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[TWR] Dragon Hunters defeats Legendz


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Link to a declaration topic: viewtopic.php?f=216&t=791772


DH memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=dhunters


Legendz memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=legendz




Starting opt:






Ending opt:






Thanks for the fight, it was really enjoyable. Good luck in future wars Legendz :thumbup:


- Proud Corruption Oldschool till the end-

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wtf is that clan.. unstoppable or what? lol






GF LGZ, you guys tried, maybe a little more organization next time




High combat levels, great experience, many loyal members, great organization and the cocky attitude will make many clans fail.....




and also a Runescape Elite clan..... It will be a intresting day to see who's gona step up. 8-)

Everybody wants to go to heaven; but nobody wants to die

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