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New Death Mechanic


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Hey guys I've been thinking lately about the new death mechanic thing that people have been talking about, and I think I have a solid idea as to what it is. And that would be avoidable attacks. Now i don't mean safe spotting and prayer of course, I mean attacks that you can physically dodge. For instance, Nomad has two attacks that can be avoided by either standing by a pillar or by not stepping on certain squares. The new Strykeworms have attacks that can be avoided by moving a few spaces away before they strike. Death mechanic doesn't mean you have to die, it means simply how you take damage, which could possibly cause death, I believe. Your thoughts?

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No thoose are combat/fight mechanics.


Death mechanics are how you die. Eg it is a change to death mechanics at Halloween when u dont instantly respawn as the grim reaper pops up. Its a change the death mechanics when they added graves.


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You sound like a main.

Could someone kindly explain what this comment is supposed to mean

Yeah, please. Enlighten us with the translation of this phrase.

"An Amateur practices until he can get it right. A Professional practices until he can't get it wrong."


Quests just keep bringing me back to this game.

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I'm pretty death mechanics mean how you actually kill the monster. For example you kill the Penance Queen by launching Omega Eggs at it. Normal attacking does nothing. I expect something along these lines from this "new dungeon" they are making.

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You sound like a main.

It's nice to see that someone here at tif manages to singlehandedly maintain the stereotype of the pure.

Is it so bad to stereotype a person, when they fit the stereotype?


And you act like stereotypes are bad. Some people get mad if you don't perceive them as the personification they wish to embody. But it seems that you can only see the from the side of "It is wrong to assume that a person is certain way". Wile this may be true, stereotyping is not necessarily a bad thing.


Now go cry me a river.


I think I'm going to take a break from Tip. You guys are becoming to much like RSOF.

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