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  1. Yeah having +50% exp for nonmembers (and +100% for members) and free membership, fresh economy and whatnot totally doesn't bring another type of players. I see only the occasional 1-item retard (some idiot forgot to activate protect item yesterday, got myself obby maul) the rest of the "PvP"ers are just grinding at Seers (thank God)
  2. So cute .. they actually think that the majority of DarkScapers are PvPers ...
  3. Any ideas how to access HAM hideout ? I have no pick lock option on it nor I can use lockpicks on it.
  4. I don't see that being a problem. New players can and should simply stick to low-risk areas until they get their stats high enough to venture farther out. There are level restrictions similar to the ones in the Wilderness so it's not like the entire map will just be a noob massacre. However, there is one glaring flaw with this release: Legacy Mode. This honestly comes across to me as Jagex waving the white flag when it comes to EoC PvP. The fact that rather than releasing separate EoC and Legacy servers like we have for the live game they force everyone to use Legacy Mode shows how little faith they have in their own combat system when it comes to PvP. I hope this doesn't indicate that they've given up on balancing EoC for PvP combat. Well the best places to train at low levels (AFAIK) are the trolls in the cave north of Burthorpe... and that cave is like a +/- 25 combat level difference. So whenever there were too many players hogging the trolls I'd just farm lower level players instead since they give more XP and they respawn right next to the cave entrance, ready to return for another whoopin' :lol: The Lumbridge catacombs have no combat restrictions, so I'd just walk through there and mow down everybody in my path since it's better XP than killing the monsters inside lol. At one point I was out of run energy from chasing so many noobs to their deaths. There was one guy left but he was running the wrong way in the catacombs, towards a dead end. So I was just slowly walking towards him like some kind of horror movie villain, till finally I caught up w/ him and killed him when he was backed into a corner. His last words were, "Why" :twisted: feelsgoodman The best exp afaik is to just move respawn to Falador, get a partner and start attacking eachother. With so many guards you both die instantly, each getting the exp for killing the other ..
  5. Blisterwood for T1 ? Actually with that passive, attuned weapons may be the best.
  6. On the ranged part of your set-up - most of the things you are going to range in slayer are dragons. Or at least it's like that for me I can't really think of anything else I am ranging on tasks, except probably Kree'Arra. The best set-up for dragons right now is: - Ascension Xbow (the T90 one handed) - Death Lotus Darts (T85, player owned ports, as Arceus advised) - Dragonbane arrows (reward from Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest) So in a sense there is no reason to "waste" cash for a 2nd crossbow if you need to save some cash. ~~~ Another option if you want to "save"* money is the T80 Attuned Crystal Weapons. They require Plague's End quest, farming some elves in Prifddinas (or 90 smithing, you get one seed for free) and 2-3 hours of AFKing to make. They have T80 accuracy but they require at least 80 agility to use. On the good side at 99 agility they deal somewhere around T83 damage so they are really close to the Player Owned Ports option (at 99 agility they have 12% chance to deal 25% more damage). *While 400m sounds a lot you may lack the cash to buy EVERY single thing you need (enough for 2 styles of combat, but you wont have enough for the 3rd style).
  7. Funny thing is, does anyone actually use them ? I find them quite underwhelming if nothing else ...
  8. My point was - both PoP and Nex as far as I am aware degrade by time in combat, but for some reason the ratio isnt 10 to 12 but rather 10 to 20 (or 6 to 12).
  9. I decided to test how much Attuned Crystal Armor degrades. I went and attacked 1 creature while wearing PoP (superior), Nex (pernix legs) and an Attuned Crystal Body. PoP is listed as 12 hours of combat, Nex is listed as 10 hours of combat. After 25 minutes of fighting I got those results (all armors started at 100%): Attuned Crystal - 99.4% (around 60-70 hours) Superior PoP - 99.1% (around 45 hours) Nex Gear - 97.9% (around 20 hours) Is there anything I'm missing ? I guess if I don't fight back the armors degrade at 50% rate BUT why does the superior PoP armor degrade at abnormally slower rate ? Sorry for the dumb questions lately but google ain't really helpful.
  10. Since I have no idea how many of you lurk in the RSOF. This is the currently suggested passive effect for the Attuned Crystal Armor by Mod Raven (mash up of most ideas that the players presented). It's not to late to go and post an idea if you have one, or to comment on the current suggestion. > If you like the current iteration please go and comment about it (there are some people that for some reason dislike stuff like extra damage against a single specific monster). > If you don't like it ... please go and comment about it ... We (the majority in "there") would be happy with anything as long as the armor gets some useful effect so we can use it for anything other than keepsake. Crystal armor degrading rate and repair "costs": I tested at Rorarii, having 10 of them hitting me at all times (I myself wasnt fighting them, so I wont have to re-engage when they respawn). I have no idea if the rate is based on hits-taken or time in combat stance. Gonna check which one in 1v1 later on. > IF hits-taken - it's like ... 400,000 hits > IF time in combat stance - around 30 hours. This one makes more sense since the hybrid armor is something like 3 in 1. If a normal-style armor degrades for 10h, this one logically is - 10x3 ([bleep]ed up logic is still logic) 1 Tarddian crystal repairs: > 2% of the body > 3% of the legs > 5% of the helm > 50% of the gloves/boots So you'll need 108 crystals to fully repair a set.
  11. It just seemed like a fun idea if the Crystal Armor gets updated with the currently suggested passive effect. Stack all the +25% damage modifiers one can find :D.
  12. No idea how you did it, but tnx. EDIT: Armor looks like a giant snowflake porn. EDIT2: For the porn part take a closer look at the helmet.
  13. I just wanted to show it to those who haven't seen the full set yet, but truth to be told I am too lazy to bother uploading a picture to some random host. On the other hand there is probably someone who made the set before me and uploaded a pic to reddit so those who want to see it probably already saw it.
  14. Killing can be 2-3 times faster than skilling right now. The shapeshifters are pain in the ass even for shot amounts of time :D.
  15. http://services.runescape.com/m=avatar-rs/avatar.png?id=22677263 Any way to make that s**t bigger ?
  16. I got it around my 1000th kill, banked it and got another one near 1250th.
  17. How good are they right now (Compared to T90 gloves) ? (short answer a lot worse/worse/close is sufficient)
  18. This is ... retarded ... literally (literally literally). If you use the wrong prayer you still get 10% defense at the same drain rate. I'd understand if Torment is 300 points per minute and Fortitude is 100 or 150. But all 4 of them are set at 300 ... If a tank wants a 10% prayer that affects all styles he can just put any one of them and swap weapons for the same effect ...
  19. I was thinking the armor set can't be worse than it is. Than I tried to recharge it (armor at 99.9%). The Attuned Crystal Armor CAN ONLY be recharged with crystals. Eluned/The replacement dude doesn't work. Armor stand doesn't work ... Slow clap, Jagex. Slow clap.
  20. Something is wrong because of their sloppy coding. They've already made monsters that switch style depending on what you do. What makes those so special that they had to change how it works? They are so bugged it's funny. If they drop an elder seed they drop 3 crystals ... + a regular drop. Which means that every time they drop an elder seed you've killed them twice: they drop 1 crystal when you kill them and another 1 when the dead animation ends and they always drop only 1 other drop (before the dead animation). With the elder seed it means you've killed them, they dropped the other drop then they died again dropping a crystal + the seed but without a second dead animation ... This is so badly done, the code of the game itself is trying to kill itself.
  21. Having to kill 2500 of them is them obviously intentionally abusing me ... Not to mention, if you manage to pull it off they keep fighting for another hit or two, which is clearly unfair - I've killed it, it should just accept its demise and stop fighting :D Guthix himself said it - dont trust them if they can come back from the dead. Some dude has found a way to attack them without them retaliating which is even worse than my "findings" :D ================================================== It's not like I don't suffer from that same bug that makes me a bit happy when I see a 4 crystal drop. Sometimes when they change form (and they do regardless of what shit I try to pull out) my character keeps searching for the "old" monster while the new one pummels him into submission. I am semi afking those and I have to personally engage in combat again or just wait for the "old" one to disappear.
  22. When the junkies .. erm excuse me shapeshifters swap forms they count as a new monster. There is a rare occurrence where you somehow kill the old and the new form at the same time and they drop 4 (heck I had a couple of 6) crystals. Can anyone thing of a way to use this "knowledge" to effectively cut the farm in half ... ?
  23. What are the best spots for fishing/wc with crystallise ? (Turns out Light Form boosts the exp for +187.5%) I think for WC it's Arctic Pine ? Not sure if any available fishing spot can beat barb fishing really.
  24. Well you do have the option to skill but it takes nearly an hour to gather 50 crystals like that ...
  25. 112 level creatures that change fighting styles. You have to kill 25 of them.
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