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How to cancel permission to take challenge items from my bank?


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I had a daily challenge to make 210 addy equipment. I made 210 addy daggers, had them in my inventory (noted) and went to hand them in to the daily challenge guy.


I had given him permission to take stuff from my bank ("yes, and dont ask again"), assuming he'd first take items from my inventory if I had them there. Nope, I stood there with 7 addy daggers left in the inventory, and a very much messed up bank.


I have no idea which 7 addy items he had taken from my bank instead of the daggers I tried to give him, but items had been moved from one tab to the other. Especially the first tab and the last 2 tabs were messed up. For example he had taken my cash pile from tab 1 first place, and moved it to tab 6 - no idea why... "coins" doesnt have the word "adamant" in it, when he shouldve been searching for addy items.


Now, I cant find a way to cancel the permission to go through my bank every time I hand in a daily challenge. Even Doomsayer didn't have the option to do that. Does anyone know if and how it might be done?

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Damn. Hopefully this get fixed soon! I have no idea how to change it back myself either.


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If they would just change it so, that he would first check your inventory, before starting to search your bank, it would be at least controllable. Now it seems his first choice is to check the bank and then go to inventory.


Or at least he should pick the cheapest items first, not items you used 3 addy bars to make, but 1 bar items.


It's just not logical at the moment. Unless it's a way to teach us never to let anyone permission to go to your bank :wink:

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Well I said 'No' the first time and the Quartermaster simply refused to finish my challenge.

So I'm afraid you'll have to give him permission, as I eventually had to.


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Oh dear... then there's no choice really at all.


Someone had the idea to put the items I want him to take, to the first tab, first place. I'll try it with the next more complicated daily challenge. It did work with "55 yew logs", but then again yew logs are very easily defined, and don't cause the need to go through the bank, unlike "addy items" that could be several different things.

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He was even forcing me to allow him to search my bank when I had no remaining challenges that required him to accept any items.. I tried working around it, but he simply refused to acknowledge my completion of daily challenges until I let him raid my bank. Thankfully, I don't think anything went missing.. I hope.




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Did yew longbows today, and put them on the first tab, first place, and the bank looks normal after that. Also with 99 monks, did the same. But... those are easier to find than "addy epuipment".


I cant understand why he would want to search your bank in every possible case. Maybe he's just nosy?

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He has to make gold for his "mystery bags" somehow.


Honestly though I have no idea how you would change it. Is the lumbridge doomsayer guy still around? Could try him or whoever took his job if any.

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I have almost the same problem but with the opposite effect. I, too, chose "Yes, don't ask again" but now the Daily Challenge guy won't take anything from my bank. Instead he says, "It says you completed the challenge but don't have all the items, did you lose any?" I have done everything (I was supposed to catch 28 crayfishes) and it's either I don't have space for the reward or I am told that I don't have everything I need because they're sitting in my bank! I even tried converting them into notes and it still didn't work. I just want to reverse the choice I made. Any help?

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Are they Raw crayfish? if you have cooked them it wont work.

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