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Want your work on the big screen?


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no, you won't get any money, or recognition. It's not a national thing that everyone will see.


You see, I work at a movie theater. I handle every position possible, although I'm hired as the projectionist.


My theater is too cheap to buy those little adds that go on the movie that tell people to turn off their cell phone(mabey because they are $300 each....)




As projectionist, I have the job of putting movies togather when they come in so that everyone can watch it. What I put on it, nooone will know untill after it is shown.




Now to to the point. I would like someone to design a 10-20 second(more if absolutely necessary) anti cell phone animation. Stick figures only because I cannot draw, and only colours that come in the sharpie fine tip pack.




I would really like to see some guys head exploding if at all possible :D




Make it simple! Make it fun. I want people to laugh at it instead of be irritated at it.




Things to note:


No extreme detail. I will be transfering it by sharpie to a piece of film not even a square inch.


Timing: a movie projector runs at 24 fps. If this help is needed :\


Don't make it long: its 24 frams a second. For a 10 second clip, I'm going to have to draw 240 diffrent pictures....


No sound: There is no way that I can do sound for it. Have you ever seen a sound wave? Throw in diffrent channels and readers and colours and whatnot.... Impossible.




If I choose yours, I will make a digital recording of it actually running on the big screen, and host it for you to see. I will also put your name at the very end of it, so that some people will see it.




I'm done. Bye.






RAQ: Recently Asked Questions


Does it have to be 240 frames?: No. 240 frams is about how many pictures I'm going to have to draw :\


Can I use the word N33b? Sure you can, but as it is going to a general audience, not many people will find the use of the word amusing.


Does it have to be in flash?: It just has to be animated. .gif, divx, mpeg. Whatever you are able to do :")


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Oh the damned frigging irony...




I have Flash, but I have no clue how to use it... :x

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What a request!!




good luck with that if i had any skill at all i would help... :D




I would love to see some guy take a face full of buckshot when he answers his cell phone in MY theater



New sigzor^^

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Just a note, It doesn't have to be in flash, it can be a simple .gif if that is all you have. All I need is ideas of soemthing easy to redraw :)




..can i use the word "n33b" in mine? and wait..do we have to do 240 frames too?


You can use N33b in it, but it is going to a general audience. They may not find leetspeek that amusing.




Cupcake, It does not play the video for me. Says something about needing to respond to a friends request thing.


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lol...some one could make the projectionist have a sniper and make him shoot the guy with the cell phone and every one around the shot guy moves and it says...




don't talk during the movie...


or you'll be shot...




then another person comes in with a cell phone sits down and you hear a gunshot and it turns black...




:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Oh the damned frigging irony...




I have Flash, but I have no clue how to use it... :x




Same here same here :wink:




But it only has to be the idea right? Your going to re-do it? I may try and learn :wink:


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