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  1. I might not fully remember you (name...is slightly familiar) but I totally agree lol. And this whole name-changing thing must be a little confusing for people who come back after years of being away. Though I suppose most oldies didn't change names so it's all good. :)
  2. ThurinEthir


    I LOVE MOCHI PEANUT MOCHI = WINNNNNNNNNNN Mochi ice cream isn't bad either.
  3. ThurinEthir


    >implying that I was serious joke your head WHOOSH Seriously, lighten up. And yeah, if you mess around with those Big Mac sauce recipes a bit you could probably come up with a new sauce that's better. :D
  4. ThurinEthir


    Ew, is that your face? Very bad picture, doesn't look good. derp derp derp I usually go with medium/medium rare. Anything else takes too long; just give me my damn steak/burger already! (I'm going to go find something to eat now too...)
  5. ThurinEthir


    Burgers? Nice and simple. (that was about a pound of meat, I think)
  6. Exactly. I'm usually a proponent of isolationism, but I (as many of you seem to be) am also a supporter of self-determination, and defending the South would be defending that idea. Seems to be China's move at the moment though. They have the potential to mess everything up or to cool this down...
  7. ThurinEthir


    That's the baked version, that actually resembles bread, with savoury meat filling. What I posted was the steamed version, which was a soft bun. The ones that Not_Trolling posted are the legit traditional Chinese ones; those are the westernized ones. :P I like Szechuan cuisine, by the way. Bring on the spicy. :D
  8. ThurinEthir


    <3: It's so weird reading the pinyin lol, I always just say it out loud. I usually don't like Cantonese food (probably because my dad's family is Canto and we have Canto food every single [bleep]ing time a relative comes over), but cha siu bao are fine...very fine. While we're on the topic of Asian food, how many of you can I creep out with this? [hide=][/hide] Pig's blood cake. :) Less disgusting but just as good: [hide=][/hide] [have no clue what the English name would be...it's chicken something] Oh man I miss Taiwan so much.
  9. UAE and Qatar obviously win, but for countries that aren't rich off oil, Taiwan >>>>>>>>>>> China. The US can go somewhere in there, I don't care. I mean, one of the tallest buildings in the world in an earthquake and typhoon zone...yeah. Beat that, commie mainlanders! :shades:
  10. God. Love. Curiosity. Deal with my religion and beliefs. Love...love of friends, love of...others, love of family, love of music, love of computer/internet...the list goes on. And I put "Knowledge" at first, but I realized that it's my curiosity that leads to knowledge, so that wins spot #3.
  11. ThurinEthir


    HOW DARE YOU COMPARE BOSTON AND NEW YORK D: I'll record something later and let's see if you can tell that I'm Asian. :)
  12. Best part of Halloween for me is seeing the costumes that people wear to school. No, I'm not talking about the girls who dress as [bleep]s. I'm talking about the people who use the holiday to bring out their creative/crazy side. Last year a friend of mine wore a blue shirt with cotton balls taped to it, and a bottle of Lysol filled with water. He was partly cloudy with a chance of rain. This year? A bunch of Chilean miners, a Teletubby (Tinky Winky I think), and a guy who was on roller blades all day with a boombox (and pink shorts). The guy who was Tinky Winky also happens to be the tallest guy in the school. :thumbup:
  13. Germany - for some reason I love the place, even though I've never been there and I have no German blood in me. Great history, interesting culture...plus I love German football. New Zealand - Lord of the Rings. Seriously. Also penguins. I hear there are some in the south. Australia - New Zealand with less sheep and more desert. It's always sounded like a cool place to visit. Norway/Sweden/Iceland (yay for grouping together countries that probably don't want to be grouped together!) - aside from being cold, they sound nearly perfect, though that's an outsider's opinion. Other random European countries (Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, etc.) South Korea - STARCRAFT Japan - I've passed through Narita a few times, but I really want to see what Tokyo and the other big cities are like. And it would certainly be interesting to island hop across the Pacific.
  14. Me! I really need to read it again though. The only thing I didn't like about it was how all the names were so similar...Feanor, Fingolfin, Finrod, Fingon...and then you have like Celebrimbor and the other C's. It's not 100% authentic J.R.R. Tolkien, but I also have The Children of Hurin. :thumbup: And I love how this whole page has been about Tolkien so far. :) Edit: And Amon Hen. That's where Boromir was slain.
  15. *high five* (me too) My old editions of the books have been read so much that they're all bent up and stuff. So I got the "movie edition." But now that's bent up too haha. If I stacked all my LotR/Tolkien stuff, it would probably be my height lol
  16. Exactly; it's not my fault my POSSIBLE ancestors killed natives. Christ maybe they were native-sympathizers, or you know, not in the army. Or you know, halfway across the world. I assume that if the government is paying Native Americans, it's coming out taxpayers' pockets. Why should I (or my family) pay for the actions and suffering of people that our ancestors probably never even heard of? And hell, where's my money for the bombing of Taipei in World War II? Basically, [cabbage] happens to every society. Most will never receive compensation. I mean, should present day Mongolia be paying all those countries for the actions of Genghis Khan? (basically what TTanT said haha. And maybe this is just getting irrelevant since it doesn't really have to do with Columbus Day...)
  17. Just wondering, how does one even celebrate Columbus Day? Or is it just an excuse to have a day off from work/school? I'm a little indifferent on the whole thing, but while the decimation of Native Americans was terrible, there have been other equally bad (and worse) things that are also "celebrated" indirectly. Though that definitely doesn't mean recognizing Columbus Day is right...
  18. Not quite a classic, but if you're just looking for something to read, The Silmarillion is a good option if you really enjoyed LotR and The Hobbit. I'm reading The Scarlet Letter in English class right now...quite possibly one of the worst books I've read. I guess it's not too bad plotwise, and the writing certainly isn't crap, but I manage to fall asleep every time I read it. And I also fall asleep while reading the Sparknotes version somehow.
  19. Haha yeah I know what you mean. <_< I'm generally fine with getting together with friends to play video games and occasionally something like Ultimate...so maybe it's not so much as not having a social life (although I don't) or being antisocial (although I am), but maybe I'm just ridiculously stoic (which I am) and hate doing "exciting" things that I don't particularly like.
  20. I suppose I'm like that. I'm not a fan of social gatherings. I wouldn't go to birthday parties except for the part where i'd feel guilty for possibly being a bad friend. I'll generally skip out on movies and such unless it's with some really good friends (I saw Inception this past summer with a few friends, but that's it). I really don't like saying "no" though when people ask me to hang out - I'll generally say maybe until the last minute, and then make up my mind, usually no. My social activity outside of school is limited to church and extracurriculars, and outside of that...there's not much. But I'm totally social online though! ^_________________^ (not really)
  21. what's up in this thread yo i just got back from piano i can't rap with a meter 'least i measure in centimeters yea this rap fails so hard so i'll stop tryin to be a bard
  22. Woah there buddy. Pump your breaks. 8 dollars is not cheap for a burger the diameter of my fist and the thickness of, if I'm lucky, my thumbdrive. Fast food hasn't been cheap since the 1960's. If you mean cheap quality though, then I apologize. That crap certainly isn't good for you. Meh it costs me like $6 to eat a full meal at Wendy's and like $3-$4 at Taco Bell. Just gotta know how to order :P. $4 at McDonald's can get you 2 McDoubles + 2 McChickens. Quality aside, that's a pretty good deal. :razz:
  23. Yeah I don't understand the hate either. I mean I know it's unhealthy, and I know that (most) fast food chains are pretty bad in the animal cruelty department...but for the sake of simplicity and because of economic reasons, I really don't mind fast food. Except KFC's fried chicken (haha yeah their staple item is the one thing I don't like about them...). Smaller restaurants (and the occasional homemade burger) are generally better, but like I said...convenient and cheap wins here for me. And the food really isn't that bad, although I probably have acquired taste lol.
  24. I think I peak at around 160. I rarely actually hit that high; I only get up there when I'm taking typing tests. I average...probably around 125? I guess that's my only unique-ish talent. Quick fingers. I've played (classical) piano for years and that's both a cause and an effect. Throw in a bunch of video gaming...and yeah. Also means I'm pretty good at tetris though I rarely use the keyboard controls when I play RTSs. Oh and I also have a pretty good memory, though that's more of a result of having way too much free time than a knack for remembering things. Add this to my quick typing though and I complete the countries of the world quiz on Sporcle in 3:40. /brag
  25. The Hobbit is definitely an easier read. Wasn't it intended for children at some point? The Lord of the Rings can get a little dull at times (the lengthy descriptions are what make Tolkien Tolkien though), but Return of the King is my favorite of the three so it's something to look forward to. It's nothing compared to The Simlarillion. That was a tough read, though I want to read it again just so I can understand Eä a little better.
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