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  1. Ever since the mory legs update the necro kits are pretty easy to get. It doesn't sound like you burned that many shade remains, 6 days is a long time but you didn't specify how many hours a day you were playing. If you logged on a weekend and just burned fyir all day, chances are at the end of the day you'd have atleast 1 kit.
  2. There is plenty of fun stuff to do in RS. While the recent developments with RWT suck, it doesn't take away from the hundreds of hours worth of quests/minigames/activities there is to do.
  3. OK the cheese rolling is just ridiculous. I click somewhere and my character doesn't move where I say until a few seconds, by then it's too late. Sometimes it just ignores the click altogether. Sometimes I get tripped up by invisible obstacles/cheeses. Yeah...
  4. The good thing about being from Sicily and living in England - I never come close to burning. :razz: But you probably don't get enough vitamin D, especially in the winter. There are some advantages to being fair-skinned, such as needing a lot less time in the sun than a tan person to get the same amount of vit D.
  5. Pretty underhanded move, there goes any respect they had left. If anything this just validates all the rants people have made about it.
  6. I think it's apparent that there are more players from the US than from any other country. No need to be a statistician to figure that out.
  7. I get a message of someone complaining they can't see my png transparency and asking me to change my layout to make it readable. I ask her what browser she uses, she answers IE6. Derp. I don't see why I should accommodate you when you're too moronic / lazy to download a modern browser. Enjoy unreadable page. /facepalm Except I said it more politely. >.>
  8. What if "choose your fate" involves some sort of gambling with several prizes not the least of which is those four "powerful items" , and what they are actually giving us is a few tokens to spend on it. Choose your fate sounds like it could have some sort of tarot card theme.
  9. Not necessarily, your logic is too straightforward. Sometimes you can make much more money by pricing things lower and selling them in much larger quantities, companies like walmart operate using this strategy very successfully. Not to mention that being a virtual item, the production cost is 0. How many more people would buy the assassin outfit were it priced more reasonably? 5x, 10x? I actually think that Jagex is losing money by pricing it so high. Although apart from the assassin outfit, the other items seem to be correctly priced.
  10. 2, one is unknown probably too old, the second one for accusing an op of trolling, which he totally was.
  11. The price of the assassin outfit is absurd. Even f2p games don't have prices this high and we're already paying monthly.
  12. Whoever designed that cape needs to be immediately arrested by the fashion police.
  13. I woke this morning and went to my computer desk, and on it was a cute little jumping spider. It's like they know I like them. It jumped around a bit, it looked at me, I looked at him/her. It jumped on a pen so I picked up the pen and put it outside so it could return to hunting.
  14. I got a fish mask on my free spins the day they were released. I headed to GE and sold immediately for 5m. I think I might have gotten 2m as well as some point, but I don't remember, it's not like 2m gets you much these days.
  15. Nice guide. The only time I got hacked many years ago was like you described. I visited a website that looked like a normal RS fansite, a pop-up asked to install a missing ad-on... the rest is history. On the upside it taught me to never install ad-ons when prompted.
  16. I pronounce ardougne kind of as if it was a French word. Ar-doo-nyuh. I like my way, I'm never using the official pronunciation.
  17. I've been wanting to do another pokemon white playthrough but I've spent like 2 hours reloading my save trying to get an adamant tepig. Y U NO COME?!
  18. Oh that’s a common dialect of PRspeak, fortunately I have received language training for this tongue. Let me just translate that into English for you ;) Hey Just a quick post to let you know that we are worried that bonus XP weekends are giving you too much XP for free. We have run these for the last few years but we’re now afraid they are negatively impacting our SoF profits. We have some bonus XP promotions planned for the future, but apart from involving you paying for it, we don’t know what form they will take. We wanted to let you know early so you don't flame us too much on the forums when you realize. So for those of you buying stocks up trying to make a quick profit or preparing for future bonus XP weekends... stock up on money instead! Actually, we're organizing some flashy meager XP giving events to keep you distracted from this change, of course for members only, don't forget to help up hype them. Mod Mark
  19. I used to play another mmo in which you had a sword + gun style that was fully functional and had high DPS. Sucks that they finally bring those kind of things to RS only to put there for "cool" points rather than something people would actually use. Really why add it at all? Adding this to the skiller outfit bin. :/
  20. Is there any point in using two attack weapons of different styles? Eg. You use a sword and a crossbow, a wand and a sword, etc. Seems like you're more vulnerable than weapon + shield, and you have access to fewer strong skills than if you were using two weapons of the same style. You get a larger array of weaker attack skills but many of the skills of the weapon in the offhand don't work. This was one of the things I was looking forward to :/
  21. You are? Last I heard you just didn't have to click the link in the activation email they send you. And then you can't access the game until you click the link. Didn't people find a way around this when the trial first came out? Something about skipping the tutorial and then just logging in straight into a F2P world.
  22. For whatever reason you're trying to hold a conversation and the other person completely sucks at it, leaving awkward silence. Don't expect me to revive the conversation now that you've [bleep]ed it up.
  23. So how many warning points till one busts? Was it necessary to put them in such an obvious place? It's like you're trying to do a sword of Damocles-ish scare tactic. I reckon most very old users like myself don't even remember what those points refer to. The blank avatar face is a bit annoying, it's everywhere. I'm sure some people just don't want to put anything in their picture square. Now we're doomed to look at those grey squares forever... Apart from that it looks good from the little I've seen. Edit: I just noticed. No more join date written? That's not cool. It's always nice to know.
  24. Well I guess I'm in the minority. I found the quest average. The story was predictable and cliché. They made the effort to hire voice actors, yet don't give them anything interesting to say. There are some indie single player games out there that have some really great storytelling. They can hire voice actors, and the game has the technical capabilities to be just as good as those games, if the people who were writing the storylines and the dialogue had a creative brain on them. Shame. Anyway I guess people are happy with the quest because they're used to mediocrity, while RS has a ton of quests it's really more quantity than quality. On a positive note I thought the graphics in the cave were pretty nice.
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