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  1. I don't think that would work because there would be no point to prestige. If someone bragged they had a lot prestige in a skill, who cares. Only way I see this working is if there was a reward of some sort for getting prestige. Either cosmetic, a special ability, or basically anything that signifies your achievement, a number on a highscore page won't cut it. Before 99 capes were introduced the reaction to 99 skills was pretty much "nice, but pointless". Not much people got 99s back then, there was no carrot.
  2. Well then don't no life it. I doubt that's what it was intended for. Probably was made to do here and there for fun. Just like everything else/every skill. But no, everything in RuneScape must be approached like a formula, fastest way to do this, that, etc. that's why people get burned out, and that's not Jagex's fault It's not an activity you can no-life ;) If you think I'm waiting at the screen for the boats to come back you are incorrect :P
  3. Well I liked this update a lot initially, but now I'm growing tired of it. It's always more of the same. Do missions, upgrade crew and ships, do more missions. Missions are super long now and progress is slow. Hopefully the armour is worth it.
  4. One thing that annoys me with xmas family reunions is how people try to force food on you and insist to the point of harassment. It seems like the social convention is to eat everything including things you don't like, out of a sense of politeness. That's just stupid. If I'm not hungry anymore or I dislike a dish, I won't eat it plain and simple. What's ironic is many family members who used to be annoying have had to change their diets due to health reasons. Now they're eating tasteless diet food. Who's laughing now?
  5. My reaction to this thread: there will be two new skills? o.O Shows how much out of the loop I am :lol:
  6. The 12-month is a pretty good deal considering you get 2000 runecoins with it. Of course you're banking on the assumption you'll still be playing for the next year.
  7. Jagex is pretty sneaky. They added microtransactions gradually to get people used to it, so that when they started selling actual useful stuff like these pets, there would be no uproar. I've seen a video and the pets look quite good. The abilties are not bad either: - Once every ten minutes, a adolescent or an adult pet can take a single item to the bank for you. Speak to the pet and you’ll be able to choose which item. - Adult pets will collect items dropped by your foes. You can choose what kinds of things you’re interested in and the pet will frequently check the corpses of your victims for things to bring you. I've always found it super annoying to pick up stuff, so that alone makes the pet very attractive. The banking is a nice bonus. I would never buy it but I'm sure a lot of people will be "Take my money!" for this one.
  8. When people ask you for your honest opinion, so you give them negative critism and they get upset and act like you're a jerk. Don't ask for the truth if you can't handle it princess.
  9. So I haven't time to comment on this yet. I like this update, it's entertaining(as much as something like that can be) and doesn't require you to play much to advance. I can't play much these days so that's good. I look forward to getting the new armours, even if looks like it'll take forever. One criticism I have is that the timers are abritary, making us wait 1h versus 20 minutes from the earlier missions is really just there to artifically lengthen the time it takes to get stuff.
  10. Oh they're definitively safe with the sof. Have you seen the stuff they put in f2p games? Pay 50$ for a 'magic box' with a 1 out of million chance to get something rare. Some people waste thousands of dollars on that crap.
  11. Last game I got was AC 3 which I finished. It was fun except the setting never appealed to me, the execution was good though. Naval battles in big storms were epic. Combat wasn't great. I thought Connor was boring, he's a good guy but so serious. I actually liked Haytham better.
  12. I found so many spiders in the house these past few months. Like 20 or 25. I lost count. I squished most of them. Maybe the construction next door is making them run here. Today I found a spiderling of that same species the others were... Since I'm a nice guy and it was still a baby I put it outside. Not that I much hope for it to survive, it's soon winter. But anyway I'm concerned that some of the spiders might have mated, and that the house will soon be flooded by a bunch of spiderlings . I looked around but there are so many places they could hide and put a nest in...
  13. When you get accidentaly flashed by someone you'd really prefer not see naked. Or sometimes not-so-accidently eg. changing rooms at the gym.
  14. When you have to write an answer down and the space they provide is not nearly enough to write everything and you're forced to write super small and cramped.
  15. When you have to write an answer down and the space they provide is not nearly enough to write everything and you're forced to write super small and cramped -.-
  16. The game in general pretty much holds your hand now. I remember back when there wasn't any icons on the map telling you where banks, stores, anvils, etc were, you just had to figure it out. It was fun in a way, having to remember everything. Not necessarily better. It could easily end up being frustrating because you don't know what to do.
  17. People who are obsessed with something (a band, a show, a game, etc) and bring it up all the freaking time, like they can't ever think of anything else. It's esp. stupid when you're having a convo about something and they butt in and start talking about it and it has no relevance to the topic being previously discussed. eg. Bob: Oh wow black friday was crazy. Did you buy anything? Max: Nope it scares me. Moron: HEY GUYS CHECK OUT THE NEW SINGLE OF MY FAVOURITE FINNISH BAND! Bob & Max: ...
  18. My reaction to this update: oh snap. I knew this was coming. I didn't play enough of the beta to know how to do do anything. I have no idea how to fight anymore. :lol:
  19. I like Indian food. However all Indian restaurants I know put shittons of food dye in their food which completely disagrees with my stomach. I wish they'd just leave the curry alone instead of chucking half the bottle of dye in it and ruining it for me just over aesthetics.
  20. TzHaar Quest: The Brink of Extinction (very high level) Most challenging combat ever? Sounds interesting. Player-Owned Ports (very high level) OMG eastern lands, and pirates. Want. Christmas 2012: Stray Dog (all) Yay we finally get to save them doggies. >.> God Statues (all) Sounds fun Early 2013 Grandmaster Level Quest (very high level) We'll see... Kalphite King (very high level) Blah Wilderness Warbands (high level) Just more opportunities for pkers to annoy people. No love. Ranger/ Slayer Dungeon (high level plus) Already maxed these skills, don't care... RuneScape: Next Gen (all) Meh... New Skills (all) We'll see. Epic Story Conclusions (various) ELVES DANGIT ELVES Construction Rework (all) More money sink? I have 99 cons, didn't bother with making a fancy house, waste of money. If forts are the same not bothering. World Events (all) Vague Level Up my Stuff (all) Sounds like solomon nightmare waiting to happen. Bosses Galore and Grouping Systems (all) ? Nice ideas but I expect disappointment. Also, ELVES
  21. Troll has become a generic insult. I get called troll all the time by people who can't handle opinions different from theirs. So instead of formulating an intelligent reply they just shout 'Troll!'.
  22. So there was this girl at lunch that was upset because she couldn't lose weight. I look at her lunch and it's all junk. So I'm like, your lunch isn't healthy, try eating more vegetables. And then she literally flies off the handle. 'Oh my god you're such a vile horrible person. Stop calling me fat! ' blah blah and then she walks off. God forbid vegetables are mentioned. I didn't mention her being fat, I'm guessing the word 'vegetable' caused a knee-jerk reaction. Admittedly I thought it was pretty funny, am I a horrible person? :lol:
  23. Drawing hands. askdjasdkjasldkjal It's probably not helping that I have to use the mouse.
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