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What are those shoes that all the preppy kids are wearing sockless, kinda make it look like they're constantly on a boat? They look a lot like loafers


They're called sparreys (sp?). My [wagon] brother owns a pair. <_<


Sperry Top Siders. They're the most popular of the boating shoes. I have a pair but I kind of messed my up clam digging this summer. Ops.


Nike 6.0s are super comfy, I used to have a pair back in the day. Still have them somewhere.


I actually bought a pair of olive TOMS today along with a pair of California Era Wingtip Vans. It's a mouth full but they one the coolest pairs of Vans I've ever seen.









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All my shoes ! well except for my running and wrestling shoes. and my Blue Nike SB Janoskis that I was wearing when I took the picture.


Left to right : Sb Dunk highs, Classic High vans, NYX blazers , jordans ? , Omar Salazar SBs, Half Cabs, Nike 6.0s, Some type of Vans, and Faded Glory all white slip ons.

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Boring shoes are boring:



Mens Grid Cohesion NX - $55.00



Bought these for XC in fall of 2008 and then bought another pair for XC in fall of 2009 because they're so comfortable. It's like walking on a bubble. And very cheap too


^ Blog.


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I have around 25 pairs of shoes.

10 of which i'm guessing are vans.


My feet are a UK 13/ US 14/ EUR 48 so it's quite difficult to get shoes that fit.


My feet haven't grown in the best part of 5 years and i'm only 18, so they have accumulated over time :shades:


Thank you to tripsis for an awesome sig!

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At the moment I'm wearing my crappy pair of Nike's that are standing in because my parents don't want me wearing my school shoes.




Those are my school shoes. They are like Chucks a little, and I was after black and white Chucks, but they don't make them in wide. These are really comfy though.

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Chucks/Converse allllll the way. Best shoes ever. They last forever (5ish years) and they're super comfortable. I have plain black and white ones, but they're fantastic.

We'll sneak out while they sleep

And sail off in the night.

We'll come clean and start over the rest of our lives.

When we're gone, we'll stay gone.

Out of sight, out of mind.

It's not too late,

We have the rest of our lives.

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WOW. That's all I'm going to say about those shoes..


I would highly recommend TOMS shoes to anyone looking for a very simple/ comfortable shoe. I picked up a pair about 3 weeks ago and I've literally worn them everywhere since. Amazing shoes and a great cause.

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