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Welcome to My Extensive Firemaking guide!




Its been a long journey and many years since I've gotten 99 Firemaking, and I've always been keen to find the best and most efficient ways to Firemake.




So, lets get down to the basics. What is Firemaking? Many people say it is completely useless, apart from receiving the cape. However, Firemaking does help more than you think! How are you going to venture in the Lumbridge caves to get your weekly exp from Guthix Tears? How are you meant to cook when there is no range in sight? I'm pretty sure a fire isn't going to come out of nowhere, that's why Firemaking is needed in these situations.








  • -~ Contents ~-

The Extreme Basics




  • But wait, my logs arent lighting?




Experience rates, and all that mumbly jumbly stuff


Locations to Firemake




  • Taking a further look at the places to Firemake
    Locations NOT to Firemake
    The BEST place to Firemake (best Xp rate)
    Top Five Places to Firemake in F2P and P2P




Training to 99




  • So, which logs should I use to get my Firemaking up with?
    To light, or not to light?



Somebody stole my line!




  • Practicing so you are unbeaten




The almighty tinderbox




  • 26 Log Inventory
    27 Log Inventory



Stuff Tinderboxes, what about Bows?




  • Reasons Not to use bows


What to wear




  • What NOT to wear


How to not get bored of Firemaking


How to deal with F2P


Mouse killing you?


Pyrelords - for the better or the worse?


Fullscreen or not


Rewards from Beacon Network + Extra exp info ~~~NEW~~~


What is not covered in this guide?






Videos to understand my Firemaking technique (for those who don't understand)




For those who are unable to grasp my concept of my special Firemaking Technique, I have finally made a couple of videos, to show how it's done. However, both differ from each other a bit. One video is for P2P/high agility people, whilst the other is for F2P/Low agility people.





Video #1: P2P/Higher Agility


Video #2: F2P/Lower Agility






[hide= The Extreme Basics ]Before you start, you'll need a few items and materials.




  • Tinderbox - Bought at the general store for 1 coin, or bought at the Grand Exchange. ( Prices vary)
    Logs - Can be cut, or bought from other players or from the Grand Exchange. Prices vary, depending on the type of log that you wish to use.




After that, just use your tinderbox on the logs.






But wait, my logs aren't lighting?




Of course, there are several reasons why your logs won't light.




  • Not high enough level:
    • Don't forget to check what level you'll need to light the logs.


Standing inside a building:


  • You won't be able to light logs in some buildings around RuneScape. Such buildings are Banks.


Attempting to light on top of already built fires/ground decorations:


  • You wont be able to light fires on top of other fires, flowers, and cannons. There are other items which you cannot light fires on, but the three that I have mentioned are probably the 3 most common.




If all fails, do make sure you've actually withdrawn logs, not 27 bronze daggers.[/hide][hide= Experience rates, and all that mumbly jumbly stuff ]fmexpal4.png




Don't forget to check out Eucalyptus logs before you buy yews, (that is, if you are planning to. These give 193.5xp per log, and can be cheaper than yew logs, and require 58 firemaking) if you can manage to get a hold of some.[/hide][hide= Locations to Firemake ]Over the years, I've experimented with many locations around RuneScape. Here is a list I've compiled, showing the top locations to Firemake. Several of you prefer Firemaking with a buddy or two, so I've also put the amount of people that can Firemake at any one time in that specific location.




For best results, Firemaking in Low detail would be the best option, to reduce lag.




Grand Exchange: 2 people (4 if two people are more skilled)


Oo'Glog: 3 people


Rogues Den: 2 People


Miscellania: 1 Person


Varrock West Bank: 2 people


Falador East Bank: 3 people


Seers Village Bank: 1 person


Port Phasmatys: 1 person


Yanille: 2 people


Edgeville: 3 people


Draynor Village: 2 people


Lunar Isle: 1 person


Priscatoris: 3 people


Bounty Hunter: 1 person (2 if one person is skilled)


Burgh De Rott: 1 person


Duel Arena: 1 person


Fists of Guthix: 3 People






Taking a further look at the places to Firemake




Here you'll find a more in-depth description of the locations mentioned above.




Grand Exchange:


  • Currently the best place to Firemake in RuneScape, allowing up to four (or even more) players to simultaneously Firemake there, this is definitely a place for group Firemaking. 2 of the players would take the 2 long stretches on both north and south sides, whilst the other 2 (preferably more skilled or more concentration) would Firemake of the east and west boundaries. This is also a great place to Firemake, and it allows you to buy and sell items, whilst being at the exchange itself for quick and easy access.






  • One of the newest areas. Good for 3 people to Firemake, and a pretty quiet place due to its location.




Rogues Den:


  • Situated under the bar in bu'thorpe. Quite a good place to Firemake. There is a blank space for Firemaking, south of the wall safes. Enough space for 2 people.






  • Good spot if you like it peaceful, enough space for 1 person. Also quite a good spot if you're managing your kingdom, as it is nearby.


Varrock West Bank:


  • Was, and still is one of the best places to Firemake. Enough for 2 people to Firemake, and a popular destination to Firemake, especially in free to play servers.




Falador East Bank:


  • Also one of the best spots to Firemake in RuneScape. Allowing 3 people to Firemake at once, it is a great place for group Firemaking.




Seers Village:


  • Although it may seem big, it really is only good for 1 Person. Not the most popular place to Firemake, but it serves well.




Port Phasmatys:


  • Another popular place, but only good for 1 person. Even though you don't need a Ghostspeak amulet to use this area, it is highly recommended you do, otherwise you waste time with the bankers.






  • Another popular place. Allowing up to 2 people to Firemake at once, it's a good spot to Firemake with a buddy. Bank is not necessarily the closest, but it isn't a bad spot either.






  • Slightly more popular since the introduction of the north east door of Edgeville bank. It now allows 1 person to Firemake on the north side, and one person on the south.




Draynor Village:


  • An old spot, still quite good. Allows 2 people to Firemake at once, and is great for dual woodcutting and Firemaking.


Lunar Isle:


  • Not too popular, but a good spot if you've done the Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor quests. Good place for 1 person to Firemake.






  • Upon finishing the Swan Song quest, you can have access to this quiet area. Allowing up to 3 people to Firemake, It's another good spot for group Firemaking.




Bounty Hunter:


  • Not too bad if you can Firemake patterns without re-lighting. It's alright, but does require some skill. Good if you like a quiet spot. Allows 2 people to Firemake here.




Burgh de Rott:


  • An okay place, despite its gloominess state. Allows two people to Firemake at once, good place is you like quiet locations.




Dueling Arena:


  • Not much space, the ramp leading up is annoying if you mis-click it. Enough for 1 person to Firemake. To avoid mis-clicking the ramp, face the camera south.




Fist of guthix:


  • Yes, up to two people can Firemake easily, up to 3 if one person is skilled.






Locations NOT to Firemake




If you thought Firemaking at the top near Lumbridge bank was good, think again. These places shown below are spots that you shouldn't consider long term Firemaking at.




NB: Even thought Dorgeshuun light orbs isn't a location, it's a waste of time.




Catherby: Not much space.


Varrock East Bank: Amount of steps to the bank is too far.


Falador West Bank: Very little Space.


Ardougne Bank (Both): Amount of steps to the bank is too far.


Neitiznot: Only enough for 1 trip.


CastleWars: Unless you fancy Firemaking north/south, this is not the place for you.


Al Kharid: Very little space.


Canifis: Too many steps from the bank.


Gnome Stronghold: Completely inconvenient.


Lleyta: Basically No space for a second trip.


Void Knights Outpost: No Space.


Fishing Guild: No space.


Shilo Village: Inconvenient, as the trees block your last logs, or you must Firemake slightly further up, causing you to take more steps.


Lumbridge: Little space to fm in every bank area.


Nardah: Inconvenient unless you Firemake north/south.


Mos Le'Harmless: Too Many steps from bank.






The BEST place to Firemake




After many hours of experimental testing, I have come to the conclusion that the Grand Exchange is the best place to Firemake, clocking it at up to 1300 - 1350 logs per hour. (Although it is possible to reach speeds of 1400 Per hour at full concentration And not messing up once.)




However, this can only be achieved if you Firemake on the east side, and using the four lines shown below.








Each load is 26 logs. However, you can always light 1 extra fire outside the four lines to make use of your full inventory. (27 logs)




To do this method, it's simple. You start at one of the four points, and you slowly make your way from the west to the east, then making a u-turn and coming bank towards the bankers. (13 away from the bank, 13 back to the banker).




Generally, you would light a log and move west. But this method needs you to move east each step without relighting. To do this, you'll have to follow a couple of easy steps.




  • 1. Light the first log.
    2. As you are about to move to the west halfway, click on the square directly in front of the fire that you have just made.
    3. You will now be in front of the fire you've just made, now, just repeat steps 1 and 2!




If you can't follow these steps, I suggest you do the traditional method. You also need some concentration to avoid relighting. Ignoring these will end up as less exp than the traditional way, and a waste of time.




PS: The traditional method is the 1 straight line. 1100 - 1250 logs per hour.




My method is the 2 half lines. With some concentration and minimal re-lighting, you can achieve between 1200 - 1350 logs per hour, Depending on your concentration.






Top 5 places to Firemake in F2p and P2P




My personal opinion of the top 5, based on trials and experience.





  • 1. Grand Exchange
    2. Falador East Bank
    3. Varrock West Bank
    4. Draynor Village
    5. Edgeville Bank






  • 1. Grand Exchange
    2. Rogues Den
    3. Falador East Bank
    4. Priscatoris
    5. Varrock West Bank

[/hide][hide= Training to 99 ]Well, you cant just decide youre going to use maple logs and start at level 1 with maple logs, impossible! Firstly youll have to climb up the logs, one by one.




Level 1 15


  • 60 Normal logs should do the trick; it will get you to level 15, at 2,440 Exp (if you lit only one log in Tutorial Island, 56 if you got to level 3 on Tutorial Island.)




Level 15 30


  • 183 Oak logs will get you to level 30, at 13,420 Exp.




Level 30 45


  • 535 Willow logs will get you to level 45, at 61,570 Exp.




Level 45 60


There are a couple of methods. First is to continue using willows, or you could switch to maples. I will outline both methods below.




  • 2,358 Willow logs till level 60, at 273,790 Exp.
    1,572 Maple logs till level 60, at 273,790 Exp.




Level 60 75


There are 3 Methods, using willows, maples or yews.




  • 10,408 Willow logs till level 75, at 1,210,520 Exp.
    6,939 Maple logs till level 75, at 1,210,555 Exp.
    4,626 Yew Logs till level 75, at 1,210,555 Exp.




Level 75 99


There are 4 methods, using willows, maples, yews or magics.




  • 131,377 Willow logs till 99.
    87,585 Maple logs till 99.
    58,390 Yew logs till 99.
    38,926 Magic logs till 99.



Total Amount of Logs:


  • Willows From 30 99: 144,678
    Maples From 45 99: 96,096
    Yews From 60 99: 63,016
    Magics From 75 99: 38,926



Cost based on above figures:


Please refer to the Grand Exchange for prices, as they change nearly everyday.






So, which logs should I use to get my Firemaking up with?




There are two factors, the amount you can earn an hour, and the cost of the log.




Because the grand exchange updates prices everyday, I cannot give the exact cost, but I can give the formula to figure out what log is best.






Firstly, we need to factor in the cost of the logs. For example, lets give a price on the logs.


    Willow: 18gp
    Maple: 45gp
    Yew: 400gp
    Magic: 1200gp




Secondly, lets factor in the time it takes to light 1k logs. In this case, well use 1,200 Logs per hour as the rate.




Finally, the last factor is the amount of cash you can earn at hour. For this example, we will make it 200K an hour.




Now, we must see how much the total cost would be for the logs used. (will not be calculating from 1 level x, as there wont be too much of a difference).


    Willows From 30 99: 144,678 x 18 = 2,604K
    Maples From 45 99: 96,096 x 45 = 4,324K
    Yews From 60 99: 63,016 x 400 = 25,206K
    Magics From 75 99: 38,926 x 1,200 = 46,711K




Now, we must see how much time it will take to earn that money. At 200k as the example, it will take:




  • Willows: 2,604K ÷ 200K = 13 Hours
    Maples: 4,324K ÷ 200K = 22 Hours
    Yews: 25,206K ÷ 200K = 126 Hours
    Magics: 46,711K ÷ 200K = 234 Hours




Next, we figure out how many logs we need, and divide by the amount of logs per hour.




  • Willows From 30 99: 144,678 ÷ 1,200 = 121 Hours
    Maples From 45 99: 96,096 ÷ 1,200 = 80 Hours
    Yews From 60 99: 63,016 ÷ 1,200 = 53 Hours
    Magics From 75 99: 38,926 ÷ 1,200 = 32 Hours




Finally, we add the amount of hours together.




Hours to earn + Hours to burn = Total hours.




Willows: 13 Hours + 121 Hours = 134 hours


Maples: 22 Hours + 80 Hours = 102 hours


Yews: 110 Hours + 53 Hours = 163 hours


Magics: 234 Hours + 32 Hours = 266 hours




Now, find the logs which need the least amount of hours. In this case, it is Maples, at 102 hours. Therefore, at those theoretical prices, maples would be the best to use, if you earned 200k hour and burned at a rate of 1200 logs per hour. Remember, these prices here do not reflect the current Grand exchange prices, and therefore may not be accurate.










To figure out, fill in the blanks.




Cost of:


Willow: _____


Maple: _____


Yew: _____


Magic: _____




How Many Logs can you Firemake per hour? ______




How Much money can you earn per hour? ______




How many logs do you need to burn? ______






Step 1. Amount of Willow Logs needed to burn ÷ Amount of logs you can burn per hour: ________ hrs




Step 2. Amount of Willow Logs needed to purchase x Amount The price on Willow Logs: ________




Step 3. The answer of (Step 2) ÷ Amount you can earn per hour: _______ hrs




Step 4. The answer of (Step 1) + (Step 3): ______ hrs




Now, Record down (Step) 4, and repeat Steps 1 4, for Maple, Yew, and Magic logs. The Logs with the least amount of hours in (Step 4), is the Logs that you should burn.




In Formulae


Logs you can burn per hour = LPH


Cash you can earn per hour = CPH


Amount of type of Logs needed to burn = LNB


Cost of Log = L




Equation: (LNB ÷ LPH) + (LNB ÷ L ÷ CPH) = Amount of hours needed. Then, repeat for The other logs.




To light, or not to light?




I know many of you will suggest starting a few levels after you can light a particular, e.g. maybe start Firemaking yews at 70 instead of 60.




However, Ive actually concluded that its completely fine to start Firemaking the logs at the current level, e.g. Firemaking Yews at level 60. Ive tested Firemaking Yews on my other account, which has 60 Firemaking, and did not fail a single Yew. As for the level 15 30 doing oaks, theres no point doing logs all the way, as the amount of time taken to light normal logs, and light oak logs to 30 would be about the same, oaks being slightly faster. The same goes for 30 45 with willows. The amount of relighting doesnt happen to often and youre better doing willows, rather than oak from levels 30 45.




So to sum up the above paragraph, There is NO POINT of waiting a few levels until lighting the next type (e.g. Lighting yews at 70 instead of 60), if you were planning to Firemake a different type, it would be a waste of valuable time, in which you couldve gained much more experience.[/hide][hide= Somebody stole my line! ]I'm sure this has happened to you at some point. There are two options to react if someone has done this.





Have a cry, flame them and switch worlds




  • Now, if someones taken your spot and keeps doing so, the first thing you can do is to politely tell him/her that you were there first and that him/her should Firemake at a different spot.
    If that fails to rectify the problem, you should Firemake somewhere else.
    Also, you could just completely flame the hell outta yourself and switch worlds, but I doubt that isn't going to solve your problem well.





Fight back and claim your spot back




    This is what I usually do. If after asking nicely and they fail to move, just block them and Firemake in front of them. If you're skilful and concentrate enough, you'll be able to constantly block them without re-lighting.
    Eventually, they'll move away. If they keep coming back, keep making fires where they make their lines until they switch worlds or Firemake somewhere else.
    I always fight my spot back, I've never been beaten. Don't think this skill comes overnight, it does take some practice to get it right.





Practicing so you are unbeaten




So you are getting frustrated that someone keeps stealing your line(s)! Youll need some practice with some basic drills.




1. The skipping pattern


Try and light fires in a straight line, but skip 1 space per fire without re-lighting.








To do this, you would light a fire, and then click on the square 2 spaces in front of the fire that you have just lit, and repeat.




2. The Zig-Zag


Using two rows, light one log , then click either the square north-west or south-west of the fire you have just made. as soon as you've done that, light another fire, and move diagonally, back to the original row you were in, and repeat.








3. Eastward line


Instead of moving to the west, you'll have to click on the square to the east and quickly light the logs before you have to end up re-lighting. This is quite hard, do not attempt this unless you've mastered the two above, and concentrate a fair bit.




4. Just to make sure...


Just to make sure you've mastered all three, try and make some shapes. a good example is the love heart. it combines all the skills above. If you can make a love heart without re-lighting, congratulations on that.




heartvd8.png[/hide][hide= The almighty tinderbox ]Yes, the tinderbox. If you dont have one already, I'll recap where to buy them.




Grand Exchange


General store


One of my 51000 tinderboxes.




Now, the question is...where about in my inventory shall I put my tinderbox?




There are many Ways, although you do not have to follow exactly how the tinderbox/tinderboxes are placed.




26 log inventory








Yep, bronze daggers isnt the smartest thing to Firemake.






27 log inventory




27lmt1.png[/hide][hide=Case Study]If you've completed the Barbarian training and are a member, it is possible to light fires with a bow. However it is not wise to do this, and here is a list of why.




More clicks/ moving the mouse


  • Due to the 'use' option of the bow being second, that means you'll have to right click to use it, therefore adding one extra click. But, if you select the logs first before selecting the bow, you will use the SAME amount of clicks, BUT you'll find that you'll be moving your mouse around more, because you have to click logs, bow, logs then bow again, instead of tinderbox, logs, logs, tinderbox etc.




Accidentally mis-clicking the bow


  • By accident if you click the bow first instead of the logs you're using, you'll find that you'll be wielding your bow instead. Even if you were to wield another bow, you would be slowing yourself down or adding extra clicks because you'll have to click on the logs again.




Higher Firemaking level required


  • It just happens that you need 20 levels higher than normally required with a tinderbox to light logs with a bow. Of course this is no problem if you are 20 levels higher than the logs you're attempting to light, but less than 20 levels and you'll find yourself using a tinderbox in the end, or lighting yet a lower type of log.




No benefit


  • It's already more troublesome than using a tinderbox, theres no point using bows in the first place.






Counter Argument




But using a bow allows you to light 28 logs instead of 27!


True, it does. But just think about the amount of clicks needed to do that. from banking.




Bow to Firemake with 28 logs


  • 1. Wield bow
    2. Right click on banker
    3. Left click to select bank
    4. Right click on logs
    5. Left click to withdraw all logs
    6. Close bank screen
    7. Click on the mini map to get to the Firemaking spot
    8. Click on the exact spot
    9. Right click on 1 log
    10. Left click on log to drop it
    11. Click on armour interface
    12. Click on bow to unwield
    13. Click on inventory interface
    14. Right Click on bow
    15. Click on log.




Or, you could just miss out on the extra log and have 27 logs + tinderbox.




Traditional 27 logs + Tinderbox


  • 1. Right click on banker
    2. Left click to select bank
    3. Right click on logs
    4. Left click to withdraw all logs
    5. Close bank screen
    6. Click on the mini map to get to the Firemaking spot
    7. Click on the exact spot
    8. Click on log
    9. Click on tinderbox.




That's right, only 9 clicks using the normal way compared to the bow way, meaning a total of 40% less clicking. Not only that, but you also save time using the traditional way. Using the bow method takes 4 secs to drop, unwield, and light the first log, whilst the traditional method only takes 2.5 seconds to light the first log.


That means using the bows wastes 66 seconds per hour at a speed of 1200 logs lit per hour. 66 seconds may not be much, but multiply that by the total amount of hours you need to Firemake and you'll find out you will save a few hours Firemaking the traditional way compared to the Bow method.






  • Firemaking with Bows is a waste of time, only use in emergencies where you've forgotten to bring your tinderbox, e.g needing a fire to cook food over but forgot to bring tinderbox.
    You should never Firemake with a Bow if you've levelling up, it's not worth the extra time, mouse movement, and clicks taken.

[/hide][hide= Attire ]Okay, so there really isn't any rule of what to wear whilst Firemaking. Something that should be taken into consideration is the weight that you carry around. If you find you keep running out of energy fast and eventually end up walking to start your Firemaking line, it's a sign that you should explore the great outdoors and start getting some exercise.




But there are two real reasons for this, your agility level, and the amount of weight carried.




Firstly, if you have a low agility level, don't wear anything too heavy. Good examples of lightweight outfits are:




  • Full Elegant
    Any other outfits that I couldn't be bothered specifying




However if you don't have any issues with loss of energy, feel to wear what ever you want.




What not to wear in F2p




For those who stop members to Firemake in F2P, heres a list of items NOT TO WEAR.




  • Skillcapes
    Treasure trail items
    Barrows items
    Discontinued items, e.g. Partyhats
    Any new released items
    All other members items that I haven't mentioned




These are items that should not be worn in f2p, as you'll attract beggars and inquisitive people.[/hide][hide= How to not get bored of firemaking ]1. Listen to music


  • Whether it's RuneScape music or your own, it's going to be less boring if you listen to music.




2. Firemake with a buddy


  • Unless you don't have one, Firemaking with a friend is a good way to keep each other company.



3. Firemake in a busy area


  • Now when I mean busy, I mean an area where theres conversation going on.



4. Firemake in a different location


  • If you find the scenery a bit boring after a while, Firemake in a different area.



5. Time yourself


  • Time yourself how long it takes to complete a certain amount of loads. For example, time how long it takes to do 10 loads, or how many loads you can do in one hour. After that, do it again and try to beat it.




6. Race against somebody else


  • Get somebody to race with you, so you can keep your momentum with Firemaking.



7. Take a break


  • Take a break and do another skill to wear off the boredom.



8. Make patterns in your inventory


  • Make shapes, numbers, symmetrical shapes etc with your logs in your inventory. For example, try make the number '3', or maybe a pyramid.




9. Multitask


  • Well, I wasn't going to put it here cause it may be a bit challenging, but obviously not for some people. Anyway, you could watch videos, and Firemake simultaneously. However, Don't attempt this if your screen size is smaller than 1024 x 768, otherwise you'll have problems looking where you're going whilst watching. You could also view the forums, but you'd need a larger screen size, preferably 1280 x 1024 or higher.
    Also, Try to place the Rs window on one corner of the screen, the other window on the opposite.

[/hide][hide= How to deal with F2p ]I'm sure many members quit membership to Firemake in f2p, as it is a F2p skill.


Now I'm not saying every F2per would be like that, only the annoying ones.




So, what happens when you get hounded by 'free itme pls' and 'plis scilcape amout'?




You have a few options:




1. Give them some free items: the chances are, they'll be back for more.




2. Tell them nicely that they can't




3. Ignore them




4. Annoy them back: Take for example, below.




  • Nub: pls free items
    You: pls free items
    Nub: plz********zz
    You: plz********zz
    Nub: Noob
    You: Noob
    Nub: No u r
    You: No u r
    and so on...




5. Reply in senseless jibberish: Example below.




  • Nub: pls scilcape amout
    You: cool
    Nub: show me the amout
    You: cool
    Nub: plis*ssssssss
    You: cool
    and so on...




6. Try and be smart with them: Example below.




    Nub: pls scilcape amout
    You: whats an amout
    Nub: you scilcape
    You: whats that
    Nub: scilcape amout
    You: whats that
    Nub: This *shows snowman emote*
    You: oh okay *does snowman emote*
    and so on...




These are actual situations that have happened, but I don't endorse the last 3 options of 'how to deal with noobs'.




Remember, If you do converse with somebody, do take into consideration that it may slow you down if you aren't able to talk and firemaking at the same time.




So just to summarize, you either give something, or ignore the noob/ skillcape asker. simple![/hide][hide= Mouse killing you? ]No, not literally. If you find your wrist and arm starting to hurt from all that clicking, take a break.




Also, you can change the mouse sensitivity on your mouse.


Windows Xp: Start > Control Panel > Mouse


Windows Vista: Right click on desktop > Personalize > Mouse Pointers




After, Select Pointer Options and move the pointer speed higher, to increase sensitivity. However, do not put in from a 5 straight to a 10, slowly progress as you get use to it. This also applies when moving the sensitivity down.




This is particularly effective if you're attempting to Firemake in patterns or backwards or zigzags etc, as you have to keep clicking on the spot then back to your inventory.






If you're using a laptop, I suggest using an external mouse, not the touchpad.






Clean the base of the mouse. Dirt clogs it up and makes the mouse harder to move around. After it is cleaned, the mouse will feel very easy to move. A way to clean the bottom of the mouse is to get a piece of paper, apply pressure to the mouse and slide it across the paper.






If you have an older mouse with the ball inside, clean the tracks inside too.




When holding the mouse, don't apply all your weight on it - try and apply as little pressure whilst holding it if possible.






MouseKeys: I don't find it any useful, but some of you may. To access MouseKeys, hold Alt + Left shift + Num Lock. To click, select the number 5 on the keypad.[/hide][hide=Case Study]Now this was definitely one familiar that caught my attention after reading the knowledge base, when Summoning was first released. It seemed very worthwhile to have while firemaking; using it as a tinderbox, an extra 3 firemaking levels. Was it too good to be true? I guess it was.




After reaching 200M Fm Xp, I was still a non-member, but not for long. Just one month after reaching it, I finally got members, and decided to train summoning up to be able to use the pyrelord.




Upon reaching 46, I made a pyrelord pouch, summoned it and started experimenting with it. So what have I found out about the pyrelord? Is it worth it or not? Certainly not.




Well how can this be when you gain 10xp a log extra, allow you to carry 28 logs instead of 27?




For starters, you cannot bring or summon a familiar in the Grand Exchange. This means you will not be able to access the best place in game. To counter this, we will have to go to the next best place, Falador East bank.




I know what you may be thinking right now. What about the 10xp bonus per log, certainly that will make up for the loss of exp due to not Firemaking in the best location? That's what I thought at first. But it turns out that using a Pyrelord actually means that your logs aren't lit as fast.




Below is the Positives and Negatives of using a Pyrelord.








  • - An extra 10xp per log used.
    - Extra 3 firemaking levels for the time of the pyrelord.
    - Acts as a tinderbox.








  • - Slower Lighting rate
    - Costs money to make the pyrelord
    - you need to get the pyrelord in the exact position to Firemake efficiently.
    - You cannot Firemake at the best place, Grand exchange.






So, what can you expect from the positives of using a pyrelord?




Extra 10xp per log used:


  • For every log you light with the pyrelord, you gain an extra 10 experience. For example, oak logs > pyrelord = 70xp instead of 60xp.




Extra 3 firemaking Levels:


  • Allows you to light yews at 57, maples at 42, willows at 27 etc.



Acts as a tinderbox:


  • Allows you to carry 28 Logs instead of 27.





What are the negatives?



Pyrelord positioning:


  • If you've noticed, your pyrelord must be either north or south of you to be able to light. this means you would have to position yourself correctly, to be able to position the pyrelord either north or south of you. This wastes time whilst positioning it, making each inventory even longer. if the pyrelord is positioned east or west, you would end up trying to light logs on top of the fire you just made, wasting yet more time.




Slower Lighting rate:


  • At Falador East bank, I did a trial on using the Pyrelord for several rounds, then calculated the average time of these. It was also done with a normal tinderbox after. In 108 Seconds on average, I could light 28 logs with a pyrelord. But in just 79 Seconds on average, I could light 27 logs with a tinderbox. So you might be telling me now, '28 logs takes longer to light than 27!'. Correct, but if you just see how long it takes to light each log in both, you'll find a difference.
    • 28 logs with pyrelord: 3.857 Seconds per log.
      27 logs with tinderbox: 2.926 Seconds per log.




That's right, nearly 1 second longer per log! But then again, we must factor in the extra exp. In this case, you will get 2800xp per Inventory with a pyrelord, and 2430xp with a tinderbox if we used willows. Seems like the pyrelord is better right? not until we calculate the amount of exp per hour.




Just for arguments sakes, I will also show results in maples and yews.



Pyrelord: At a rate of 108 seconds average per inventory of 28.


  • Willow: 93.333k Xp per hour
    Maple: 135.333k Xp per hour
    Yew: 201.133k Xp per hour




Tinderbox: At a rate of 79 seconds average per inventory of 27.


  • Willow: 110.734k Xp per hour
    Maple: 166.101k Xp per hour
    Yew: 249.152k Xp per hour




As you see, there is a massive difference between using the pyrelord and the tinderbox. Just sacrificing one space in your inventory for a tinderbox means faster exp indefinitely.






Now I bet some of you might be asking this to yourself, "an extra 10xp per log will save me money!" It may save you money in the short term. but the time wasted by using a pyrelord does not counter this.




Lets see how many logs of Willow, maples and yews it would take to get 1,000,000 Firemaking Exp, with and without the pyrelord.



With pyrelord: At a rate of 10xp extra per log.


  • Willows: 10,000
    Maples: 6,897
    Yews: 4,641


With tinderbox: At a normal xp rate.


  • Willows 11,112
    Maples: 7,408
    Yews: 4,939




So we can see that you will use less logs. But now, lets see how much time it would take IF we compare both.



With pyrelord: At a rate of 108 seconds average per inventory of 28.


  • Willows: 10.71 hrs
    Maples: 7.38 hrs
    Yews: 4.97 hrs




With tinderbox: At a rate of 79 seconds average per inventory of 27.


  • Willows: 9.03 hrs
    Maples: 6.02 hrs
    Yews: 4.01 hrs




As you can see, Just getting 1,000,000 Exp with a Tinderbox can save you nearly 2 hours if using willows! Times this by 13 for 99 at that's nearly a 26 hour saving!





Being money-wise




Finally, one last thing to compare. Does using the pyrelord save money? The answer is yes in the short term, and no in the long term. Despite saving money using the pyrelord, the amount of time wasted doesn't make it a good option. So lets see what it would mean in the long run. Lets compare the pyrelord with the tinderbox, for a person trying to get 10 Million experience. Prices may vary due to the grand exchange.




With pyrelord: (pyrelord cost is added after we find out how many hours it will take. pyrelords last 32 minutes.)


  • Willows: 100,000 x 18 = 1,800,000gp + 201 pyrelords @ 1650gp = 2,131,560gp Total
    Maples: 68,966 x 43 = 2,965,538gp + 139 pyrelords @ 1650gp = 3,194,888gp Total
    Yews: 46,404 x 385 = 17,865,540gp + 94 pyrelords @ 1650gp = 18,020,640gp Total




With Tinderbox:


  • Willows: 111,112 x 18 = 2,000,016gp
    Maples: 74,075 x 43 = 3,185,225gp
    Yews: 49,382 x 385 = 19,012,070gp




Next, we Factor in the time taken to light the logs.




With pyrelord:


  • Willows: 107.1 hrs
    Maples: 73.8 hrs
    Yews: 49.7 hrs




With Tinderbox:


  • Willows: 90.3 hrs
    Maples: 60.2 hrs
    Yews: 40.1 hrs




Now, we compare the time and cash difference.




  • Willows: 16.8 hrs extra, loss off 131,544gp.
    Maples: 13.6 hrs extra, loss of 9,663gp.
    Yews: 9.6 hrs extra to save 991,430gp




That means that using the pyrelord for maples or willows is basically useless and a waste of time. However, you save just under a mill with yews...but wait, it doesn't end there.




For the pyrelord to become effective, you would need to earn LESS THAN 103.3k per hour. Now if my memory serves me right, I discussed the forumula for working out which was the best log for you to firemake. With common sense with my example, we already would know that maples would be the best option to firemake if you earned that amount of cash per hour. This means that the pyrelord is basically ineffective.






So, what's my summary?




DO NOT USE A PYRELORD TO FIREMAKE WITH![/hide][hide= Case Study] Full Screen or not?






So, we've now been allowed to experience the new high detailed RuneScape, which allows us to make it at full screen.




Before I start, Let me emphasize that this case study only applies to Firemaking using the Grand Exchange Method, in which you Firemake backwards half the time. It can also apply to any other method which involves Firemaking backwards.






Lets start off with the positives and advantages of playing in full screen mode.




  • More Realistic/better graphics
    Squares are bigger




Below are the Disadvantages of playing in full screen mode.




  • Further distance from inventory to screen






Having RuneScape in full screen means the whole RuneScape game is enlarged to fit the screen. However, the resolution of your monitor does NOT change. So how does this affect me in any way you might say?


Well, this means that you will have to move your mouse a FURTHER distance from the inventory to the desired spot that you'd want to click. As a result, you may find youself putting your Wrist and hand into extra strain than it may already be.


And due to the fact that you have to move your mouse a further distance, you must move your mouse faster back to your inventory. As a result, you'll probably find yourself being less accurate with your clicking of the logs or tinderbox.






Counter arguments




However, this may lead you to ask, "what about changing the sensitivity of the mouse like you stated earlier in the guide, so that i don't have to move my hand as much?".




Well, simple answer here. What if you already have sensitivty of your mouse at it's highest? Point proven.




Another issue that comes to mind is the larger square size (where the fire will be lit). Because the whole area has been enlarged, each square will be bigger. Whilst it may be easier to click the square, this is not the main point. The main point is that the inventory hasn't enlarged in terms of resolution. this means while the easy part has gotten easier (clicking the squares), the hard part (the inventory) is now further away from the square than it once originally was, which means it is now harder. So now the gap between the easy and hard steps are getting further apart, which doesn't make sense if you want to Firemake efficiently.




Thanks to 'lorexvath' for also pointing out, that you can always lower the screen resolution to achieve the fullscreen, in a lower resolution, therefore leaving the space between the tinderbox and the square practically the same.




Thanks to 'Pirate Felix' for pointing out that fullscreen can stop dstractions from other programs and windows.











To summarize again, here are the factors that are good and bad about using fullscreen mode.





  • - Better graphics.
    - Bigger square size.






  • - Further possible strain to hand and wrist.
    - Further distance between inventory and square.
    - Accuracy with clicking decreased.
    - Have to be more swift, as the distance between inventory and square is further; therefore more distance = longer time.




So if you prefer the more realistic surroundings, or don't mind the extra gap, then it is completely fine to use fullscreen mode. However if you find firemaking already straining enough, stick to the original mode.




Remember, this case study is once again written to show ways to be efficient.[/hide][hide=~~~NEW~~~ Rewards from Beacon Network + Extra exp info (Requiring your input)] Rewards from Beacon Network + Extra exp info




This section is for Members only, as the quest needed is for members only.




After completion of the 'All fired up' quest, you will get access to the beacon lighting.




Upon successfully lighting 6 beacons in a row, you are eligible for the Ring of Fire, given by King Roald. this gives a 2% increase in your Firemaking if worn. (At least 62 firemaking needed.)




If you successfully light 10 Beacons in a row, you are eligible for Flame Gloves, which is also given by king Roald. this also gives a 2% boost. (At least 79 firemaking needed.)




If you have both worn together, this becomes a 5% boost.






Now, what does this mean about exp rates on normal firemaking?




If you have 62 Firemaking or above and only wear the Ring of fire, this means you receive 2% extra exp.


For example, if you were to burn maples, this would mean 137.7xp instead of 135 xp. Not only will you save money, but you will also save time.




If you have 79 Firemaking or above and wear both the Ring of Fire and the Flame Gloves, this is boosted to 5%.


If you were to burn maples, this will mean 141.75xp instead of the usual 135 xp.






So, how does this affect the amount of hours and the cost? Is this worth it?




For example you had 80 Firemaking, and you wanted to gain 10 million exp.




Lets compare the difference between using the Flame gloves + Ring of Fire, and Firemaking without these.


Assuming maples are 45 each, you can burn 1200 logs an hour, and you can earn 200k per hour...




  • Total logs new way: 70,547
    Total logs old way: 74,075
    Cost for 10M xp new way: 3,174,615gp
    Cost for 10M xp old way: 3,333,375gp
    Total hours to burn new way: 58.8 hours
    Total hours to burn old way: 61.7 hours
    Total hours to earn cash for new way: 15.9 hours
    Total hours to earn cash for old way: 16.7 hours




Finally, we add the sums together.




Total hours new way: 74.7 hours


Total hours old way: 78.4 hours




Therefore, the Newer way in this example would mean that wearing the Flame Gloves + Ring of Fire combined will mean about 3 hours and 40 minutes faster completion time of 10 million exp, compared to the original way.




Does this mean that you should automatically go out and grab these rewards? not necessarily. If you are above 92 Firemaking then I probably wouldn't count on getting the rewards unless you really want to (just for fun), or you plan on Firemaking beyond 99. so what is my reasoning behind this?




The reason is because the time it takes you to complete the quest + the time it would take to light the beacons to get the rewards, may take longer than the time it actually saves. Now lets look back at the example that i previously mentioned.


We see that having the gloves + ring would save 3 hrs and 40 minutes if you were to gain 10 million exp.


Lets say you took 5 hours to complete the quest + get both rewards. this means you've just wasted 1 hour and 20 minutes extra getting the rewards, as opposed to not getting them. In this case, it would be smarter to ignore getting the Ring + gloves.






Beacon lighting - worth it?




Now according to the Tip.it section on beacon lighting, having 92 firemaking and lighting all the beacons would mean 39.6K exp. So is this worth it?




Well first you must test this yourself. to do this, trial for one hour, and see how much exp you gain using the beacon method, and determine the cost of that one hour. Next, trial your normal method for one hour and determine the cost of that for one hour.




After that, you will have to determine which method is better, based on your cash flow per hour. Upon completion of that, it will determine the better technique.




If anyone has actually trialled this, please give me your information, and I will tabulate and average out the times.


Please give in the format if you do:




  • Firemaking Level:
    No. Beacons lit:
    Total time taken:




Anybody level 62 above may trial this, and it would be appreciated if you could give me your results. Anyone providing results will be credited, Thanks. ;)[/hide][hide= What is not covered in this guide? ]

  • Every skill except Firemaking
    The logs that are not used on a large scale to Firemake
    Firemaking Minigames such as Shades of Mort'ton
    Items such as lanterns, lighters
    Pyre Logs
    Dorgeshuun Lightorbs
    Quests that give Firemaking Exp
    Other things I've left out




So, why have I failed to cover these issues? Simple. Everything in my guide is what I know about Firemaking, including all the Exp's, Exp rates, and logs per hour.




If I were to include everything, you might as well just read the RuneScape Knowledge Base. This guide is for getting the best amount of exp whilst training in the shortest time possible, therefore maximizing your time. (Which is not shown in the RuneScape Knowledge Base).




Also, this guide is mainly on training Firemaking to the best of your ability, not to light lanterns and get zero Exp.




Please do not copy parts of this guide without my permission, otherwise swift action will be taken if caught.[/hide]




I hope youve enjoyed reading my guide, and enjoy Firemaking!


3rd person to reach 200M Fm Xp ~ Reached on 9th March 2008

Retired 4th August, 2008.

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So, what has changed since V.1 (version that got lost)?




There are currently no 'hide' Tags within the main hides in the current phpbb3 forum, so you'll have to Ctrl+F to find any specific material within the main sections.


I have re formatted the whole guide to make it easier to read.


Fixed a couple of spelling errors, (hopefully theres none now.)


3rd person to reach 200M Fm Xp ~ Reached on 9th March 2008

Retired 4th August, 2008.

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Huzzah! My favorite guide is back.




To reinstate my old post here, 10/10 for being so perfectly detailed, researched, thought out, and just plain useful! In no other guide have I seen such appreciation for the .3 second differences that make all the difference in skilling.

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Ah, if only every other guide on here was as perfect and well thought out as this. This is closer to perfection then a 13 year old boys palm and his pe...You get the idea :XD: :XD:




200M/10 ^-^

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Sorry I haven't been on in a couple days to reply =O




Great guide and i used it tbh.


Thanks taloopis, great to know it's been useful. :)




Huzzah! My favorite guide is back.




To reinstate my old post here, 10/10 for being so perfectly detailed, researched, thought out, and just plain useful! In no other guide have I seen such appreciation for the .3 second differences that make all the difference in skilling.


Aw thanks :P




Ah, if only every other guide on here was as perfect and well thought out as this. This is closer to perfection then a 13 year old boys palm and his pe...You get the idea :XD: :XD:




200M/10 ^-^


Lol thanks ;)




Lucky for you, your guide wasn't wiped out completely. =P


3rd person to reach 200M Fm Xp ~ Reached on 9th March 2008

Retired 4th August, 2008.

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This will be useful for when I go for 99 firemaking in a few months.



Mercifull <3 Suzi

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I saw this and just had to say this is awesome.




I'm currently 1 mil exp from 99 slayer...should get it within the next week or two.




After 99 slayer, a buddy of mine and I want to get 99 firemaking together. Looks like we'll be going to the grand exchange, hehe. This guide was quite helpful, thanks. :)

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I saw this and just had to say this is awesome.




I'm currently 1 mil exp from 99 slayer...should get it within the next week or two.




After 99 slayer, a buddy of mine and I want to get 99 firemaking together. Looks like we'll be going to the grand exchange, hehe. This guide was quite helpful, thanks. :)




Nice to hear, good luck! ;)




Amazing guide, well set out, and uses nice clean and professional graphics. I love it.






Thank-you SkyFleet ::'




Excellent guide! 10/10 =D>




Thanks :D


3rd person to reach 200M Fm Xp ~ Reached on 9th March 2008

Retired 4th August, 2008.

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Easily a 10/10, almost makes me want to firemake again.




I found a slight gramatical error though (I think)


[hide=]MouseKeys: I don't find it any useful, but some of you may do.




I think it should read:




MouseKeys: I don't find it useful, but some of you might (or may, I'm not sure).[/hide]

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This truly is the best skill guide I have ever seen




Training Firemaking right now and especially the part where you explain how to get rid of line interrupters is very useful for me (sadly :? )




Thanks a lot! (10/10)






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~99 Agility on 03/02/2008 (1,006th)~

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nice guide. u inspired me to waste money on maples and go from 46-50 firemaking! holla pimpin.




Thanks, lol.




This truly is the best skill guide I have ever seen




Training Firemaking right now and especially the part where you explain how to get rid of line interrupters is very useful for me (sadly :? )




Thanks a lot! (10/10)








Thanks, nice to know it's helped. :D


3rd person to reach 200M Fm Xp ~ Reached on 9th March 2008

Retired 4th August, 2008.

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A great guide, glad to see it back up.

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Really nice guide, everything is well explained, answer a few questions I had in mind. This will help me on my way to 99 firemaking, thanks. Congrats on that 200 million firemaking experience btw.




Thanks =)




A great guide, glad to see it back up.




Thanks zaaps. =P




10/10 no question.




Helped a TON, tysm.




No problem, glad it helped. ;)


3rd person to reach 200M Fm Xp ~ Reached on 9th March 2008

Retired 4th August, 2008.

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Nice to read a guide from someone with 200m exp.


Interesting guide, should help with me getting 99 when i try for it :thumbup:


Thanks to Jopie for this great signature.

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