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Team 'A' vs Team 'B' ~ A - 42 B - 37


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Team 'A' Vs Team 'B'


Please only have the last digit ending with 0


Team A - A C E G I K M O Q S U W Y Numbers 0-4


Team B - B D F H J L N P R T V X Z Numbers 5-9




TEAM A - 42


TEAM B - 36







* Team A members has to Add(+) 10 from the previous post




* Team B members has to Subtract(-) 10 from the previous post




* If it reach 1,000. Team A is the Winner




* If it reach 0. Team B is the Winner








* A Single person should not post over and over again, so no double/triple/so on... posting! (You are allowed to post again if another player has posted.)

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J'adore aussi le sexe et les snuff movies

Je trouve que ce sont des purs moments de vie

Je ne me reconnais plus dans les gens

Je suis juste un cas désespérant

Et comme personne ne viendra me réclamer

Je terminerai comme un objet retrouvé

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510. :3

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[hide=TIFer Quotes]

This lack of discussion value..disturbs me.
English is the only language on this forum.

If you use another language, you need to include a traduction

bgok5jn dsgtalg

Oh wow, I hate everything -.-

Death kinda scares me.

your obsession with phallic objects shows quite clearly in your artworks.

Ffs, someone put this in their sig.


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