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Has anyone else had this: You log in, expecting the normal runescape screen to come up to continue battling, mining whatever, but instead of the norm, the runescape browser comes up with a blank screen, with just the landscape, but no monsters, players, no avatar, no items, nothing....



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Hmmm never had that or heard of anyone that has had the problem. I don't suppose you got a screen capture of it did you?






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Lol, I had a similar thing happen to me once. I logged in, and I couldn't see any items. I could see the ones equipped on my guy, but they didn't appear in the slots, and I had nothing in my bank. I logged out and then in again, and it was fixed. I wasn't using the same type of comp btw...

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Had it at varrock palace once, logged out at the top floor. Logged back in to see the library.... no character to be seen, apart from the librarian. :shock:




Something totally different, logging out next to crates [maybe elsewhere too] on the bridge to the wizard tower makes you log back in a few steps north. :P

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I've had the opposite happen to me. The landscape had disappeared, but I could still see objects, like npc, monsters items, etc. The landscape was just black. :?

No longer playing Runescape, I caught the WoW bug.

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