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Divine Forces vs Crimson Raiders

The Observer

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Welcome fellow runescape community board Readers, Today i bring you this topic to avoid it being third party posted. Around a week or 2 ago, True 2k8 approached me for a capped fight during the week for around 6:45 est. I told them to jog on several times due to the time. After days and days of True 2k8 trying to set up a fight he finally agreed on doing 5 est. The fight was planned with the following rules.


  • Rules:
    2H Cap
    No corrupt
    10 sniper cap
    Team to clear crashers
    All styles


After the 3 days prep we had with Crimson raiders we went into the fight outnumbered, but not outgunned as pickleman991 would say. We Walked up motivated, confident ready to do what it takes to come out on top. As we got to mossies True 2k8 was waiting on top of spiders for us to charge We charged up and the fight started.



Starting opts:


Divine forces:160


Crimson Raiders:190



The fight started off pretty even, eventually we climbed around 10 people in teamspeak and we were able to pick the upperhand despite Cr having a almost complete pile of ''0o0o0o0raider''. Which made things difficult now and then. our snipers were doing an amazing job on Crimson raiders pile from what i personally got to see. Cr was between east tree and greaters rocks a large porpotion of the fight. Eventually with Cr peaking at 73 i must admit they took the upper hand in the fight at one point. But we pulled it together and definatly had a great finish. With combined efforts from members aswell as callers the last 20ish minutes were the strongest on DF's part.



Pictures of the fight:











immidiate ending opts.


Divine forces:210


Crimson raiders:170



Honorable mention for ROT Acing the fight of any crashing, Thanks for that the favour will be repayed.


Thanks for the Fight Cr, DF you had a great preformance keep up the activity. Keep this flame free

DF pride


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Gj on being outnumbered at the beginning a bring the numbers up later on in the fight


Gratz DF

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GF DF, 8 kills 1 death. We performed really well, thought we had the win at the end, but came up just short in numbers.


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Well done DF :thumbup:


"In Greek mythology, the Titans were greater even than the gods. They ruled their universe with absolute power. Well that wilderness out there, that's our universe. Let's rule it like titans"

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Nice job both, grats DF on the win!

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