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  1. Hey, just an update. I managed to recover what I needed, with the exception of an important text file, but I can live without it. So if anyone has the similar problem in the future I recommend Zero Assumption Recover (ZAR) which can be found here: http://www.z-a-recovery.com/index.html It has a free trial version which allows you to recover 4 folders everytime you run the program.
  2. Hi, I have a Memorex 2 GB MiniTravel Drive, and unfortunately all the data on it was corrupted. I was wondering if anyone would have any recommendations (software, methods etc) on how to recover the corrupt data. The flash drive is only 2 GB, but after right-clicking and clicking properties it says its about 150 GB used and 1.5 GB free :? Thanks!
  3. andyrules89

    How was school?

    As would I, my brother, and my sister. Same...its just something u wouldn't do :shame: Truth be told, I've got trapped. I'd catch up to my work, only to realize that i fall behind and once i catch up i'd fall behind again. So far it hasn't been bad due to flexible due dates, but I'd really wish to catch up and stay caught up ;)
  4. Oh....and so you know, the people who yell out "hey you, the chinese kid!" probably don't intend to be mean. It's just...well...it's obvious that you're being addressed. I mean hell, if there's some kid with red hair, I'd probably say "hey you, kid with the red hair!". It works, simple as that. No harm meant. Its quite easy to differentiate (sp?) from what they mean. Personally, I dont see that as offensive, but then again usually im addressed as "hey you [racist term]" or some other racial slur.
  5. Well, if I told my friends that I play, it will be no surprise to them. I'm one of those nerd/geek types and generally dont have a problem with it.
  6. im just wondering what the gray stuff is coming out of a firegiant's head is...is it smoke or odd marge simpson hairdo? :|
  7. I am not worried about money, Im worried about the way it is used. Yeah, its quite disturbing to see all that money pouring into developing something, and then have it fail due to technical problems. At the same time, you can't put a price on knowledge, and space exploration has brought us many new developments, not only in space, but also at home. There's nothing wrong with pouring the money into the research aspect, its just that the government isn't spending it wisely.
  8. I switched over to Ubuntu and started using their xubuntu desktop to reduce some ram. I'm running a Pentium II at 300 mhz, 256 mb of RAM. I sent a query to Jagex, but they said something about going to windowsupdate.com So heres the problem: I load runescape. It loads fine for the first few seconds and then freezes at the Getting Updates screen. I'm assuming the problem is that its trying to write a file onto the harddrive but security settings prevent it. (I remember loading it in windows and I needed a to create a rscache folder.) I'm thinking I have to create the same folder but I don't know where or I can lower the security settings; but how to do that? Any ideas :|? Thanks in Advance
  9. When it gets frosty and wet, You might want to consider some fenders, so your back doesn't get all muddy and wet.
  10. so would i type in: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop?
  11. I was redhat's package management that drove me crazy. It would drive me in loops on end. For example if i wanted to isntall File A, I needed File B. I want to install file B it wanted file C. I try installing File c, it needed File A.
  12. Wasn't fedora an extension of Redhat? The reason i didn't go with fedora is because i had a bad experience with redhat.
  13. I went with Ubuntu...seemed very easy and simple to use. Just wished i had read about kubuntu before installing Ubuntu...but oh well. Thanks Guys!
  14. I've had some experiences myself. I was riding on the road in the bike lane going at my own pace on a residential street. Then this suv comes up and a lil kid about 7 sticks his head out of the window and yells "Get off the F***** street!" When he's sitting right next to his parental unit. Apparently it seemed that the parent didn't really care which is more distrubing. In your case issy, I would've picked one of them up, and set them in a high place where they can't get down and leave.
  15. For some odd reason, I thought that we lived under a giant dome that was painted blue on the inside, and that would open up during the night. I thought that ATMs would spit out cash when ever some went up and pressed a button. But that idea was squashed when i tried it out >.> And that Grocery Bags would make good parachutes.
  16. Well Extracurricular activities aren't necessary a must, but they allow you to develop you're talents and generally help develop skills for later. Most importantly is that you should pick one activity and just stick to it, showing that you are dedicated and responsible. Even, if the college doesn't require them, its a good thing to have.
  17. August 5 ^.^ that was the day we went camping and my friend and I stumbled upon a dead whale on the beach. Other than that my summer has been boring. Nothing like a dead whale to kick you out of boredom ^.^
  18. lol yup 3 gigs ;) its very very old...just need to last me another year until i get a new lappy for college.
  19. I tried Linspire...but for some reason, it wouldn't install, everytime, it would come ton an error. But I'll try Slackware. Thanks.
  20. but is it easy to use? like installing stuff and mounting drives?
  21. Its close to a new school year for me, and I'm a linux newbie so I'd thought to start the year with a clean computer. I'm currently running: Pentium II at 300 mhz 258 mb of RAM 3.2 GB of Harddrive space Windows XP Pro Serivce Pack 1 (too lazy to get service pack 2) I used to run Redhat 9 but it was way to complicated for me and I can't install linspire for some reason. I'm looking for something that doesn't take up more than 2 GB of space and is easy to use. I'm thinking of Ubuntu, but I'm not sure if my computer is fast enough.
  22. agreed with hulk, im using a 3 gigabyte harddrive now and has 600 mb to spare so a terabyte is way overkill for me.
  23. ahh In N Out's 100x100...well i think the 20x20 is more manageable Unfortuately they don't make either of them anymore...at least not at the store i work at.
  24. 100 nature runes: 200,000 gp 1 firestaff: 1000 gp 100 steel bodies: 100,000gp Realization you just high alched your phat: Priceless.
  25. 2 caps, one a friend got me from the philipines and another from the Statue of Liberty Gift shop.
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