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  1. It's not in the wilderness because they ran out of room to put it somewhere else, it's there so it's a challenge. This is just like when people used to complain about abyss pkers on these forums, and that there should be non pking worlds for it. WHY DO YOU THINK IT'S THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?
  2. Thats great. I'm assuming this is on 2007 right? no way you'd get decent fighting like that today. Whos running DI now? I'm guessing its not Brian. I would kill to get some classic mage bank pking in now and then... I only played for the spontaneous mini wars between us and RSD at mb when groups encountered eachother then we would all spam our msns, and within 5 minutes 20 people are there. Those were the days. but to do all that over again. I'm just curious how long does it take to max on there? If it doesn't take as long as it did in 2004 then I might think about it. It couldn't take as long as 99 ranged in RSC
  3. Holy balls whips are only 100k? The last time I logged on was when they released that update that supposedly made them better and I bought like 30 and put them on the GE hoping to log on a year later with a decent profit, but I forgot about it and I don't even remember when that was
  4. I first started this game when it was released, and up until 2006 it was the best times of my life. That doesn't mean there weren't scammers or lurers then but there was a sense of community and respect for other players. The beginning of the end was when the game was advertised on miniclip in like 2005, when Jagex started doing everything it could to make money, and that meant catering to the lowest common denominator. They got greedy and lost the players who had supported them before runescape was a game. Now the games a mess and an embarassment to say you even play.
  5. PKing these days is truly pathetic. In 2006 at MB when DI and RSD ruled the wild, anyone who dt'ed or prayed 1v1 was considered an honorless noob who is not even worth fighting. Now when I don't pray, I get called a "lol noob doesnt even have 43 prayer". Edgeville pking used to be for the low level pures who would just fight eachother. Now it is full of maxed players teleing and praying without hesitation. I tried edge pking a few weeks ago because noone would fight 1v1 at MB, and I was disgusted. I had ATLEAST 5 level 130+ players tele from me. Don't even get me started on the korasi kids. I don't even want to mention how many people would attack with korasi, and if they didn't hit atleast a 400 they immediately tele'd. The only kill I got that day was a 129 with full rune and a RING OF LIFE. Seriously. A RoL. I couldn't believe it. In 2006, if you were killed with a RoL on you, I'm pretty sure that any respectable PKing clan would have kicked you out
  6. The OP didn't ask for "januari 2001" but for "2001", so obviously a list which shows the first 1000 players who joined in januari of that year cannot be used to determine whether or not people joined in 2001. (and yes, I did too :-)) What? did you read the persons post who I was quoting? He said that he thought he had joined before some of the people who were on that list. I was just saying that the list was accurate and it has nothing to do with who joined in January, it just so happens that everyone on that list joined within that time. So if you are not on that list, then you probably joined later. I wasn't saying that he didn't join in 2001, just not within January of 2001 if he wasn't on the list. I think that addresses what you just said. I have no idea how you got any of what you said from what I said
  7. Wow Stomp sure that list is even right? I'm not on it and I started before a few of the peeps on there for sure. If you don't mind me asking, who do you think you joined before? that list has been around for at least 10 years and has been confirmed by Jagex staff to be accurate if I remember right. From what I remember about that time, that list is very accurate. The first few players (Lightning, Rab, Merlin, etc) were and still are very well known players. Lightning is actually the one who started Tip.it for Runescape if I remember correctly, at the very least she played a large aspect of it. I'm #485 and a few other places on that list and I joined very early January of 2001. If you didn't join some time in January of 2001 then you won't be on that list.
  8. Why is that Das? :P It made me stop for a long time, but frankly I've gotten over it. I haven't seen you in even longer. You haven't been waiting for me to post this whole time, have you? :P How have you been? I've been great honestly. I feel like a different person from 5 years ago. It really is good to see you :) I see that you've been quite busy in RS while I've been gone, you achieved some of my biggest goals in RS. Hopefully I can catch up eventually. If you would like, I wouldn't mind if you added me. We have a lot of catching up
  9. I still pop in from time to time, since I started playing RS again I've been viewing forums a lot but not really posting. I started in Jan '01, 485th player on the first 2k players list as Kale Nef, my active account that I'm currently playing. PM any time if you're an old friend or just want to talk, my privates always on
  10. But whats the point of buying a $1.3M car when your going to sell it and buy a cheaper one? You might as well buy the cheap one and skip the long parts :lol: So he's got that cool 1.2M lol
  11. Wait, what? Wii has online. Brawl has online. Don't see where you're coming from here. . . I didn't mean lack of online, as much as limited online(e.g. friend codes). Last I checked, only a few games even had PvP online gameplay
  12. I was asking your opinions on the commercials of JUST the systems, no games... I wanted to know what the makers where thinking of repersenting their CONSOLE and not their GAMES Whether you like it or not, this post is just another "my console is better than yours" topic. Everyone knows that whoever designed the original PS3 commercials was on meth, which is why you chose them
  13. My favorite part about you adam was your blatant bias. I'll remake the topic with your same attitude PS3 commercials- shows clips of games, game play and how cool it is. http://youtube.com/watch?v=SgHZ2xaigwk 360 commercials- completely ruins the game ending and shows no game play http://kotaku.com/gaming/the-fight-is-f ... 309002.php
  14. Next time you bring your fanboy attitude here, at least look something up every once in a while. This article screams fanboy. I used to come on here and make topics that were against the Wii, but made it seem as neutral as possible, but still have a few tounge and cheek references. My biggest problem with this article was saying how consoles copy each other. Wow. The six-axis controller and the wiimote were announced... what? 3 hours apart? I have all 3, and am quite sad about my Wii. I haven't even plugged it in since i bought it home from vacation, where I got SSBM(around July). I'm waiting for SSBB, but sadly it might be a huge disappointment because of lack of online, something which I think will destroy the Wii in the end
  15. Hahaha :lol: that's the most entertaining thing i've read on this board in ages! What I thought was more entertaining was that the only thing that you could poke fun at me for, was my closing comment. Or the fact that flamecaller and I have many of the same friends (I actually had him on my MSN list for years without knowing it)
  16. I have a slim chance of getting unbanned, I just got banned about a week ago You gave it to me from a contest on these forums, you were obsessed with that all your base are belong to us thing and whoever could find you got it
  17. You can buy them in legends guild And is this the real nathan? because word is that the acct was sold
  18. 1. Don't accuse me of "jumping on the bandwagon". I just don't like people like you who can't admit they were wrong. 2. I wouldn't reacted on this topic, but it's not the first time you make comments like that. Pretty funny if what you say in your sig is true. 3. I don't have anything personal against you, but if you pretend to be the RS "old schooler", act like it. 4. what's up with the \\\\\\ I didn't accuse you of being on the bandwagon. And if you truly don't have anything against me, then I respect you because you were around when that post was going on, but only 2 or 3 people actually knew what was going on. People like flamecaller and other people were only insulting me because other important figures of RSC were flaming me. If people honestly thought that you knew what was going on during the argument and weren't das/tigra(they were pretty much the only people who actually knew, but there were other smaller arguments going on), then they are an idiot. I'm willing to bet that my original acct was banned before you ever started playing. It was banned feb 2002 and got unbanned about 2 years ago because they realized that they had absolutely no evidence supporting the ban I made 2 accounts, I made one but then a friend of mine made the connection to me so I made a new one for posts which other people might connect me to blue (posts like these and in the OT forum). I've still expressed my same views on that second account, but people have actually listened to my post because there are no people who have a grudge on me to start a trend of flaming me. And unless you are willing to say who you are, then "GTFO". If you are too scared to reveal who you are, then that means that people probably have some kind of grudge against you. The same reason I made another acct, you want to express your opinions without people holding past grudges against you. And if you are gonna make up some kind of arrogant excuse like "you don't deserve to know my name", then once again-"GTFO". And to anyone wondering how every argument went with me on this forum went, then here you go- Me: You honestly think that you had any kind of lasting impact on the RS world? you are just a washed up player who couldn't adapt ( I now admit that that was a very ignorant statement to make) Them: WTF, noob. I probably owned your noob arse every day in the wild Them #2: The noob probably didn't even play in RSC Me: What do you mean I didn't play RSC? I've played longer than 90% of the people on this forum! I actually have people on my MSN list that I regularly talk to who met me on the original official forums, on top of that i have 2 accts that I can log in to from the first 2k players list Them: YA U STILL SUX Them #2: ya Tigra: *brings up some kind of past grudge* Me: *I bring up something against him and his past* Tigra: *completely denies it and supports his statement with a supposed talk with someone on MSN* Random person: I BET BLUE IS A 40 YR OLD GUY IN HER BASEMENT Tigra:*agrees with the above post which draws attention away from his weak argument* ( I'll admit that this was probably inadvertently , but it still happened) I probably looked like the bad person in the argument because I was arguing with 3 or 4 people constantly, and people often thought that my post was directed at them, which caused them to believe that I had insulted them.( like what happened when I said flamecaller was jumping on the band wagon, but gamerr thought I was referring to him) I really don't want to turn this into the last time, so if you have any issue with me, then I would prefer that you contacted me on msn ([email protected]). I know that my post is just going to cause people who aren't even involved in the argument to insult me and it will cause me to want to argue back, but I must resist. So, if you have any problem then I would really prefer that you contacted me on MSN, its much easier to discuss and isn't just a flame war. Also, with MSN I can call in other people on my contacts list who might be able to shed some light on a argument. Even though I know that a lot of people are going to be big enough idiots to just reply here because they really have no problem against me, just want to jump on the bandwagon, but this will sort out the people who do actually have a problem with me from the idiots. So, if you have any problem with me, then contact me at [email protected] If you don't, then I will probably just ignore your post. Just remember this, do you people honestly think that I would have friends if I acted like how most of you have seen me? I have a number of friends who I HATED until we resolved our differences by talking about them And the ///// thing was caused because I forgot my password and tried logging in so many times that it locked me out, so I had to use a proxy Thanks
  19. Lol nice fake, i believed it for a second Wait, what? Why is it fake? Want to explain? Or were you just making some random comment to try and make it look like you know your stuff? Look at the font Wow, and that for the 485th player in RS? Dude, pics with that font have been posted on forums since ages. Way to go for 4k+ posts of scapboard. :roll: For some reason, I can\\\\\\'t find the part where I said it was a fake. I simply stated that he thought it was fake because of the font. I\\\\\\'ve probably known Caz since before flamecaller started playing RS. Infact, I had to edit my original post because I referred to him by his real name, something which he apparently didn\\\\\\'t appreciate too much And wow, way to jump on the bandwagon. Joined like a year after my mocking of half this forum? and Fook, I still have that easter egg you gave me like 4 years ago xD
  20. Lol nice fake, i believed it for a second Wait, what? Why is it fake? Want to explain? Or were you just making some random comment to try and make it look like you know your stuff? Look at the font
  21. 185 lbs, and $18.50/hr currently. Don't play WoW anymore. Nice try, though! :D Thats not what I heard :-w
  22. Tigra, we've already discussed this. You are 400 lbs, play WoW all day and will be making 10 dollars an hour for the rest of your life. And the argument is that pompey thinks that CoD3 was a good game for the Wii, despite what most people say
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