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  1. In some cases infinite stock is useful (if for some reason you don't want the street price to jump more than 5-10% of the shop price)
  2. Just make the shops have stuff again ... I remember hopping from world to world to buy runes and sell them in Falador/Varrock (before G.E.) ... before they changed it to "Personal shops" (or something among the lines)
  3. "Grenwalls will no longer need their traps baited" I find it soooo annoying right now.
  4. It's the insta-buy at G.E. Every person has a way of "figuring out" a price. For me - that's it. I've tried before to get bonds from G.E. but anything below the instabuy rarely buys a bond even after waiting 1 week.
  5. Good time to stack on bonds, they wont go any lower I guess :D (9m per right now)
  6. The Saradomin Sword is like 250k, for a T75 that's relatively cheap.
  7. Do any of the combination potions tick/refresh like an Overload ? (I assume all that use it for ingredient :D)
  8. The combination potions are blessing from above. With Voice of Seren + Super Melee it's 5gp/xp or so. Cheap(er) 99 here I come :D.
  9. Personally I use the hotbar - less mouse movement. I assume the xp becomes a bit better with the time. With that outlay I get 200k xp/h while the person in the video (description) claims 340-350k.
  10. So I guess my outlay was wrong. I see he using baits as well. What's with the iron ore ?
  11. I've been hunting those for a couple of hours (from 80 to 82). I'm not using a bait. I've noticed that 1/4th of my catches tend to be common jadinkos. 2 questions: - Is that normal or the outlay of my traps is not right ? - Is it worth it to bother to use a bait ?
  12. I have to ask, how does one actually win RuneScape ? Idiots throwing money at Jagex is a good thing if you think about it, it'll let them survive longer -> allowing YOU to play RuneScape longer. I don't see any problem in here.
  13. It'd be a retarded business decision not to develop new games.
  14. It looks like "Minecraft meets Lego". Should be fun.
  15. Does any of you have any data about the demon horn, vampyre fangs, icyene feather and aviansie talon droprate ? (Any approximation would be welcomed)
  16. It's shooting in the dark without relevant info I guess. I have vampirism and penance auras, which means I can use auras 50% of the time. Right now I am grinding Rorarii and I was thinking of using a combat familiar + Soul split while not on auras (I use Anguish + vampirism and Anguish + Soul split + penance). I totally forgot about the 5% passive boost on the nihils. I guess the Shadow nihil would be the best choice in that case. Thanks for the reminder :D
  17. Alternatively you can try to get Demon-Slayer armor for the DPS boost if defense is not the thing you seek.
  18. Does anything out-dps a Steel titan NOT counting the special attack ?
  19. Hajutze


    While not skilling try to finish the Manage Thy Kingdom quest lines. The cash you get from it is not ... a lot but it piles up and you have to go to the kingdom once every couple of days for 1-2 minutes to get the rating to 100% and fill the coffers. Sorry for the double post.
  20. Hajutze


    Important skills to level up Farming - fast runs, decent cash Divination - Sign of porter - if you want to go slaying green dragons. It should boost your income quite a lot. Slayer - while not giving quite a lot of cash - do some slayer ... for some reason I find it quite fun. And after you get your hands on a black mask it should boost your xp/h for combat training a bit. You get quite a lot of charms while doing it too. Dungeoneering - "Free" T80 weapons and some other skilling goodies SUMMONING - no need to explain, just get it as high as possible :D TBH flipping is not for everyone ... 10 years and I still can't figure out how to do it properly ...
  21. .. Can't they make something like the Brimhaven Agility Arena again. It's really strange how after all those years they keep sticking to such an inferior idea like a course ...
  22. Elf quest, no elf city ;( (gotta wait 1 more month)
  23. Please make the whole text black ... it's pretty darn hard to read right now.
  24. I am just trying to "fix" my revolution cycle after the changes. Right now it's Sever -> Decimate -> Fury -> Punish* With the low CD of Fury and Punish I think there is no need to add anything else. *Unless I am misunderstanding the effect (is there a difference between "Dealing X damage" and "Dealing UP TO X damage")
  25. TBH it depends .. if you can one hit the target consistently the 2H should be slightly better ...
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