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Few Q's about SSBB


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Well, I just got it about 12 hrs ago, and I'm wondering about some things...




1. I lost to Luigi cause i was almost asleep, lack of sleeping the previous night, but I done the easy mode again and didnt get to challenge him.. How do I get him back?




2. What are the rewards for hard, super hard, and intense? (The new peoples)




And who really is the best person to play with? O_o. (I reckon Sheik >.> or Link .. maybe Pit..)

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1. Use the same character? I think you have to use Mario, but I don't know, I unlocked Luigi from Sub-space Emissary.




2. Trophies, I think




3. Depends on you. I don't think any single character is better than all others. You have to find your person. Like I'm good with Wolf, but absolutely suck with Snake, and Kent's awesome with Snake, lousy with Link, Mac (I think) does well with link, etc.


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1. I just played 22 brawls, it was simple. And some of the challenges are like "Use DK 20 times in a Brawl", so I cleared those out of the way at the same time. If you lose, just play another brawl...You should be challenged again. Or you can wait until you get him in SSE.


2. What do you mean by "The new peoples"? Are you describing a mode, or what? Referring to yourself? Generally, the reward for most things is a trophy...You can check in the Vault, under Challenges, if you have an adjacent box unlocked.


3. Not Link. Wait until you get Toon Link, he's way better, but basically the same. I personally would wait until you finish SSE, as well as unlock all the characters...You get to play as most of the characters in SSE, so you'll most likely find someone you like through there. I think Marth, Toon Link, Olimar and Game and Watch are supposedly the top tier characters, but tiers really don't mean that much to me. For beginners, I'd try Mario to find out what you're good at (Apparently he's average at everything), then find a character suiting you. Or as Ginger suggested in the Brawl Club, use Pikachu and hold down A. If you're not a beginner, you should already have an idea of who you'd like to use...


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Kirbys the best character in Brawl, don't know why anyone says anything different.




The rewards for completing intense, and super hard are only trophies, and it's extremely pathetic.




For your first question:


http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-unlock-L ... lock-Luigi

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You coulda just posted this on one of the three super smash threads that are out, no need to make yet another topic about super smash brawl lol.




The rewards for higher difficulties are mostly trophies, so get them if you want them, or just leave them alone if you dont.




And pshh, peach owns all in brawl, so go with her as the best ok.

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The rewards are just some trophies and songs etc. Not really worth doing unless your a freak or have a trained pet monkey working while your asleep to unlock things.


And for your last question, it depends who you feel good with, i'm amazing with Metaknight and Toon Link. But i love Toon Link more <3:


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