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Is it worth playing (graphics question)


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So yah I dont have the best of computers and on the new(now) graphics my computer lag's to something aweful. So I am wondering is the game still even worth paying for if I can only play on the regular(old) graphics. I mean this may seem like an obvious question but Jagex said themselves that they would keep updating the graphics more and more.




any input is appreciated









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You could always play on low detail and if you still lag on that it sucks. You could try setting javas priority of task manager.




well it runs fine on the old graphics if thats what you mean, even lowering all the high graphics to low it still runs like poop

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The reason I play RS is that its has 'OKAY" graphics if you got a good computer. PLus its free, non download so you can save space on your computer.






I recommend you to buy a new computer, nowa days all computers have good graphics cards ( desktop, I was soo dumb I bought a laptop and playing HD lags).




You can go to bestbuy and find a pretty good one for about 500-600$.




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well i suppose you guys are right, and im obviously not cursed to have a craptastics computer forever :P I might be getting members tommarow and I just logged back on my old char to find he still has full addy, and since all my old mates are gone I was wondering if anyone would like to play with me and get me back in the habbit :P

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well like i said i cant be doomed forever to run on this 2002 machine, but anyway would there be anyone willing to help an oldie (noob) out. Not asking for items more of just a rundown and a friend to hang with, because from what I remember the only thing that kept me from quitting and proceeding with the awesome quest's was the friends that I did them with...




512 ram


pentium 4


2.6 ghz


64 mb integrated vid card (THIS IS NOT UPGRADEBLE) trust me i tried lol

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One thing though, if you know how to build a computer yourself, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do so since you will save a good $100-$200 on a decent system when compared to buying an equivalent at Best Buy. I haven't checked, but I wouldn't doubt that there are videos of it on youtube, you might want to do a little learning ;)




Good luck




OT: I dont think its worth quitting because of mere graphics, if the game is entertaining to you, keep playing ::'



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If you're looking for graphics... you came to the wrong game.






I never said that lol I played the game for years but quit for 2 im just concerned that I they might just get rid of the standard graphics entirely and leave those with poop comps (like me) to rot

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When Jagex updates the graphics, it means they change the way things look in certain areas.




This affects BOTH low detail and high detail players.




So if you have a lag issue like I do, keep playing on low detail. You will still see the updated fairy land soon (if that is what you are referring to).



Runescape, Funorb, "Mechscape" Videos


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lol my computer workes fine




Nvidea Geforce 9800 gtx ulta video card (love it)


and believe it or not it has a terribite of ram in it (cost a lot though)




as for your computer i would suggest getting another. 500mb of ram isnt going to do it.

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