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How make money ?


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Okay when i got free time i go to armadyl (But now i got really bored 300 kc no split.. SO.. )


Some times i have like 2 Hours~ Only play with computer. So I need get some cash. I was thinking what better to do

1. Camping for d boots ? Because abbysal demons sucks to me lol :lol:

2. Do PVP Tricks Get like 50~ EP And then do like 2 tricks.

3. Go Skilling, but whit what skill ?


4... Maybe try go runecrafting ? With graahk and then ask "assist" And get 2x Natures..


So what me do lol ? Im really lost :mellow:


I Could try merchant but i really suck in that ;<


So How me make money then i got like 2 hours to play with computer ?


~ Thanks

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Tbh the duration of your game time isn't really influenced with how much money you can make. It's obvious the longer you play, the more money you can make. Search the forums to find the best gp / hour methods (there's been plenty of topics about it) and if you pick the fastest method you make the most money which is obvious.


Good luck

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Well, if you have 2 hours, log on, do a herb run immediately, kill bork, buy and resell broad bolts and battlestaves and maybe a few more things (see the guide linked to up there), do just about anything else, then just before you log out, do another herb run.


As for the anything else, it obviously needs to be something that is easy to get to and something that you can easily drop when you're done.




One of the best moneymaking guides that I've found. Look around there for something good to do in that time.

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You should 76k it is the best thing and it helps the economy


Honestly, how are you not banned yet? You don't contribute to any topics you reply to.


As for the money making... Green dragons are great, I got 350k per hour a while ago. Since then, the bones have gone way up in price, so it's even better. Use the chaos tunnels south of the Wilderness Volcano, and I reccomend good melee stats (80+) so you won't really need to worry about food.


Aviansies are also very good, I got 300k an hour, and same case, the prices of the bars have increased since then. I'd reccomend camping there with range (broad bolts and rune crossbow),high defence bonuses, and bones to peaches. Prayer is usually a waste there, unless you have pitiful defence. You can stay down there for hours without having to go back up.


If you're not into combat, nature crafting with graahks is pretty good. Slightly better than before due to the "double rune changes", and when I was doing it, it was (once again) 300k or so an hour. Don't use assistance for this, you'll want the xp.


Boss hunting is good fun if you have the stats for it. If you're lucky, you don't need to stay long to get much money. On the other hand, you can get really unlucky and get crap drop, and actually lose money.







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You should 76k it is the best thing and it helps the economy

Lol? I suppose you're joking, right?

I sure hope so. Mass amounts of money pumped into the economy is nowhere near helpful.


Anyways, on topic.


I prefer barrows, slayer and flipping (Similar to the old style merchanting, basically buying for a low price and reselling for a higher)


@ Barrows you can easily make a few hundred k per hour on rune/rack drops alone. Add in the chance of armor drops and it ends up being pretty good cash.


With Slayer you can train combat while making fairly good money from tasks. The higher your slayer level the more money making tasks become available (Mages/Abbys/Dark Beasts/Wyrms) Also, with slayer make sure to do your level 3 clues.


Flipping is fairly simple once you get the hang of it. It isn't the same as the price manipulation that big merchanting clans do. You read a chart, find an item's auto-buy price in the GE and buy for a small percentage less than that. Then once you've bought your supply of it (Be careful because 4 hour limits can be annoying) Put it back in the GE for a higher price than what you bought. It's quite simple and can be rewarding - especially since it requires a very short amount of playtime. It's important never to invest all your money in a single item, and to be careful when choosing items. (Seeds, Potions, Rune Ore, and Summoning Pouches are usually fairly consistent)

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I suppose you could train hunter up until level 83 (Train it from the level you can catch Red Chinchompas at for added profit). Catching Dragon Implings in Puro-Pure is really quite profitable at 500k per Dragon. Then also finding Magpie and Ninja implings along the way.


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[ModEdit: Removed irrelevant text from quote]


OT: do TDs



TDS is not a good way to make money unless you get a claw drop every 10-15 runs which i dont really think alot of people do get that alot

if you got a house with a portal to canufis and a alter you can always pick morts for some cash easy cash

i use to get about 800k an hour with torts i wuld get about 1.2-1.3m an hour

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Part of your routine when you first log in should be to plant new herb seeds. Those that grow, you can sell the herbs (or make potions out of them). It doesn't take too long, and will end up being a simple part of each day that ends up being a very profitable twenty minutes or so.




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