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  1. That's not 6 hour logout. That's your client crashing because something is wrong with your computer.
  2. People who give you a riddle, and you give a possible answer, and they say nope you're wrong. So you continue trying to guess. Then they tell you the answer and it turns out your answer was totally correct just not the answer they wanted.
  3. I tried that a few times. The pick is good at hiding. I've come to the conclusion the pick likes it there. He has a wife, and they have tiny pick children. /random
  4. I hate how some websites I visit have mods/admins that are total douches and on a power trip. Probably get a kick out of being [wagon] to everyone. Lol I have a pick that's been stuck in my guitar forever. Never been able to get it out.
  5. I thought something would happen if I finished all 5 but nope. I already have 99 pray so this was a waste of time. The mask doesn't even look good. Probably too busy making Solomon crap to design a decent reward.
  6. Maybe they were obese rats? :twss:
  7. I'm slowing coming to the conclusion that jagex are dicks and pretty much every cool esthetic thing from now on you'll have to buy with real money. I'm guessing no more stuff like necromancer robes or ibis that you can actually earn playing normally in the future. In a way this is worse than f2p games because in f2p games you can actually trade the esthetic stuff, so whilst I never spend real money in f2p games I can just make legit money and buy the stuff off lazy people who waste their inrl money on it. In RS you can't trade them so means I can't get the costume full-stop. It wouldn't be perfect because lazy people get in-game money for buying and selling it, but lesser of two evils as far as I'm concerned. The goblin stuff doesn't really add anything for me. The newbs are gonna like it, I remember as a newb I really wanted to actually WEAR the goblin armour we'd find. So now they'll be able to kill a little boss and get it. Reworks of quests don't add anything for me either. Just a newb quest. Graphical reworks I don't care about, doesn't add any content to do, again cool of newbs that are discovering the areas or whatever, but meh. The halloween events are really the only stuff I look forward to.
  8. I've been playing dark souls. I died a lot in the beginning, it was very frustrating. I also went into all the "newb traps", tried to kill the skeletons, tried to kill the ghosts lol. After a few hours playing I got the hang of the combat and it's been a lot easier. Finishing up anor london now. I wish there was a bit more story. I heard that you get a lot of info from reading item descriptions, but that's boring so I'm not gonna do that.
  9. I personally never got muted. I'm always aware of what I say and how it will be interpreted and I make sure to never give pricks any chance to get a successful report in. Ever since the website rule, which I think was later modified to be less drastic, I don't mention websites anymore. Eg. I won't say google it, I'll say use a search engine. I won't say check rswiki, I'll say check a fansite. I don't say sarcastic remarks because I know some prick will report it and the monkey who takes care of bans will take the phrase literally. And so on. It's a tad annoying, but it's gotten me through it all unscathed.
  10. I think they added the session end stuff to stop bots/hackers. I highly doubt it has anything to do with health or whatever.
  11. Pretty hilarious stuff. I haven't logged in so I guess I've missed all the free spins action.
  12. Jagex can't even fix the content gap between 90-99, making content for 120 for all skills is just insane. I'd rather they focus their energy on new skills, fresh stuff that will actually be interesting, not more grinding.
  13. Youtube has gone to shit. First they annoy us with ads at the bottom of videos. Then they put ads at the beginning of videos. Now I'm trying to load a 20 minute video and they're like "yu want 7 minute ad or ads 3 times?". None, piss off youtube. This is what happens when people get too reilant on a single website, they know they can get away with putting a ton of ads and people will use it anyway. Because even if you wanted to switch website, you just wouldn't find the videos you want elsewhere. I wish the internet would find a new "cool" video host to use, and just mass exodus away.
  14. I wish we could get the prisoner costume the bots are wearing. That would make a good reward. I actually like the normal pitchfork better, looks more authentic than the golden one. Jag is obsessed with golden things.
  15. I think your appeal is fine. If a real person read it, they would probably unmute you. Your mute will probably end before it gets processed though. I doubt real people even read appeals.
  16. Even if their character was there nobody would be watching their bot be banned. If I worked at jagex I would do something like this: Person gets detected as a bot, and is lined up for a ban. They are logged out automatically and their play session is ended to prevent automatic log-in, assuming that's possible technically. Next time they log in to check up on their bot, they are at bot bay getting banned. Or waiting for their turn in a cage at bot bay if someone else is already on trial. Some bots log in automatically, but some don't. So at least some of the botters would actually be there. And of course they should be given the ability to chat, so we can see their reactions.
  17. They actually listen to you? Whenever I try this I get yelled at. It was for school work, so she had no choice but to listen. In any other situation I wouldn't have bothered explaining. Basically, she sucks so bad at computers she can't even use email.
  18. The bot thing is fun for a few minutes. But since the person getting banned isn't actually there, the entertainment is pretty limited. I stayed a little while on some worlds but bots wouldn't show up. They show up a lot on w2 though, for some reason.. Everyone keeps voting swallow >.>
  19. Wow that's re-tardis. They must of got toast crumbs all over the banning server. It that happened to me I might ragethrow my computer into a pond. But I think you should choose the lesser of two weevils and just give it some time. /shot
  20. I was fully expecting to end up with an incomplete set, but I managed to finish my queens guard set with the free spins. Didn't even do the challenges. Over the summer I got sunbathe emote and the storm ring with the free spins. Didn't get shark fists though, which is what I wanted mostly.
  21. Arrogant people who think they are knowledgable about something, but really aren't, and end up causing problems for you. In the end you end up having to explain every little thing to them, and as the arrogant pricks they are, are not grateful whatesover.
  22. Just because something is rare doesn't mean people will buy it. Part of the reason people buy stuff like santas, masks, phats is to wear it and show off wealth. Fish masks are ugly. And they don't show wealth, the game would shut down before they ever became rare or worth showing. They'll never be a safe investment like other rares (pumpkin, discs, etc), because jagex could decide to reintroduce them at any time on a whim.
  23. Yes, mostly because my friends wanted to go. I don't see the point. Unless you play on poker tables or something like that, anything else will give you a loss. If I wanted to waste money, I would buy a game, eat at a restaurant, go out, etc, things that are actually fun. It's hilarious seeing all the old people on the slot machines though. Good for them if it makes them happy?
  24. What's so exceptional about 2006-2008? People suggest stuff like this all the time. "Let's bring back <year person started playing> RS! Best year ever!". Apart from the microtransactions crap, the game is better now than in the past, no point in releasing a slightly mediocre version of the same game. It just seems more interesting in your memories, because RS was more fresh, interesting, fun or whatever for you back then.
  25. Mute main characters in videogames. I'm OK with it as long as it's explained and other characters awknowledge the fact you're mute. eg. portal, you have brain damage so you can't speak. But I hate it when you're mute but other characters act as if you can talk.
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