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  1. It ranges for me. When I snipe, 7-8 deaths and when I blasts its more like 4-5 per 2 hours or so.
  2. Everyone always comments on the ending gif. lol Thanks for the good fight Downfall.
  3. Hopefully this will actually be legit and it will be almost exactly like it use to be.
  4. Oh god, Beastykiller. Didn't know he was still into clanning. Well to whoever won, congrats.
  5. Happy Birthday, hope there are more to come.
  6. Good fight, died 4 times and got no kills. Couldn't do a lot being outnumbered that much, lol.
  7. Good fight, literally made it for the last minute of the fight. Probably shouldn't accepted such an early fight for us, but whatever.
  8. should of used a meat shield! gf gladz missed it because of family Wouldn't help vs snipers sadly. :( I don't even know what your Rsn is. So good lie. :) lol
  9. Congrats Bk, looked fun. You'll get 'em next time Solace.
  10. Congrats Coll, Nice to see you pulling 120 opts again. BLNT Downfall.
  11. Uffan5 retire? No way. Good fight Cr, was fun up until the part where you found out I was calling. Then getting camped was annoying. lol 1 kill 5 deaths
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