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  1. About a year I think, a year awake. It scares me how much time I spent on this game.
  2. I can't say I feel vindicated by this. Why would they care that their character is banned when they've made thousands of dollars of inrl money? These people probably don't even care about this game anymore. Since dicing requires 0 stats, they could just buy some starting gp and start all over again.
  3. A random thread I found in recent updates. It's been up for two days. Seems like when the spam is praising the sof, there's no problem LOL
  4. I find this interesting but I don't follow the rsof at all so unless someone posts screenshots of the topics of that were locked(if that's even allowed on tif..?) I can't really judge. Tif being a premium fansite and such a lot of time it's impossible to really discuss these things because we're not allowed to post the evidence.
  5. Am I the only one that's annoyed that the kid who was selling the gp (Dokler) got away scot-free? He even goes as far as to casually discuss what he uses the profit for. How bloody arrogant can you get. He's as much at fault as the "robber".
  6. I thought I made it clear that I still play, just not very often. And most of my posts these days are in Off-Topic. But I don't really see what you're getting at, besides the obvious ad hominems. No point really, I was just highlighting how absurd some opinions come off. I was thinking of a few people, it's interesting that you feel targeted. Trust me, I don't know nor care where you post or what you say.
  7. What I get from the messages of some people on this thread is that people who don't like RWT are sad addicted kids that need to grow up and I'm oh-so-better than them because I don't give a shit. That's just amusing really, especially ironic coming from people who've long quit and still linger round the forum of a game they don't even play.
  8. I got the full lava outfit and trimmed 2 pickaxes in about ~8 hours on the day of release. You may hate me now. :lol:
  9. That's just your interpretation. There's no harm in poking a bit a fun, unrusle your jimmies.
  10. What a useless trash response. Honestly that is just horrible. If people want to spend money to make their character more unique let then be and admire them or better yet ignore them and concentrate on yourself because they shouldn't mean anything to you in the first place. Don't use it as a reason to insult them or judge poorly. Grow the hell up... I don't give a [bleep] how old you are of where are are from, but sooner or later you WILL learn to respect others because if you don't then you'll find yourself in the center being mocked for your animosity and no one will back you. Your ridiculously blown out of proportion reaction says a lot about you. Your life must suck carrying that chip on your shoulder. All I want is some light-hearted fun, you on the other hand sound like you're about to have a nervous breakdown.
  11. Then brag about your housework even more than he and make sure to devalue everything he's done as much as possible ;)
  12. I've done 24 hours before, at around 25 or 26 hours I was shot and went to bed.
  13. For me... At 80 your skill is no longer low. At 90 you're starting to get somewhere. At 99 you get a pat on the back. At 99 everything you get a nod of approval. At comp cape you get an evil glare, because I am jelly. Oh dungeoneering, why you no give decent solo exp :-| I would have comp cape right now if it wasn't for dg, I've all the other reqs...
  14. Haha said a bit bluntly but I agree with this. Sometimes I feel like I should be putting down the people I see roaming around in full assassin, spamming their runecoin emotes. I don't actually feel any real animosity towards them, but they wouldn't know that. Sometimes peer pressure can long a way to dissuade people to do some things. If people who bought runecoins were treated as pariahs by other players, they'd be a lot less likely to buy more. "Omg nice aura!" or "Wow your costume so cool!" is exactly the kind of positive reinforcement they should not be given. No, they should be abused instead. >;D We need a negative reinforcement squad... to sweep RS insulting every RWT user we see, then taking screenshots, and laughing at them. Yup... :cool:
  15. You shouldn't make any decisions right now. Wait for the EoC to be added to live game, for post-release kinks to be fixed, and for meta-gamers to have time to test what's good and what's not so good. I think in a few months people will be in measure of giving you definitive advice.
  16. Did anyone actually check the bot hotspots to see if there were less bots?
  17. You don't know that. They didn't make the goal of the game clear. If anything they just wanted a laugh at players raging.
  18. Joe Rogan philosophy? To think people listen to what that tool says. Your peers must be even more stupid than he is.
  19. Looks too much like witchdoctor and samba :|
  20. It's broken. You fall over invisible obstacles. The click delay makes it near impossible to cross some parts. It's the same for everyone. But you don't need to be good at it, you get the xp and points anyway. It's probably the easiest way to get points too, I get to around ~300 commendation if I don't get tripped by an invisible object.
  21. So that's all it was, oh well fuss over nothing. I don't think I'll need to use any of the items and they'll likely just rot in bank until the expiration.
  22. It becomes a point of major concern when Jagex can't seem to make anything sustainable other than RuneScape, and even then they're slowly sucking what morals it had right out. This is a really bad straw man. What does your statement have to do with mine, other than to try to make some false link between IVP and, say, Jagex deciding to axe Stellar Dawn? Seriously. I want to know. I love how you accuse this guy of using a straw man when in your quoted post you committed the false dilemma fallacy. Derp.
  23. If you can afford the burning, necromancer robes. Zuriel robes look quite good too, just be careful to not enter any combat. The infinity boots/gloves look out of place. A dominion tower glove would be ideal, otherwise a dark glove such as karamja 4 or void gloves. Any dark boot, or a glacor boot if you like their look. In case you can be convinced to get rid of the hood, royal coif, flaming skull, double eyepatch, CW halo, etc, all look pretty nice. The dominion necklace glows blue, which is why I like it more than the fury. If you can afford it an ornate fury is great. In cape slot any cape with particles. If not, ardy or keep 5 years cape. Hybrid outfits esp. trickster and vanguard look cool, but are very time-consuming to obtain. In the hand slots the torch (from gielnor games) and faithful shield (CW). Any scythe or any katana, if you have. The 200m bow looks good too, although common. The staff from runespan (forgot name), it has particle effects.
  24. A supreme wing aura would gobble up almost all of your points(110k), remember that you need to buy previous tiers before going to be next. Or you choose usefulness and go for what the auras already mentioned. Or a mix or both I guess, buying a lower tier of the wings.
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