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Yesterday we won with Solace and Poison in 2v2 category. Here is the rules:


- CWA classic, center bounds

- meele+binds only

- rings allowed

- no corrupt

- fog items allowed





We have an advantage of 3 ppl from the beggining since first pile of Solace & Poison - Arkus3 - tanked them very hard. In my mind that was very easy fight.





Thx for fight guys!

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Good fight Solace & Poison, I offered to cut.


(Beast tanking by Arkus, Will, and many other people won this for us. Thanks guys. :D)

Corruption Council -


Team TKO Blitz Leader - http://tko.rs-clans.com

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about Corruption or TKO Blitz.

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