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  1. I disagree when he says if you hit someone across the room, you will fly across the room. I mean, a car doesn't fly away when it hits a cat. And the mass ratio would probably be similar if you had enough muscle to punch someone across the room, but that just opens up a whole bunch of other problems (Skeletal strength and the like- see explanations of why King Kong cannot be the size he is).
  2. I'm currently organizing a 5k Walk to End Jungle Fever. We will find the cure. But nah, really, I don't think it's a bad thing personally, although when I do see a black man with a white woman I do get inexplicably angered. No other combination bothers me, which is weird.
  3. Finally cracking open Dune after having owned it for a year. I'd been meaning to read it, but a combination of little time and other books, specifically Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens and David Wong's John Dies at the End (both amazing books, by the way). Dune is good so far, but I'm less than a hundred pages in. High hopes, though.
  4. Well, he just has to knead that dough for a long time. After all, he's making one tough cookie.
  5. Rape babies, free abortions for everyone, GPS tracking microchips. Which also paint Hitler mustaches on pictures of your grandmother. Boom, controversy.
  6. E-readers are what took down Borders. It's funny going in during their going out of business sale and seeing them sell the very instruments of their own destruction. Not that I'm e-readers are bad, by the way. Just an observation. Although, call me old-fashioned, but I like my cover art, and I don't know if a Kindle can do that.
  7. The main problem with the English language is all those unnecessary "u"s some people put into words. Just weird.
  8. Well I haven't been on in a while, but last time I played a bit there was quite a number of people online. Apparently before mw2 was around, this game had the most players online. although.... Well, dizzle may have to contend with #2 as well....
  9. Lenin64


    I believe this is relevant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhG9hKiplfQ
  10. You forget her name, she forgets your meeting, it's all good.
  11. Lenin64


    Because you could run faster than that guy.
  12. I'd love to watch someone die. Don't think it'd matter to me how they did, or what they did though.
  13. People on the same floor is a big deal to begin with?
  14. You base this off a dissimilarity in personal ethics? The callous apathy to suffering is a trait either of a psychopath or a young person with very little actual exposure to life. I'm assuming the latter. I think we can all empathise to those with cancer, irrespective of our ethical perspectives. Depends on what you mean by "exposure to life." Sure, I've never been sky diving or anything or had any major financial troubles. I knew a guy in middle school with skin cancer. He was kind of a [puncture], though, and it didn't really come up except the occasional day when he had to miss school for treatment, so it didn't have any big impact on me. Far as I know he's alive still. Step-grandmother died of cervical cancer just last year, though that hit my aunt (her daughter) more than anyone else really. Don't know what I'm ramblin on that for, really. 'Hero' would probably be worse to throw around than 'brave', honestly. That depends. If they have some hope of survival,that could be bravery. Otherwise it's a cowardly clinging to of whatever small scrap of awful, painful life they can hold on to for a brief moment. I do what I can.
  15. Even the biggest of [wagon], for whatever reason, get turned into a saint when they die. It's really annoying. Also, you thought "could care less" was bad? My teacher today: "I could even particularly not care less." And every kid who gets cancer is 'so brave', as if they purposefully got cancer to fight it and prove their worth or something. And then they die.
  16. Well, yea, you can't expect an infant to be a good driver. They can barely even see over the dash.
  17. What's the point of the afterlife? What's the point of living? enjoyment This. I also agree. The point of the afterlife is to fulfill the ultimate human desire of perfect and eternal happiness. That sounds boring. I take athird option.
  18. So were there any fatalities from the storm? Gotta admit, I'd be kind of pissed if there wasn't at least one, with all the hype Irene was given...
  19. A good tipit member should never give you up. They should never let you down and most of all, they should never run around and desert you.
  20. Can't believe I payed $2.49 to open up a bloody Mann Co crate. I did trade the strange syringe gun I got out of it for a brass beast, though.
  21. I thought the point of putting me on your ignore list was to not look at my posts and not respond to me. I must have some hidden troll powers within me that make you want to respond to my posts about things that mean nothing to you. Actually, he just saw the responses to your post and made a very accurate educated guess. Ain't that somethin'?
  22. Lenin64


    Jimmy Johns (sub shop) sells their day-old bread loaves for 50 cents. Sweet ambrosia.
  23. My parents live near DC. Apparantly it just rained a bunch and got kinda windy. Nothing to write home about on that end, but apparantly some places up near Alexandra lost power.
  24. I also hate when people say "it cost 4$". This is wrong. It actually cost $4.
  25. Lenin64


    What? That doesn't even make any sense. I swear, you kids these days...young whippersnappers...all up on my lawn....
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