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  1. wow quite a difference there!! esp in mage and minin
  2. hehe hopefully they will increase energy faster when sittin, gd idea
  3. the final cutscene owns its funny :lol:
  4. That tree is very important to non members, the only source of fire, without a long walk yea if was my lobby choppin down tree for cookin :P but there are dead trees i think anyway
  5. lol nice story :P at least u didnt lose anything i dunno, y pkers attack 3 or less itemers, prob just to annoy them, at least u didnt lose anything :)
  6. wow all the 70s is cool 8-) and the 254 and still green bar? haha terminator!
  7. :lol: :lol: not all rs guys r bad either :P
  8. wot i tend to do its get my str 10 lvls higher than att and def, for example i was 70 70 70, i then got 80 str using drag long (for the speed) then i used my whip to train att to 80 and def to80
  9. yea its worth the money , its teice as gd as rune scimmy and same speed, so u hit more and harder quickly :D 8-)
  10. hahaha glad it works, but i wont tell KQ if u teach me ur jedi mind powers :wink:
  11. training str and watching soccer aid 8-)
  12. jedi mind powers? try convincing KQ to give up her drag chain without having to fight? :wink: hehe :lol:
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