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  1. Happy birthday. *Raises eyebrow* Make good use of your new powers.
  2. Hmm, that chest in the Varrock church? Before it said something like 'property of the black something'. You could get the key by killing a certain npc in the bandit camp. Perhaps they changed it, because it was too hard to get the key in the pkers-filled bandit camp.
  3. I would drive insane if there was pking everywhere on Runescape. People would be affraid to go in certain cities, and unaware newbies would get killed all the time. It would be like doubling the wild. If you need to make those annoyers shut up, play the same game as them, the stupid ways that work: comebacks.
  4. Hmm, well, about a month ago I was like you people that haven't got one yet. The key : training combat. Dagannoths and shadow warriors are exellent spots to get some. But they are quite annoying when you don't like training combat, like me.
  5. It sounds quite complicated said like that, but it's a clever idea. I already thought at an alike thing. The idea is smart, but complicated. Using the Runescape Official forums sounds more simple to me. But for f2ps, or to get a higher chance of selling an item, then it would be useful.
  6. Hopefully, at some time, the rares market will be saturated and will crash. The prices will drop, and, if we are lucky, stay stable. I sold my two phats recently, keeping money on my head sounded surprisingly stupid when I said it outloud *Chuckles softly*
  7. I agree, we do need more hairstyles! It would be a simple update, that wouldn't take too long for Jagex to make. If Jagex had a little bit more of imagination, I'm sure they could make great things. But right now, no chance, they got dollar bills in the eyes...
  8. Ha! True! Didn't think at that.
  9. I know! If atleast we could still get clothes, we could have many sets. Even though the usefuless of having all those sets would be questionnable.
  10. I got my last mime today, I got all emotes and clothes now :) I'm not really happy about it, if atleast I had had all those mimes back when I was a noob... Well, this post is for you to ask questions about mimes, or to congratz me 8)
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