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  1. trick or treat! i am dressing um as a skeleton!!!!!!
  2. nice picture, i love that warrior with hair too heh it cool dude
  3. i hate it...lol joking its kinda nice and like he said you need a bit of design in the text and make it brighter so that people could see it better, other than that its all good :thumbsup:
  4. nice pics dude....i like the on with a farm looks cool never lived on a farm buy looking forward too, heh :thumbsup:
  5. that is my version of the pic heh, excuse me if it is not that good, its my first anyhow. um the only problem is i dont know what is the thing between his head and the tree.....[/img]
  6. wht with the guy sleeping? um whats the thing between his head and the tree?!?!?!?!
  7. uugh he reminds me of the accursed voldemort that hath killed my dearest parents! :evil: how dare thee post such an eeeevil picture on a forum? :-k :XD:
  8. what are we sopposed to be doing exactly? :uhh:
  9. to all my muslim brothes or other people who beleive inthe spirit of ramadan! eid is coming up! happy year and happy times \
  10. how u do those sig dude... i wanna know lol and by the way they cool maybe u can make me one with text on it? thx :thumbsup:
  11. good grammer (accept for a little here and there) a good beginning and ending to the chapters you can make the chapters bigger but the rest is good
  12. um..ok.. lets see.... your a nutral! lol tries again...hmmm well all i can tell you is that its good but you can make it bigger by putting in some detail...and for a story like that...you have to think of a title..there is no way that story can be untitled.... k i will think of something else laterz all in all your story is "showing keen interest in writing" :XD:
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