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laws vs nats - RCing choice?


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I know that most of you would suggest nats for RCing, but why not laws?


aren't they faster xp, better money, and same rate as nats in the Abyss? :?


I have no idea :ohnoes:


Theoretically Laws would be a better choice but i think with Graak/RoD/AoG is even faster than the Abyss for Natures. I guess it would be beneficial for 54-91 Laws but from 91-99 Natures, the best money making way in the game.


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Yes they are better money untill 91, although I would suggest doing laws 54-59 then cosmics till 70, at that point you have a choice to either go zmi till 91 or continue doing cosmics till 82 at which point you can make double astrals until 91, from 91 to 99 natures are obviosly the best option.

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A. World 16 Airs- 88-98 runecrafting: 51.4k xp and +0k cash per hour.


B. Fires: 29.3k xp and -4k cash per hour.


C. Steam runes: 42.5k xp and -263k cash per hour.


D. Astrals- 82+ runecrafting: 29.5k xp and +462k cash per hour.


E. Abyss- Deaths: 28.0k xp and +363k cash per hour.


F. Abyss- Bloods: 28.4k xp and +363k cash per hour.


G. Abyss- Cosmics: 22.4k xp and +419k cash per hour.


H. ZMI altar- 45.2k xp and +62k cash per hour


I. Spirit Graahk- Natures: 27.5k xp and 245k profit per hour.




5. Ballons- Laws




After completion of Enlightened Journey, the balloons provide an alternate way to make law runes.




Start in Castlewars bank and run to the balloon just northeast of the lobby. Right click on the monk and select "Fly." Be ready to click through the monk's conversation as fast as possible. Choose to go to Entrana. The monk will quickly search you before you fly to Entrana. On Entrana, run east and then north to get to the law altar. Try not to double back- keep running in a straight line. Craft your laws, and use your ring of dueling to teleport back to Castlewars. Bank there. Withdraw 1 regular log, and 1 super energy potion (3) if you need it. You can drink the super energy potion while you are running.




Now, while not a bad method for beginner runecrafters, there are several reasons why this method is not worth it compared to other methods like Abyss-Deaths.




First, balloon trips are about 80 seconds each, while abyss trips are about 75 seconds average each.




Second, you cannot take familiars on balloons, meaning you cannot use an Abyssal Parasite/Lurker, slowing you down even more.




Third, this is clearly worse than Abyss- Laws, which is logically not worth it either.




6. Abyss- Laws




Even though it is possible to buy bulk pickaxes and drop one every trip, making law trips this way pretty fast, you cannot bring an Abyssal Parasite or Abyssal Lurker into the law altar! This would make laws around 10% slower to craft than runes such as deaths and natures. Deaths would give more xp and cash per hour than Abyss- Laws.


From Zarfots guide

[Summoning guide (AOW)] [Slayer guide] [Melee & Brawl player]


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