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  1. I felt like playing with photoshop for a bit, so there you go
  2. I haven't read the books but I get the feeling Cersei's prophecy is totally going to happen. Myrcella is practically screwed. Tommen is a weak as hell. Joffrey was an [wagon] but you gotta appreciate that he would have cut off the heads of every one of the sparrows that had disrespected him.
  3. some people do actually like kids that was directed at you calling kids "little shits" Oh by little shits I of course meant precious little angels.
  4. The part where he says he's worried makes me think boris is not interested in kids right now. Pro detective skills at work here
  5. She's bringing it up already and you're not even in a relationship yet, I think she's serious. You don't joke about spending the next 20 years of your life raising little shits.
  6. The signal It was a wild ride, I liked it
  7. Not in paint but there you go anyway I don't remember what my character wore exactly but I do remember the most important part: BUNNY EARS
  8. Men don't understand subtle hints. Tell him how you feel in the plainest words possible. I'd be shocked if he got offended that you asked his relationship status. "How dare you LIKE ME?!" Hell most guys get flattered when gay men hit on them, I think you're in the clear. The guy might not even understand that you like him from your asking his relationship status. In fact, it's a high possibility. Subtlety doesn't work.
  9. I think it's a case of certain women being brought up to feel ashamed about their own sexual desire and projecting out their insecurity onto so called slutty women. Kind of like those politicans who are aggressively involved in anti-gay campaigns, to an almost suspicious degree, and then later get caught with their pants down bonking a man haha
  10. Last game I got was the first five fights freddy's. I didn't find it scary per se, just very stressful, a few seconds late and you're dead.
  11. I think part of that is due to the slut stigma. Women are not afforded the socially acceptable opportunity to aggressively initiate. It's quite sad really. By being assertive you're giving her an opportunity she was uncomfortable grasping on her own. If the stigma didn't exist, I think a lot of women would naturally take the assertive role.
  12. Out of context micro-payments quote aside, I'm far more interested in the fact Cousens was accused of corporate fraud, pocketing a 800,000$ "bonus" while Acclaim was going bankrupt. I can't find any information on how the lawsuit was settled. Then he goes on to join codemasters as CEO, does well for a while, until things start taking a nosedive and keep getting worse for years. This guy leaves destruction in his wake and Runescape is his next plaything, I think you should be worried.
  13. a word I'd have to google A tasty French baguette
  14. Imagine me & you I liked it, it's nice light-hearted film. Lena Headey is a beautiful woman.
  15. I'm not good at taking compliments but thank you. Shading is always a little scary, it can mess up the picture completely if I do it wrong That's interesting, I hadn't thought of it that way before.
  16. I draw embarrassing things. You'll find out the weird stuff I'm into by looking at my pictures. But it's not like I don't want people to look at them. So I'll just leave this here and back away slowly. I'm not good, expect nothing except maybe mental scarring. [hide] Drawings Tweet [/hide]
  17. Wow nobody complained for almost a whole month. Allow me to break the streak. So a game art director re-tweeted a fanart I made about a game, saying that he liked it and thought it was interesting. My DA account suddenly got 400 views in a day because of it. I should be happy about it but actually I only feel pressure because I know there's no way I can meet anybody's expectations. Just drawing something semi-decent takes hours of work. I know I sound like a princess and that this is ridiculous but I feel really weird about the whole thing.
  18. Interstellar has some interesting concepts but I didn't like the mystical "love transcends time and space" narrative and the convenient sappy ending. Such a hollywood thing to do.
  19. There is a lot to be said for using your composition to draw attention away from the things that didn't come out quite right. It's less about getting everything right and more about getting it just right enough that people don't notice, or getting it wrong in a way that evokes a certain feeling~ I've been thinking about it and I think my problem is I fuss over details too much. When I can't draw something right I obsess over it until I get it correctly. I usually do in the end and I'm sure I'm learning something in the process but I end up burning myself out. When I think about it, my weakness is definitively anatomy and perspective (of limbs etc). Maybe I should draw comics or something, less details, more about overall shapes.
  20. I would have broken my pencil in half by now if it weren't for the fact I'm drawing with a mechanical one. Anatomy, proportion, perspective, shading, hands, there isn't a single aspect of drawing that isn't tricky as [bleep]. I must of sunk at least 500 hours practising in the last few months but everything is as tricky as ever.
  21. I dislike circlejerks, it's a sad thing that breeds more ignorance. It's almost comical. People put so much energy into discrediting grotesque versions of these ideologies that if anything they are giving it more exposure. Feminism isn't about a war of the sexes, it never was. It's about accepting a more pluralist world view. Perhaps unexpectedly that's also the path that will give men more freedom as well. Patriarchy does exist, but it's not a social construct that systematically favours men, it's something far more subtle that permeates our society itself, so familiar to us that it's invisible. Society has shackles for both sexes. Things get interesting when you add gender and sex into the equation. As a by-product of patriarchal society, only the female body is objectified. Women hold much of the cards in the dating game. The male body isn't sexualized at all, it's ignored. This is so ingrained that when scientists hooked up straight women to monitor their body's reactions to naked pictures, they found the women got more turned on by looking at naked women than naked men. Haha. Feel free to google the study, the results are quite interesting. Women didn't get turned on by naked men at all. Are women naturally bisexual or is it a by-product of society obsession with female bodies? Who knows, my bet is that women feel more comfortable to express their bisexuality. Society favours inflexible heterosexuality for males. If society changed to abandon patriarchy, we might see some interesting changes. If the male body was sexualized the same way the female one was, it's quite possible we would see women do the chasing. Men would be the ones getting wolf whistled in the street! Heh, wouldn't that be interesting? Of course all of this is speculation. Which aspects of this are biological, cultural, correlations? It's all rather complex. Feel free to ignore my ramblings, I'm a pervert and far more interested in the sexual aspects than the rest. The other aspects of course. Empowering women means that male victims, of rape or domestic abuse for example, would be taken seriously. Not taking these victims seriously is the same as implying that women are too weak to cause any damage, this is damaging for both sexes involved. Child custody and so on. Fairly straightforward conclusions too boring to get into. But it's far more fun to point out how wrong all the crazy people are than talk about the real thing. Thank you circlejerk, thank you for pointing out, again and again, how wrong all the stark raving lunatics are, I would have never noticed on my own. Thank you. Make sure to remind me constantly.
  22. As a maverick who hardly uses social media I've never met or spoken to any of these femnazis, crazy vegans and other radicals that apparently exist. All I hear about is people complaining about them, and these moaners have been far more annoying than the radicals they complain about. You do realize there are entire websites out there where people like pedophiles, neo-Nazis and racists meet up and talk about the twisted things they'd like to do? Yet you're worried about a couple of young idiots on tumblr? Get some damn perspective.
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