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  1. Hello everyone... i've been away, so i thought i'd reintroduce myself! All this fancy new content is making me feel new again. :ohnoes:
  2. so i was doing a quest in Dragonblight on my level 74 quest geared enhancement shaman, and this 80 DK comes up and kills me while i'm fighting a mob. i finish the quest, and there he is, right next to the quest giver, he deathgrips me, and i proceed to wipe the floor with him. i used feral spirit and shamanistic rage, came out of the fight at about 40% health, even though i used all my maelstrom procs on lightning bolts. my god he was terrible :lol: , i spent the majority of the fight behind him, it shows how much of a disadvantage keyboard turning is. and to top it all off, he was in full naxx10 DPS gear. :roll: not long later i got pissed at how incredibly clunky DPSing as enhance was, and now i'm levelling a warrior, level 14 atm. :-w
  3. Amon Amarth :thumbsup:
  4. the gateway effect, its even wierder when you don't notice it, then try and listen to something soft. :roll:
  5. i read a manga called Deadman Wonderland today, its pretty good, if you like elfen lied you'll like this. basically, this kid gets framed for the massacre of his middle school class, and gets shipped off to a privately run prison that uses the prisoners and disposable labor, and, well cannon fodder in killer obstacle courses that people pay to watch. has a decent amount of creepy little girl in it too, kinda gory though.
  6. my year 12 teacher for IT was actually a drama teacher, about 23, very attractive, and about as smart as a spoon. :lol: didn't have a clue about computers, so it was pretty fun.
  7. jackal_55


    there's plenty of normal people, and there is a manga, but the OVA series is one of those rare gems that completely outdoes it, probably because its completely directed by the creator. and surprisingly, the english dubbing is great.
  8. first season was great, but like so many series they tried to drag on the success, it should have been a 2 season show.
  9. well, it wasn't exactly me being stupid, but my old man let me drive the car on the highway when i was about 4, just the steering wheel, but still pretty stupid. :roll:
  10. definately one of the best game series soundtrack wise. i went so far as to rip song from ym red alert 2 CD's, they're surprisingly heavy, and i love the industrial metal theme they have for the games. :P i plan to get red alert 3 as soon as i have some extra cash.
  11. no, you won't ALWAYS be using an AGS, that account, aside from making it impossible to complete necessary quests because of the 40 defence, makes it so you can't use a whip. 70 prayer is useless with 40 defence, you can't get piety, 99 attack 85 strength 45 defence 52 prayer is your best bet, seeing as all of the best weapons have an attack training option, thus preventing you from levelling out of the crater from overuse. (85-99 strength only boosts you max hit by 6 or 7), and the fremmenik helms are much better than a rune helm. however, berserker pures are in a bad spot a the moment, they max out at 106, and below that they're pretty inferior, unless you want to drop smite out of the equation, which also leaves you very vulnerable to losing you protected item because you have such low prayer.
  12. friend of mine lost his BGS, the guy who killed him showed me the drop, iron claws, and 2 anchovies. :lol: yeah, loot potential is pretty fail.
  13. Was playing resident evil remake, trying to finish it in one sitting, almost at the end, i go through a door, and theres a hunter, and it beheads me. -.- no continues in that game, had to start over. edit: after i went trough the door, it was a narrow hall, and i was about halfway down when the hunter popped up, so i had no chance to get away.
  14. jackal_55


    i don't really think i'm a good person to judge whether or not a book is scary, but i wouldn't say it is, i mean, it was written around 1900. he also eats a few people. the bad guy is a guy that was trying to mass produce vampires for Hitler, and want to start a world war simply because "war is fun." although i do warn you, if you intend to watch it, the TV series is terrible, you'll have to make sure you add in "OVA" to your search criteria.
  15. a friend brought up that i always sit in very strange positions (i'm part monkey, aparently :roll: ) recently, and it got me curious about how other people sit. as i'm righting this, i'm sitting cross legged, only one leg is on my chair, the other is just in front of the keyboard, on the table my computer sits on. my other "favorite position" is kind of like a butterfly stretch for those who know what it is, only i clasp my toes together. :anxious: i've always found sitting on chairs normally pretty uncomfortable, at the very least i always turn them sideways, and use the back of the chair as an armrest, or put my feet on the edge of the chair, with my knees behind my shoulders. so, anyone else sit funny? :P
  16. jackal_55


    Lmao, well that was amusing to read. : I haven't actually read Dracula.. Who wrote it? I think I'm going to do an experiment. (Not much of one ;)) I'll read Dracula and.. Hellsing, was it? Idk, people tell me the best vampire books yeah? And then I'll read Twilight again and see which I like. Maybe I will like the "Real" vampire stories. :o Bram stoker wrote Dracula. -.- the Hellsing i was refering to is an OVA anime series, its on youtube, in english, which basically takes Dracula, removes reason, physics, and any semblance of sanity, replaces it with a raging mass murdering psychopath who likes to torture his victims, and puts him in an expensive suit. and incredibly large guns. uhh, don't watch it if you're squeemish, or religious though... :-w Edit: forgot to mention, he's the good guy.
  17. jackal_55


    so, i decided to give this series a shot, and got the first book from the library... all i could think the whole way through was What have they done to the bad guys from all of my favorite horror movies/books! :cry: you'd think that after, say, a century, someone would get over their [bleep]y teen angst crap, honestly, if i want to see one thing involving Edward, its him meeting Alucard from Hellsing. that would set him straight, teach him how a real vampire does it. Vampires feeding on livestock... what a load of crap, Dracula would be turning over in his grave. -.- and on another note, what the hell is someone over a hundred doing hanging around in school?
  18. if you knew me... actually i can't think of anything. #-o edit: oh wait, despite appearances, i'm actually not all that nasty, unless you say something stupid.
  19. i've been playing violent video games my entire life, and the one that made me come closest to hurting someone? guitar hero. :evil: i almost belted a friend with the guitar after playing it for 15 minutes, why isn't THAT 18+?
  20. Commodore 65, i still have one, actually, pixels the size of golfballs is surprisingly fun. :twss:
  21. 1968 Chevy Camaro painted metallic Grey, with orange detailing, and red window tints. =P~ EDIT: well, if not a Camaro a '52 Bel Air sports coupe, classic car that one. :D i want it so much its insane, i remember my old man used to own this bus, the engine was from a '68 Camaro, i loved the sound of that, even when it was so loud you thought you'd go deaf. for the record, that bus weighed 8 tonnes, was aerodynamic as a 11 foot tall brick, and could still do 150Kmph... then we started running it on Av-Gas. :twisted:
  22. hm, propaganda and Hamas seems to be being brought up a lot. first of all, propaganda is lies, Israel isn't giving Hamas material for propaganda, its breeding hate for itself, and giving people reason to want to kill them. and Hamas is 2 distinct organizations, there's the terrorist branch, and the government. just thought I'd clear it up.
  23. it started the day they decided to make skills in rs so hard to level up. because of that, there's a massive demand for raw materials, and a massive amount of the finished product out there, which is most of the time, pretty useless, for example, maple longbows, iron-addy plates etc. since the game is based around gaining those levels, people are always going to be after the raw materials to pump out hundred of thousands of essentially useless items, turning a skill that theoretically is supposed to make money, into a massive money drain, speaking of smithing.
  24. Sss Haa Seth Yoth, I Whisper in the ear of the Dead and User Maat Re by nile. also, pretty much anything by Amon Amarth gets me in the mood to go pillage someplace.
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