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Trwf vs LF[50v50][TICT]


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So we had to fight LF in this round and the rules were pretty straight forward with melee/binds/range being allowed. We massed up a good 65 people so we had to cut quite a bit, while keeping a good balance in rangers and binders we finally headed up and defended. LF got a straight 1 hit off on Killalot while our target managed to stay alive a bit longer, but we quickly stepped up our game with swift transitions and managed to build a gap, we built on this with solid ko power and excellent transitions from James5013, Melsiwe333 and myself and finished the fight up strong with 35 ending.


Trwf starting: 50(cut from 65)

LF starting: 50(cut from 53)


Trwf ending: 35

LF ending: 0





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