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Tech nub r need of halp.


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Hey guys,


I'm a complete tech nub/virgin/ whatever and I need your help. I need to know if I can install Gimp on this laptop - I dont know what version of windows it is, I need someone to tell me how I can find that out. Also, if I can download the gimp, would it be able to run properly - as in not EXTREMELY laggy.



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So...what are your specs? Figure this out through Start > Programs > Accessories > System Information.

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GIMP should run on any NT-based version of Windows (NT4, 2000, XP or Vista). Older GIMP versions (2.0.x) could also work with older versions of Windows such as Windows 95 but they are not supported anymore. The amount of memory can be an important factor, especially if you intend to work on large images. A minimum of 128 MB of RAM is recommended, but the more RAM the better.


It can, and should run fine.




You're running Windows 2000, the bare minimum.

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Pardon me for jumping in, but you seriously should invest in a more modern computer. Windows 2000 is ancient. You can get brushes from here.








(I know it says Photoshop Brushes, but they are compatible with Gimp 2.4+ or so I heard)


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I'm using GIMP 2.46 on Windows 2000 and it won't use most PS brushes.


2000 is fine, actually I like it more than XP (because my XP came with a ton of CRAP extra on it)

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I wouldn't upgrade past 2000, especially with only 256MB Ram. XP uses about 200-300MB (depending what you run) idling, so it'd be asking for trouble.



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