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  1. I got 67k at 80dung, can't remember the exact amount.
  2. This, I can get 2 minute C1's solo.
  3. very tempted to do this, my only concern is that jagex are going to reduce EE's stats to T70
  4. Have you tried CC+EE? Is the accuracy of duel weilding abilities the average of your mainhand and offhand?
  5. Wouldn't dual Rapiers/Longswords be better? If they have the same accuracy as a maul, then wouldn't it be worth the loss in damage because you attack more often and have a higher chance of hitting? Edit: Nvm, just realised because of abilities the attack speed isn't much different.
  6. I think most capes give a crit% bonus. And from what I can tell, attack lvl has a small difference to your actual accuracy, most of it comes from your weapon accuracy.
  7. Yeah that didn't help. It's useless to you because you're levelled past it, yet to the OP it could be the best they can use. Less high level attitude more helping OP plz. He's right though, it may be the best he can use, but people with 60 defence can usually not afford the high cost of dragon, in that sense is is useless.
  8. Why the [bleep] is this a thing to be glad about? I think the main issue most people have been having with it is that it's too empty. Most people seem to get theirs out of the way as soon as possible and at many points in the day it's almost impossible to get a full 5-man team. Folks show up, see no one, and leave before 3 more folks show up the next half hour... W134 is a dedicated world, there is 40+ people there every 30 minutes, I've had no problems finding a team.
  9. A level 185 monster that gives 236xp a kill, do jagex even think about what they're doing? The xp rates were too high, but to make them that low is just stupid.
  10. I did mine with Void and a Black salamander if you have super-antifires, wasn't too hard. should be alright doing it in Royal Dhide
  11. wtf... if it's that bad I might have to start skipping
  12. Bandos boots have a higher defence to range, Subjugation boots have a higher defence against melee. I think. Ganodermic boots are better and farrr cheaper than Subjugation btw
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