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  1. A lot of skills have very alike difficulty levels, so that it is impossible to make a distinction between which one is the hardest. He's the difficulty level of all skills, in my humble opinion. Strength - Average Defence - Average Attack - Average Ranged - Average Prayer - Very hard Magic - Average - hard Agility - Average - hard Herblore - Very hard Thieving - Average - hard Crafting - Average - hard Fletching - Very easy Slayer - Hard Mining - Average - hard Smithing - Hard Fishing - Easy Cooking - Very easy Firemaking - Easy Woodcutting - Easy Farming - Hard Runecrafting - Very hard
  2. I generally dislike the new changes. However, I understand that it was necessary due to those animation issues. Atleast Jagex has stated a good reason to do the change. Most often, they just change things arbitrary, and without giving any worthwhile reason.
  3. You lost your credibility to me at the word 'midevil'. I think it's clear to everyone that the creators of the game never intended to make this game a historical based game. The game is basically in my mind an extrapolation of what medieval times could have been in a fantastic world.
  4. That could be anywhere. I hope they give out clues. Shame I have to leave for work in 2 minutes, I'd go see myself. :(
  5. On my first run, with my luck... junk of course. :roll:
  6. You now find the guthan's set cool because someone who was wearing it gave you free sharks? How twisted.
  7. When you get at a higher level, it's more clever to train all equally. For example, having 99 99 99 is better than having 70 99 10.
  8. My god. I can figure almost anyone innocent can get banned any moment.. :?
  9. I think his head is too big enough to enter in the doorway of his office. :roll:
  10. Hmm clever scam. Those scammers, nasty, but not stupid.. :roll:
  11. It would be interesting.. But, would take a lot of space, and chances are people start posting some spammy useless images.
  12. I agree.. In rs1, crossbow was my favorite weapon =( Even if it wasn't all that great. But Rs2 ruined it, dam you Rs2.
  13. 2002, year I started playing.. =( I miss Rsc now.. I've always missed it, I wish Rs2 had never been invented..
  14. Meh :roll: Today's quest was creepy-tastic, which I like. Too short, and not enough scary, though.. Doesn't look like a big month. Eggs and emotes for Easter? Originality please?
  15. That's a nice kite, I want it. *Drools* It's amazingly stupid to show pictures of things who do not exsit yet.. Wow Jagex, you did it again :roll:
  16. 1- Verac 2- Dharok 3- Guthan 4- Torag 5- Karil 6- Ahrim
  17. Well, I would believe you if you had statistics to back it up. It's possible that it's some sort of bug. I doubt it would be on purpose.
  18. Most of Jagex's team are university students looking for a part time job. They don't got any previous knowledge of the game.. http://www.jagex.com/corporate/index.ws Link to Jagex's corporate website, it's amazing how people don't think at looking there. If you look at the job requirements for customer support, I can figure almost anyone can work for Jagex.
  19. I'm not sure if this topic belongs to the music and movies forum or to this one, so mods feel free to move this topic if it is in the wrong forum. What are the TV series who you could qualify of memorable for you? Post your favorites/firsts/uniques. Personally, I'd first say the series Highlander, because it was strange series, who inspired my character's name. I only saw about one season before they stopped showing it on my channel, now I regret I haven't seen any more. You rarely stumble on such good series. The french series from France 2/France 3 Belphegor which was one of the very first TV series I loved as a child. Very different from the worthless movies there was on Belphegor. I wish I had recorded those shows because now the VHS are discontinued, and very hard to find.. Sakura the cardcaptor, again as a a child, it was the anime show who introduced me to the whole anime universe. Finally, Andromeda, a more recent series, still playing on some channels, an introducer to the Gene Roddenberry world and science fiction. Your turn now. (cartoons count :wink: )
  20. Don't complaint, I have had 0 dragon drops after 4 years of playing.
  21. People won't become nice all of a sudden because a random event 'learned' them to. Often, people who want help will abuse of your kindness. You give a noob 1gp, he wants a thousand, and he will hardly say any thanks. You give him a thousand, now he 'needs' 100k, because 'you're soo rich it doesn't make any difference for you'. More, more, more... This will teach people to look for the reward of their good actions. Rewards, that's all that people want.
  22. I completly disagree. Stupid annoying noobs will start annoying everyone and when someone they are annoying ignores them, they would do that sort of warning. I mean, we don't need to be annoyed any further. Players shouldn't have such rights over other players. Most people aren't capable of making the difference between an autoer and a normal player. For example, in-game, when something asks a stupid question, I don't have the obligation to respond to his idiocy. With such system, the pissed off idiot would send me a stupid warning which I would need to respond at, making me lose my time. Let's say I'm afk for 60 secs, and can't respond, I get reported. Now, how stupid that is? Jagex gets a ton of fake reports. And with Jagex's banning methods lately, they probably wouldn't make the difference between me an autoer. Result, an innocent player, me, gets banned, and I have to go through all the process of banning appeal. Making me lose my time, again and again! All for an idiot which I ignored. You have good intentions in your idea, but it would cause much more harm than good.
  23. Sorry, but why do you write 'frens' instead of friends? You're losing credibility...
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