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which herbs is the best to pick up


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Go to the Grand Exchange and talk to Bob Barter (he stands to the south-west of the central desk). He'll tell you the current price of all herbs in the Grand Exchange - you'll have to decide for yourself which prices qualify as a "lot" of money.



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chaos druids, especially the ones in the chaos druid tower (46 thieve to get in i think, but dont quote me on that) are level 13, and in just a few trips you will have quite a few herbs, and they are 1 hit kills, just pick up the lower level herbs, guam, tarromin, marrentil, identify them for herblore xp, and then drop.




Many times, I make about 100k in 20 minutes of killing, the only problem is I have a hard time finding an empty world so that i have them to myself.

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I have to agree with HyperionVox; I keep all herbs except guam, tarromin and marrentil which I clean and then drop. As well, I always pick up the water filled vials and put my high level herbs in them. This is particularly useful for ranaar, since the chaos druids sometimes drop snape grass, and you can make a prayer potion and thus only use up one inventory slot.

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Its still exp. So y not just pick up low herbs and clean them then drop.


It takes as long to pick up the herb, clean it and drop it as it would have taken to kill another chaos druid. That chaos druid will probably drop a better herb for you to clean and then keep. Big waste of time to clean all your herb drops.

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If you planning to to herblore and your level is not terribly high, consider picking up Guams as well if you aren't going to splash huge amounts of cash on it.




The second ingredient, newt eye, is very easy to get. And you would be buying them for Irit anyway, they both use eye of newt.




But otherwise, harralander and up is a good criteria.

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