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You guys should go outside tonight at Midnight.


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It sucks living in the midwest, nothing exciting ever happens here.

What about tornadoes?



Heading out right now to look for the aurora again. It was less cloudy today, maybe I'll actually see some color :pray:

It stops getting exciting after awhile.


>not exciting




I know what you mean, but if I, or anyone else from outside of "tornado alley", saw one of those, I'd freak out.



Edit: Went out at from 1:30ish to 2:30ish, saw nothing. I suppose the real light show will start when I try to get up at 8am.

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I heard about that, but at the time it was supposed to happen it was cloudy where i live lol.

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I woke up last night but decided my bed was too comfy to go look for something I'd probably not see anyway... Plus that I could always watch for them in winter anyway.

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I was out from 1:30am to 5:00am looking again for the second night's viewing. More orange glow with a slight green tint on the horizon. Cool, but not what I was looking for. But by the time it was 5, the sun was starting to rise a bit, and I got to see some pretty sweet sky effects anyway, so it wasn't a complete loss :)




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