce items for (untradable) like a belt for example or just make some stuff for the pocket slot. Works fine for divination.
  21. It doesnt even have to be armors.* You can sharpen a sword for 1-2 hours of a buff or something. *I mean making stuff is not the only thing a blacksmith can do.
  22. I find it interesting that some of the options for next year are other Elite Skills, given that Invention was pushed for 2016 (unless I'm mistaking). 2 skills in 1 year, hell yeah :D
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