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Fastest Summoning Xp/Hr (charm collecting)


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Hi all, new to the forums here. I'm hoping I can get a helpful response from such a huge community O_O Anyways the question is:


What is the best summoning XP/per hour factoring in charm collecting? This includes effigies and any other little perks that add to summoning xp. I'm going for at least 95 and hopefully 96 soon after.




There are my stats, so I can take on most any method (save for bossing for charms). I did a test and found cannoning black demons to be ~207 crimsons per hour (~110 crims and one effigy in one hour), and I'm testing other areas soon. But I'd still like to ask you all: What is the fastest summoning xp per hour that I can obtain with my levels? Money isn't an issue (I've got at least 15M to pour into collecting).


Please DONT suggest:




Thanks in advance.

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One hour test at Black demons gives very poor results. Your average is going to be a lot worse if you would kill them more.


Anyway, the two best/fastest methods for Charm collecting would be Waterfiends in CT and bursting rock lobsters. I believe Waterfiends is a bit slower, but a lot cheaper than bursting. I don't know the exact numbers/cost since I've never camped for charms, so I'll let someone else answer that. :P

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The actual fastest charms is chaos tunnel wfs with an iron or steel titan, so you could give that a go once you reach 95 summoning. Until then, barraging rock lobsters is your best bet.


Also, remember to do the familiarisation minigame weekly. The triple charm reward when used at CT wfs on a slayer task got me just over 400 crimsons over the 40 minute period, so that's a nice weekly boost.

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Time is money so as long as your income isn't something retarded like 50m/hour from hosting, then Glacors will be the best way of getting charms for you;.

AHappySeeker being his eloquent self this might have escaped attention a bit, so I'll reiterate: glacors are very profitable and offer good charm & effigy rates, such as they are. Glacor boots don't look to be crashing with them being the highest tier equipment in both live game and EoC currently (apart from ragefires).

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