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  1. Oh wow, I had started doubting they would ever beef up the solo xp. Comp cape here I come. It's a pity because I love dging with teams but the elite community seems pretty douchebaggy and I don't feel like getting involved with them. One of the first things written on their forum is like, 'We're gonna yell and swear at you a lot.' Uh okay, am I suppose to want to join you after you say that? I would probably be fairly good given time to learn, or atleast I would try to as much as possible, but if it's in unpleasant company I'm not interested.
  2. Last one was the amazing spiderman. It was okay, not amazing. Hurr huur >.> Before that the TV film rise of evil. I suppose it was informative. Carlyle acting was great, but he is physically so wrong to play hitler. Hitler = chubby, tall? I guess, broad. Carlyle = slim, short, small frame.
  3. I have to admit this double xp weekend fail is priceless. They hype it up and then it fails miserably. The rsof is full of complaint threads with high entertainment value. What more could a man ask for? :P
  4. Play F2P games then, they've got the pay-to-win you're looking for. :P If RS became like that I wouldn't bother with it anymore. Not paying a subscrition in addition to paying for solomon crap just to have an okay game experience.
  5. Oh I forgot it was xp weekend... Anyway another reason why hati paws-like bonus xp is 100x better than these weekends. Will they ever learn?
  6. I guess I'm the only one who views RWT as mostly hurting game creators rather than in-game environment. Well, it does that too. But when you sell gold you're basically making money off somebody's else work. If I worked hard to create a game I would be pissed if a bunch of punks started exploiting a grey area in the law to leech money for themselves. In the real world in other areas (music, film, books, etc) people who do stuff like that get prosecuted.
  7. This halloween was pretty meh in general. Both events were boring. The mask and the robes look average. But of course looks like they had no problems making good-looking solomon stuff.
  8. I can't believe people are trying to justify RWT. That's like being in court and saying to the judge "I have a wife and kids to feed, so it's okay for me to do illegal things." Nope, it isn't.
  9. I don't like towel paper (aka kitchen roll). It puts tiny papery bits over everything you're using it on. I don't understand why people like it so much.
  10. The guides on the forum (archive of wisdom) are better when you're looking for a practical guide. I view the guides on the main site as more of an "overview" of everything that's available as opposed to a "guide" that tells you what to do.
  11. You're in the enemy castle, near the flag, it's not that easy to kill them. People attack you even if you're just killing loafers. Some of loafers also defend themselves, some have auto-retaliate on, some cast venge, some barricade themselves. Only thing that really works is barrage with SS or if the teams are very unbalanced and the loafers' team is losing badly and nobody is defending the inside of the castle.
  12. Why would you add a requirement that takes half a year no-lifing to obtain. And if you're going to add minigames as a requirement, why only castlewars. Why not spread out the 2000 hours across several different minigames. Jagex is 100% at fault there. Making a ludicrous requirement like that is a recipe to get loafers. You make a rare cape, people want it, people will do anything. Unless you're some sort of zombie that enjoys doing the same thing over and over for months on end, there's no way anyone would play that game legit all day for 6 months.
  13. When you're at a restaurant and the waiter doesn't really speak your language. You're trying to get information about the food and he doesn't really understand you, and you don't really understand him either. 'Does this have yoghurt in it?' 'Yoo want yoghurt or no yoghurt?' 'No yoghurt' 'Oh yoo allergies?' 'No I don't like yoghurt.' 'So yoo want yoghurt?' 'No I don't want yoghurt. ' 'It has milk.' 'Yes but does it have yoghurt?' 'It don't taste yoghurt' 'Okay but is there yoghurt in it?' 'Yes a bit yoghurt but no taste yoghurt.' Okay, only 5 minutes to figure out there's yoghurt.
  14. I don't see how being deaf means anything as far as maxing the game goes. It isn't any harder. If you were blind that would be pretty impressive. Like the Turkish blind painter. Except playing videogames.
  15. Right now I'm using plasma rifles on my assaults. Although when I get enough money I'll make the alloy cannon, see how that fares. Run & gun flank then shotgun in the face should be good, in theory anyway.
  16. I got xcom. Fun game but lots of bugs. Camera sometimes freaks out inside ufos. A few times a robotic died in front a doorway and blocked it, one time that was the only way inside so that screwed up the mission. One time I tried playing while the doctor was talking and that bugged it out and prevented my guys from moving. Good thing I don't use ironman because that would be pretty game-breaking. Lots of minor display bugs. The hit % sometimes doesn't make any sense. If I'm standing right in front of the alien, not even in cover, with a shotgun, it should be 100% to hit no matter what. Instead sometimes I get 80-90%, which is just stupid.
  17. I know a professor that only sleeps 4-5 hours a night and he's fine. Well, fine apart from being a kind of condescending prick. Sleep deprived or not I'm not letting him off the hook on that one. I think going from incremented bonuses to a full 2x bonus is a downgrade in a way. If they really wanted to be nice they would start off with like 4x bonus, and then slowly go down to 1.1x bonus. So you would get all the benefits without having to play insane hours.
  18. I love how the employee's face was like "WTF is this guy talking about?"
  19. Bob: Gotta stock up for BXP weekend! *cue image of vault full of ores, logs, and all le jazz* Jagex: Hey guys, no moar bxp, sorry *cue Bob going through Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression* Bob: Nooooooooo! It's a LIE! *later* Bob: Imma kill dem trolling mods! *later* Bob: C'mon Jagex, instead of two bxp, just one a year? Just one no? One is fine. C'mon jaggy. Let's figure something out! *later* Bob: WAAAAHHHHHH. My extremes, gone! WAAAAAHHH. My dreams, gone! WAAAAAAHH. *later* Bob: Pffff. FINE. *heads to GE with wheelbarrow full of stuff* Banker: Errr, sir? What can I do for you? Bob: Sell all this stuff. *mucho later* Jagex: BXP! YAY! Bob: WHAT?! /random
  20. I think eventually you just run out of stuff to do. You can try a variety of things, finish all quests, play minigames till you're sick of them, do some pvp, etc. But the novelty and fun in everything inevitably wears out. If you're into this game for fun, the game has a limited lifespan. All games do. Probably the only reason you're still around is because you didn't put in that many hours in the game, and played on/off like you've said. If a casual played like 4 hours a day, which students often do, it wouldn't take long before they had exhausted the fun part of the game and hit a big wall of grind. At which point they quit and move on to the next fun thing and that's why they aren't around. The people that stay and keep playing are pretty much the goal-oriented types, that enjoy setting up and completing goals, even if the process to get there isn't that fun. Probably if you hang out with low levels, you'd find people still in the fun/exploration part of the game. 'Cause look at us, we're all high levels here, so it's not surprising you're getting the "serious" vibe.
  21. Well there's a lot more content. The graphics are a lot better, if you max out the settings. A lot of the community is obsessed with getting max/comp cape. You need to unlock a lot more stuff to be proficient in combat. There are more bosses, more quests, more minigames, etc. But there are microtransactions now, which sucks.
  22. I don't care about bronies. But those that have some sort of creepy pony sexual fetish now that's just disturbing. I would really rather not know. As long as they keep their disgusting antics out of my face I don't care.
  23. Well slayer is out of the question if you don't want to spend time unlocking things. There is the new skill summoning, new prayers, new weapons from dungeoneering and new potions that are vital for dps. The other skills are easier though. I think for agility you wouldn't have to do anything. Either do advanced gnome or barbarian courses. For fishing you could do fish flingers, it's a cool minigame. You can go fish during the waiting time between each game if you want more xp, or just wait. C2 fishing. Rocktails I guess, slower xp but you make a small profit. For c2 fishing you would need basic experience of dg. I don't think the other ones have reqs. Mining would be mining coal then gold in living rock caverns. If you don't have the lvl yet, I guess mine granite. Or join a star searching friends chat for the fun way.
  24. In the same line of thought, people who don't wash their hands, ever. They eat, don't wash their hands. They go crap, don't wash their hands. Go play sports, don't wash their hands. Probably the one time the hands get a wash is when they take a shower and water just happens to roll over the hands. Then again, we know what happens in the shower... >.> God forbid you have to shake their hand. Asian people are lucky, they get to bow instead of shaking potentially disgusting hands.
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