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Best. Ad. Ever.


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My friend found a news page on the rs site, and it has this ad on it.




http://advert.runescape.com/lang/en/aff ... showside=1




http://news.runescape.com/lang/en/aff/r ... m.ws?id=64




That's the news page where it is.




That's alot better than the old "Your friend might be a monster!"




http://webpages.charter.net/nvw08/Rules.gif <-- Gif version, it's 2MB ish




Thanks for the GIF version nvw

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lol those own, and potter, i am vill_ranger0, i said hyt to you in your sig :P



Just to be different.


Think about it. A freaking Dragon Cane with a Dragonstone gem.

The spec will simply your character equiping a glove and beachslapping the enemy, who will break down and do the Cry emote for 10 seconds straight.

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Here is a .gif, image file :)












Darkdude, can you put this on your post?








Is that what the advert is? :-k




^^ Support it or get confused by pixel-mess :D

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That's a pretty mediocre ad...


:^_^: I drew that smilie, btw, along with a few more used by this site.

Classic bloodveld for lyph3! Although I do like the new ones.

Like a ninja, here I was, gone I am now.

BUT! I may be back! Add my new account, Dr Bloodveld!

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